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Cana Wedding and Temple Clearance

Cana Wedding and Temple Clearance

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John i. 19 — 51. ii.

John i. 19 — 51. ii.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CAA WEDDIG AD TEMPLE CLEARACEBY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D,John i. 19 — 51. ii.When Joshua was appointed by God, to bring theIsraelites into the land of Canaan, and to subdue thenations that opposed their progress, he did not think that it was sufficient to give wise directions to histroops, but placing himself at their head, he animat-ed them by his example; exposing himself to thesame dangers which they encountered, he gainedfor them a full and perfect victory. Thus acted alsothe true Joshua, of whom the son of un was but afeeble type. Thus acted the blessed Saviour, ap-pointed by God, to bring the spiritual Israelites tothe heavenly Canaan; and to teach them to vanquishthe principalities and powers which combat againstthem. He not only marked out, by the wisest pre-cepts-, and the most unerring instructions, the con-LIFE OF CHRIST. l'i<duct we must pursue, if we would obtain the crownof victory, but he likewise placed himself in thefront of the battle, and received on his own shieldthe most envenomed darts of our adversary. In ourlast lecture, we considered him thus contending withthe prince of darkness, resisting all his assaults, baf-fling all his arts, defeating all his seductions, and wewere taught from his example some useful lessonson the mode of repelling those attacks that are dai-ly made on us by our spiritual foes. Let us conti-nue to follow his instructive history.The Jewish sanhedrim, struck with the extraordi-
nary piety, zeal, and eloquence of John the Baptist,and with the effect produced by his preaching up-on the people, began to suppose that he might bethe long expected Messiah. This opinion wasstrengthened by his austere life, by the miracleswhich attended his birth, by his repeated declara-tions that the kingdom of God was at hand, and bvhis solemn baptism. They therefore sent to him adeputation of priests and Levites to inquire whetherhe were the Christ. John without hesitancy repliedthat he was only his forerunner, sent to prepare theway before him. About the time that this deputa-tion arrived, Jesus had returned from the wildernessafter the temptation, and was passing by while Johnstood with the multitude on the banks of Jordan.He immediately directed the people to him, and ex-claimed, '¦'•Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh avmythe sin of the world."We have already remarked that Bethabara, wherethis event happened, was, as the name itself inti-mates,* a place through which a great proportion of * praj^-na^ house of passage.VOL. V. 1813JJ SERMO XXX IX.the Jews, who lived beyond Jordan, passed, in orderto go up to Jerusalem. It was now crowded, as thepeople from all parts were going up to the temple,to the feast of pentecost, carrying with them theirlambs, there to be offered in sacrifice. In referenceto this circumstance he cries, " The blood of thesevictims is insufficient to efface your sins. This can bedone only by that victim whom you here behold, whowas prefigured by all the typical sacrifices of atone-ment, which you or your fathers have offered, and
who alone gave efficacy to them. This holy, meek,and humble Jesus is " the Lamb without blemish,and without spot, who was fore-ordained and slain"in the counsels of God " before the foundation of theworld, but is now manifested," (1 Peter i. 9. 20.) todeliver from the guilt, the dominion, and the punish-ment of sin, every man of every nation, who believeson him. He is the Lamb of God, being chosen, setapart, and sent by him, devoted to him, and accept-ed of him. Behold him, fix your eyes upon him, andlook by faith unto him."Such was the address of John the Baptist, andsuch is the address which the ministers of the gos-pel still make to their hearers. May I not say, thatwe arc authorized thus to cry to you even withgreater authority and importunity than he did to theJews; since you may behold, what they could not,the completion of his sacrifice, the history of his mi-nistry, and the displays of his grace to myriads of hisdisciples ; since the revelation of his will in the ewTestament enables you to penetrate more deeplyinto the mystery of redemption, and to see more of the designs of God ? " Behold then the Lamb of God.'"'Behold him, careless sinner ! and in the dignity of this victim provided for sin, and in the agonies of LIFE OF CHRIST. 139that sacrifice by which he expiated for man, readthe evil and malignity of sin, and learn the severityof the punishment which awaits thee, if his blood benot sprinkled upon thee, if thou hast no part in hi*sacrifice.Behold him, broken-hearted penitent ! A believingview of this Lamb of God will always afford peace tothe contrite soul. For thee he was sent, for thee he

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