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Healing, Preaching and Residing

Healing, Preaching and Residing

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Published by glennpease

John iv. 43 — 54. Luke iv. 16 — 30. Matthew iv.


John iv. 43 — 54. Luke iv. 16 — 30. Matthew iv.


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Published by: glennpease on Jul 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HEALIG, PREACHIG AD RESIDIGBY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D,John iv. 43 — 54. Luke iv. 16 — 30. Matthew iv.13—23.In reading the lives of those ancient or modernheroes, whom poets, and orators, and historians havecelebrated, we sometimes admire their fortitude,their bravery, and skill ; but we are much oftenershocked at the methods which they employed to ag-grandize themselves, and to secure renown. Weare ready to weep, when we behold them raisingtheir trophies on the ruins of slaughtered nations;we are compelled to regard them as the scourges of mankind, when we see their proud laurels wet withthe blood of thousands slain by their means, andmoistened with the anguished tears of countless wi-dows and orphans, who have suffered a bereavementworse than death. How different are our feelings,as we prosecute the life of Jesus ! Here we meetwith nothing that does not give delight to the bene-volent heart. Trace him through all his ministry;you will never find him unattended by mercy, bycompassion, by love to man. Here, you will behold172 esmon xiiir«the eyes, on which he has just poured the light of da), gazing upon him with wonder, with gratitude,and joy : there, you will perceive the ears, which hehas just unstopped, drinking in, with eagerness andattention, the accents of heavenly wisdom and gracewhich tall from his lips. Here, the withered handsthat he has restored are stretched forth to proclaim
his praises, and the feet that he has strengthened leapfor joy: there, the tongues that he has loosed de-clare their thankfulness, and those whom he haddispossessed of devils sit with composure before him.Here, the sick rise from the bed of languor and dis-ease, and are restored to their anxious relatives andfriends : there, Death himself hears the voice of theSon of God, and drops the chains with which his pri-soners are bound, and permits them again to springinto life. What joy is conveyed to the heart by con-templating such a character ! How great does Je-sus appear in these displays of his mercy! Whowould not desire to have such a Saviour for hisfriend ?These reflections are naturally excited by the nextevent that occurs in our Lord's history, and by theaccount which the Evangelist gives of the manner inwhich he was employed during that period whichwe are now to consider.After spending two days in Sychar, where manyof the Samaritans believed on him, Jesus went downinto Galilee, where many attended his ministry withproper dispositions, having been convinced of hisdivine mission by the miracles they had seen himperform at Jerusalem during the passover. Amongother places, he came to Cana, where he had for-merly changed the water into wine. This was situ-ated a day's journey from Capernaum, at which lat-LIFE OF CHRIST. 173lev place tlie son of a nobleman, of the court of He-rod Antipas, lay at the point of death. Full of anxi-ety for his child, the nobleman came to Cana to be-seech Jesus to go down with him to heal his son,supposing that the personal presence of the Saviour
was necessary to effect a cure. Jesus replied tohim, " Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not be-lieve ;" i. e. i The Samaritans, whom I have just left,were so moved by the holiness and excellency of mydoctrine, as to believe on me ; but on you Jews, no-thing but the greatest miracles will have any effect.'The nobleman, not discouraged by this reproof, andfull of tender concern for his son, whose case hethought would bear no delay, replied, " Sir, comedown ere my son die.'''' Jesus, pleased with his faith,notwithstanding he weakly supposed the Saviourcould not heal his son at a distance, answered, " Gothy way ; thy son liveth ;" 4 There is no need of myattending you ; I can heal your child here as well asif I were with him ; return home in peace, for at thispresent moment he is perfectly recovered.' Thenobleman, believing the declaration of Jesus, de-parted, and on the road was met by some of his ser-vants, who told him that his son was recovered. In-quiring of them the hour when he began to growbetter, they informed him that, instead of mendingby degrees, " yesterday at the seventh hour," the fe-ver suddenly left him, and he was restored to perfecthealth in an instant. Finding that this was the verymoment when Jesus pronounced his cure, and struck with the power and goodness of his benefactor, thenobleman " believed, and his whole house."1. This event, my brethren, is full of instruction.it teaches us, the effect tvhich personal or domestic irou-bles ought to have upon vs. We are all of us exposed174 h£RMO XLIi.to afflictions. Your experience has shown you thaievery child of Adam must expect to have his hearttorn by personal griefs, or the distresses of thosewhom he loves. Earthly greatness, we see from the

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