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New Moon: Edward's POV, Chapter 3

New Moon: Edward's POV, Chapter 3



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Published by Cullen1801
I hold no rights to anything. Based on "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer. This is chapter 3 of New Moon in Edward's POV. Please Please comment. Thanks. Enjoy!!!
I hold no rights to anything. Based on "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer. This is chapter 3 of New Moon in Edward's POV. Please Please comment. Thanks. Enjoy!!!

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Published by: Cullen1801 on May 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Moon: Edward’s POVI hold no rights to anything. Based on “New Moon” by StephanieMeyerChapter 3: The EndI ran back home to change clothes and get my car to go toschool. As I pulled up my driveway, I half-expected my family tostill be here. Waiting to ambush me and tell me to stay. Or todemand that they, at least, be able to say goodbye to Bella. Butas I walked up the stairs at the front porch, I heard nothing. Notelevision, no thoughts, nothing. They were gone. This made itofficial. I was really leaving Bella. I thought about it all night.Made my decision a thousand times. But coming back to thisempty home. My home, somehow made it more official than italready was. I walked through the house, looking around at itsemptiness, wishing there was another option, again. Knowing thatthere wasn’t. I walked in the kitchen and found a note on therefrigerator.“Edward,We left for Denali, as you asked. We will be here until you arrive.We will decide where we will relocate to once you are back withus. I know we have already discussed this and I know your mindseems to be made up but just think about this some more, son. There has to be another way to go about this. We are here foryou. Take as much time as you need. Call if you change yourmind. Think about it.Carlisle”I have thought about it. I’m tired of thinking about it. Themore I think about it, the more I’m probably going to end upconvincing myself to stay………. I just need to change now andget to school.I got to school before she did. Good. I have time to get myself together. To get into character.
Be distant, Edward 
, I told myself. Iheard her coming around the corner. I had to restrain my mouthfrom curving into smile. That’s ironic. Not so long ago, I had a
hard time
myself smile. Before Bella. Now I had a hardtime not smiling. Especially when I saw her. She pulled in herparking space and I went over to open her door for her. “How doyou feel?” I asked.“Perfect,” she said. She was a terrible liar. We walked in completesilence to class. I matched her stride, not wanting to rush thelimited time I had left to spend with her. With the devastatingfuture looming over us, I still relished in this time with her. Eventhough we didn’t speak all morning. Even though we hadn’thugged or kissed. Just being with her was heaven for me. The onlywords that passed between us was when I would occasionally askher about her arm and she continued to lie.I dreaded going to lunch today. I knew Bella would questionme when she didn’t see Alice. What would I tell her? I hated lyingto her. We got to the cafeteria and Bella looked immediately atour table. Alice always beat us to lunch. She was always waitingfor us. But not today of course. Alice would never again sit at thattable, waiting for us. She was gone where I soon would be. I didn’tsay anything. I would wait for her to ask me. Maybe she wouldn’t,I hoped. I grabbed only a granola bar today before we sat down. Ididn’t have any energy to pretend with a full tray today. Then shesaw Ben and Angela. They were both in Alice’s class. Great. Iknew once she saw them and not Alice she would definitely ask.“Where’s Alice?” Bella asked me anxiously. What would I tell her? Ihad planned on pretending to eat the granola bar, but my fingersdecided otherwise. “She’s with Jasper.” I answered.“Is he okay?”“He’s gone away for awhile.”“What? Where?”I shrugged. Shrugging was good. Show my indifference, shewouldn’t suspect anything. “Nowhere in particular.”“And Alice too”“Yes. She’ll be gone for awhile. She was trying to convince him togo to Denali.” That wasn’t, completely, a lie. I heard her swallow
hard and her shoulders slump. “Is your arm bothering you?” Iasked her.“Who cares about my stupid arm?” she muttered. Disgusted atthe situation, I suppose. Or disgusted at my strange behavior. Ihated to have to do this. I hated to make her feel this way. I wish Icould comfort her, but I couldn’t. So I said nothing and she puther head down on the table. I just sat there and looked at her.Looked at how her brown hair flowed down her back. How her hairset off the color of her skin. Then I caught a glimpse of herbandaged arm under her hair and regained my concentration. Ihave a role to play. So I just stared at nothing for the rest of thelunch hour. The rest of the day carried on like the morning. Silent. When wegot to her truck she was the first to break the silence. I guessfinally realizing that I was not going to be the one.“You’ll come over later tonight?” she asked even though I alwayscame over. Did she not want me over now?“Later?”, I asked, surprised that she even asked me that question.I always came over after school.“I have to work. I had to trade with Mrs. Newton to get yesterdayoff.”“Oh”“So you’ll come over when I’m done, though, right? She pressed.“If you want me to.” I said.“I always want you,” she said. Very intensely, like she was tryingto convey some message.
I’ll always want you too
, I wanted tosay. But I thought better of it.All right, then,” I said simply, with no emotion. I kissed herforehead, not her lips again, and shut the door on her. I turnedand went to my car. This was harder than I imagined it would be.It was a relief to get into my car and wipe this look off of my face. The look underneath it was no better. It was pained. It was sad. Itwas heartbroken, even though my heart was out of commission.

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Deea Hum added this note
so beautiful...you're one of the few who can even see it and understand it as Edward is. congratulations. I read many versions but this is the closest most of it, at least as I see it
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1 hundred reads
Liley Clement added this note
i love it! seriously i'm crying.
Brenda Kreitlow added this note
crying right now. I love this give me!
Bansari Dave added this note
wow !!! tht ws awesome it literally made me cry keep it goin ur doin gr8
ericaloves added this note
i loved it <3
Kimberly Taylor added this note
Amazing made me cry so good really good for fanfiction ! plz keep writting
Anna_Parker1990 added this note
I MUST say,author,dat dis is very good work, in d midst of all dat nonsensical fanfic out dere.Though I xpcted d first few pgs of Edward's...emotions 2 b quite different, you REALLY NAILED IT in those last pgs-esp. dat part wer he.....you noe,dashes into a tree-4 d first tym in his lyf.Though I wudnt say dis is as wonderful 'n real as Steph's version, it sure is great!! Waiting 4 d nxt chapter !!!
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