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North- East Politics in Crisis

North- East Politics in Crisis

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About North East
About North East

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Priyanku Narayan Baruah on Jul 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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North- East politics in crisis
In Today‟s India
n politics most of the criminals are in power, irrespective whether they are ministers or MPs or MLAs. So long as their party is in power, they can commit any murder, Dacoity or any other illegal or immoral act, they will not be punished. On the Contray, the Police who should be putting these people behind the Bars,act as their Security guards. CBI, is now very well known as an extension of theruling Govt. They are no more independent and with the kind of political culture in our country, it is being used to target the opposition leaders and their act while they were in Govt. Since one party Govt.
for the country looks a distant dream, this Newton‟s third law of Motion will be
repeated every time.
Same goes for other enforcement agencies. „Neta ho ya Abhineta, if he or she is guilty, the deserved punishment, should be given and they be put behind the Bars.‟ We have hardly seen any Politician being
 punished by law. Rather even if they have warrant against them, they will be found in parliament. The Northeast region has critical strategic significance and, as is often remarked, remains tenuously connected
with the rest of India through a narrow corridor, the „chicken‟s neck‟ or „Shiliguri Corridor‟, in North
Bengal, with an approximate width of 33 kilometres on the eastern side and 21 kilometres on the westernside.
 This constitutes barely one per cent of the boundaries of the region, while the remaining over 99 per cent of its borders are international
with China to the North; Bangladesh to the South West; Bhutan tothe North West; and Myanmar to the East.Widespread conflict marks the region, and Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura are severely disturbedIn addition, the Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh witness the spillover effect of insurgencies from the neighboring States, particularly Nagaland, Assam and Manipur. Meghalaya alsograpples with political uncertainties and problems. Mizoram has remained largely free from terroristviolence since the political resolution of the insurgency in this State in 1986, but the activities of the Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) have given cause for concern, and have inflicted some civilian andsecurity force (SF) casualties.
Today the Indian minds understand the paralysis of the Indian justicesystem. This paralysis obstructs all attempts for greater social mobility and change within Indian society.While public consciousness of rights has grown enormously, the justice system obstructs popularaspirations. The failed justice system keeps India fragmented and in a constant battle against anarchy.India's judicial system is today obsolete and grossly unfair to majority of the population.
 The fact is that North-East region is still striving with many socio-economic challenges. Superstitions,violations of Human right, Nepotism, social conflict, ethnic imbalance, frequently created disturbance tothe region. The region is in turmoil. It was shortly followed by the Chinese takeover of Tibet, Pak actions
in border line
and the increasing „hardening‟ of the previously „soft borders‟ with Burma/Myanmar,
sealing off the region in the Easterly direction as well.Illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals into India and the use of Bangladeshi, Bhutanese and Burmese
territory by insurgents operating in India‟s North East are a grave security concern for the reg
ion.Whatever may be the source of this migration, it seems that it is gradually leading to a significant changein the demographic character of the affected areas. Available data from the Assam districts of Cachar,Karimganj and Hailakandi show that there has been a significant rise in the Muslim composition in theseareas,along with other 10
distrcts.” said the report.
“A few aspects of the insurgent problem in the region
may, at this point in time, require only a close monitoring. These are areas that have strong politicalundercurrents and would, therefore, require careful handling. Nevertheless the serious securityimplication of these issues would require more than adequate attention to these areas.
”Circumstances in the theatres of conflict in India‟s
Northeast go against the general presumption of adirect and self-evident conflict of interests between the government and its various agencies, on the onehand, and the terrorist groupings, on the other. A complex collusive arrangement between variouslegitimate power elites and terrorist groupings exists in every single terrorism-affected State, and this
arrangement facilitates a continuous transfer of resources into the „underground economy of terrorism‟. In
contrast to the common perception of terrorist activity as violent confrontation with the government, thereis a more insidious subversion of the established order through a consensual regime against a backdrop of widespread breakdown of law and order, and terrorist groupings have demonstrated their preference to
wards „systemic corruption‟, rather than the dismantling or destruction of the prevailing political
order.Our so-called leaders do not think twice about the harmony of the country when it comes togrinding their axe. Playing vote-bank politics, they have always tried to create animosity betweendifferent religions. We should strive to maintain the relationship of common brotherhood.We are normally peace loving citizens who do not base our relations on caste or creed, poor or rich. It isonly the Politicians and Political parties which divide us on these lines to garner Votes which in turnmake them incharge of finances to meet their goals to become powerful. Each election passes, but weremain the same or rather our condition remains the same. Complete fulfillment of our basic needs
 Power, Water, Roads, etc are still in the red tape. As stated above, the accountability of constituencyfunds should be made on regular basis. We part with our one third of the Income as Income Tax which issupposed to be meant for development of the country but we hardly find it being used for betterment of the country. The Panchayat elections are also turned into battles for power and the riots, fights take placeleading to killing of some persons. The reason- there is a big budget fixed for per panchayat per year.

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