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Anthurium Cultivation

Anthurium Cultivation

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Dr.Eswara Reddy Siddareddy on Jul 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anthurium andreanum is a perennial herbaceous plant, cultivated for their colorfulspathe (a modified leaf). It produces flowers throughout the year. A single flower emerging from each leaf axil. The sequence of leaf, flower and new leaf ismaintained through out the life of the plant.Temperature, humidity and light play a major role in the growth and flowering of Anthuriums.
Climatic requirements :
For a luxuriant growth Anthurium requires 18.3C during night and a higher nighttemperature of 21.2 to 23.9 C is essential for initiation of flowering. Nighttemperature is critical for the growth and yield of plants than the day temperature. Night temperature should not fall below 18 C.
Anthurium is basically a shade loving plant. Anthuriums thrives well in areashaving relative humidity levels (50 to 85%), which are common in coastal areas.Anthuriums require a well aerated medium with good water retention propertiesand good drainage is also essential.
Planting Material :
Most reliable planting material is imported tissue cultured plants , which costsaround Rs.90 to Rs.150/- depending on variety.
Varieties :
Tropical, Fire (Red),Champagne (light green),Acropolis, Carnaval (white), etc.
Planting :
Planting is done on 1.00 metre wide raised beds of 30cm height at a spacing of 45X45 cm which accommodates 5 plants/sq.mt.
Water and Nutrition Management :
Water and fertilizer management is done by drip irrigation system.
Harvesting :
Anthuriums passes through two distinctive growth phases, a juvenile phase and agenerative phase. Juvenile phase is for 12-18 months. During this period theflowers are small and not fully developed. In generative phase one can expect 6-8full sized flowers per year per plant.Anthurium flowers are harvested when the spathe completely unfurls and thespadix is well developed. Harvesting has to be done in the early morning and placed immediately in water. The n individual flower is sleeved and bunched is 5sor 10s and marketed..
Market demand :
Around 12,000 anthuriums are produced each week in India despite the demand for more than one lakh flowers.

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