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Table Of Contents

1.1.1 Zarathustra – Mystical Prophet of the Ancient Persia
1.2.2. Pre-Socratics, Socrates and Plato
1.2.3. Religious Mysticism of the Stoic Cleanthes
1.2.4. Representative of the Stoic Monism Posidonius
1.2.5. Miracle-worker Apollonius of Tyana
1.2.6. Plutarch's Isis and Osiris
1.2.7. Plotinus – The Greatest Pagan Hellenic Philosopher
1.2.8. The Enigmatic Hermes Trismegistus
1.2.9. Iamblichus' Theurgy and Julian's Apostacy
1.2.10. Proclus 'the Successor' and the End of the Academy
1.3.1. Roman Stoics
1.3.2. Apuleus' Asinus Aureus
1.4.1. The First Christian Philosopher Justin
1.4.2. Christian Catechetic School in Alexandria
1.4.3. Gregory's 'Mysticism of Light'
1.4.4. Mysterious Figure of Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagite
1.5.1. Allegoric Interpretation of the Holy Scripts by Philo of Alexandria
1.6.1. Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras
1.7.1. The Enlightened One – Gauthama Buddha
1.7.3. Teaching on Emptiness of the Philosopher Nagarjuna
1.7.4. Asanga – the Founder of Yogacara
1.7.5. Bodhidharma – the Founder of Chan Buddhism
1.8.1. The Founder of Taoism Lao-Tse
1.8.2. Transcendentalism of Chuang-Tzu
1.9.1. Confucius – The Harmony of the Cosmic and Social Order
1.9.2. The Continuators of Confucious' Work Mencius and Hsun-Tse
2.1.1. Maximus the Confessor
2.1.2. Eriugena, the Philosopher of the Carolingian Renaissance
2.1.3. Byzantine Polymath Michael Psellus
2.1.4. St. Victor – Center of European Mystical Philosophy
2.1.7. Bonaventura's Itinerary of Path to God
2.1.8. 'Doctor Illuminatis' Ramon Lull
2.1.9. Rhineland Mysticism of Eckhart and Tauler
2.1.10. Plethon – Restorer of Platonism in the West
2.1.11. 'Learned Ignorance' of Nicolas of Cues
2.1.12. Florentine Academy
2.1.16. Patrizi's Love Philosophy
2.1.17. Della Porta and Bruno – Two Naples' Great Men
2.2.1. Spreading of Islam, Sufism and Geber
2.2.2. 'Mamun's Renaissance' and Thabit ibn Qurra
2.2.3. Al-Farabi, the Founder of Islamic Neo-Platonism
2.2.4. 'Picatrix' or 'Aim of the Wise'
2.2.4. Avicenna – Prince of Philosophers and Physicians
2.2.5. Sufi Convert al-Ghazali
2.2.7. Assasins – the Counterpart to Templar's Order
2.2.8. Ecumenical Mysticism of Ibn al-Arabi
2.2.9. Rumi – Founder of the Order of 'Spinning Dervishes'
2.3.1. Interpretation of Sefer Jetzirah by Saadia Ben Joseph
2.3.2. Mystical Poet Solomon ibn Gabirol
2.3.3. Moses de Leon and Zohar
2.4.2. Moderate Monist Ramanuja
2.4.3. Madhva's Dualism
2.4.4. Caitanya, the Founder of Krishna Bhakti Movement
2.5.1. Reformer of Tibetan Buddhism Tsong Kha-pa
2.6.1. Mysticism of Sikh Faith
2.7.1. Cosmic Hierarchy of Chang-Tsai
2.7.3. The Great Learning of Wang Yang-ming
2.8.1. The Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism Hui Neng
2.9.1. Japanese Mystical Philosopher Kukai
2.9.2. 'Pure Land' of Honen and Rinzai of Eisai
2.9.3. Soto Teaching of Dogen and Lotus School of Nichiren
3.1.1. Mystical Theology of Shoemaker Boehme
3.1.2. Cambridge Platonist Henry More
3.1.5. Philosopher – Clairvoyant Emanuel Swedenborg
3.1.6. Mystical Ideologist of Romanticism Franz von Baader
3.1.7. Two French Mystical Philosophers
3.1.8. Mysticism of Writers Carlyle and Emerson
3.1.10. Pioneer of the New Thought Prentice Mulford
3.1.11. Psychology of Dreams of Carl du Prel
3.1.12. Two Russian Christian Philosophers
3.1.13. Sufi Convert Rene Guenon and his Followers
3.3.1. Baal Shem Tov and Hasidism
3.3.2. New Hasidism of Martin Buber
3.4.1. The Pioneer of Neo-Hindu Movement Ram Mohum Roy
3.4.2. Ramakrishna's Ecumenism and Veneration of Divine Mother
3.4.4. Father of Modern India Mahatma Gandhi
3.4.5. Society for the Consciousness of Krishna Srila Prabhupada
3.4.6. Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
3.4.7. Sathya Sai Baba – the Avatar of a New Age?
3.6.1. Hakuin – Great Man of Modern Age Zen-Buddhism
3.6.2. D.T. Suzuki – Promoter of Zen Buddhism in the West
4.1.1. Bahaullah – Fulfillment of Messianic Expectations?
4.2.1. Scientology Church of L. Ron Hubbard
5.1.1. Robert Fludd and Rosicrucian Brotherhood
5.2.1. Mystical Philosophy of Freemasonry
5.2.3. Literary-Scientific Mysticism of Goethe
5.3.1. Theosophical Society
5.4.1. Golden Dawn
6.1.1. Scientific-Mystical Philosophy of Holism
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Mystical Philosopers

Mystical Philosopers

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Published by: Ogy on May 16, 2009
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