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Judgments of God.

Judgments of God.

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Published by glennpease

Isaiah xxvi. 9.

When thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabit a?its of the
world will learn righteousness.

Isaiah xxvi. 9.

When thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabit a?its of the
world will learn righteousness.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JUDGMETS OF GOD.BY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D,Isaiah xxvi. 9.When thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabit a?its of theworld will learn righteousness.My brethren, we live in a most eventful and solemnperiod of the world. In none of the ages that have pastsince the creation, has history recorded such convul-sions, such changes, such woes, as have been expe-rienced in the times in which we live, and as arestill experiencing on the earth. Providence, whichneither effects nor permits any thing in vain ; whichsuperintends and directs all events ; which from hu-man affliction, passions, and crime, educes benefitsto the church and people of Jesus : this Providencemust be about to accomplish some end sufficientlygreat to require the use of such numerous and mightymeans ; sufficiently good to counterpoise the suffer-ings and the woes which have crushed so many of the children of men. In reviewing the present stateof the world, does it not almost seem that the Saviourhas pointed to it. when he described those eventsvol. in. 45354 SERMO CI.that should precede his second advent ? " Thereshall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in thestars ; and upon the earth distress of nations withperplexity ; the sea and the waves roaring ; men'shearts failing them for fear, and for looking afterthose things which are coming on the earth." (Luke
xxi. 25, 26.) Rapidly retrace the judgments whichwithin a few years have been poured upon the earth,and then say whether men were ever more energeti-cally called upon to cultivate righteousness, piety*and the fear of God. Behold kingdoms overthrown :the sword drunk with the blood of thousands ; thedesolated fields bathed with the tears of the bereav-ed, covered with carnage, and burdened with thebodies of the dying and the dead ; cities sacked andin flames, and the inhabitants fleeing by the light of their consuming habitations, in order to preservetheir lives ; the vulture and the beast of prey tearingthe still palpitating limbs of the expiring; the courseof nature reversed, and thousands in the bloom of life preceding their fathers to the tomb, and bringingdown the gray hairs of their parents with sorrow tothe grave ; the bursting hearts of innumerable wi-dows and orphans, shuddering as they contemplatethe blood-stained laurels of their departed friends,and thrown without protector or support on a crueland unfeeling world ; the myriads suddenly cut off in the midst of their sins, and summoned red withunexpiated guilt to the tribunal of the Most Holy.Ah, Lord ! who but must acknowledge, that thy judgments, thine awful judgments, are in the earth !To be convinced of this, we need only look at ourown country. Though God has exercised to us un-deserved mercy, yet has he not visited us with man} judgments and calamities, to show that in the midstMISCELLAEOUS. 353of mercy there was wrath, and that " Jehovah hatha controversy with us ?" I speak not merely of thecloud which hangs over our country ; of the criticalsituation in which we stand with the European na-tions ; of the numbers who, from the unsettled state
of the world, have been precipitated from affluenceto want; but also of those elements which God con-trols, and which have so often been commissionedby him to punish our ingratitude and neglect of him.Of how many have we heard during the last year,who shrieked for help, but who shrieked in vain, asthey sunk beneath the waves ! How often has thetornado filled the mariner with terror, destroyed thehopes of the cultivator of the earth, and in an instantburied beneath the ruins of his habitation the inha-bitant who was not dreaming of danger ! But if theseand similar occurrences were not sufficient to makeus seriously reflect on the judgments of God, hisheart must indeed be callous who can remain insen-sible when remembering that peculiarly mournfulcalamity in a sister city, of which we have latelyheard.* I feel the poverty of language when speak-ing to you of it. For a moment imagine yourselvesto be present. Behold the crowd immersed in plea-sure, ignorant that death is hovering over them, theirfaces clothed with smiles, their hearts beating highwith festivity, unconscious that the judgment-bar iserecting, the books opening, and their everlastinginterests speedily to be decided ! Listen, when asense of their danger suddenly bursts upon them,to their cries, their shrieks, their lamentations, theirimploring supplications, alternately to their friendsand to their God ! Behold the convulsive throes of : Alluding to the burning of the Theatre in Richmond, Dec. 26, 1811.J56 SERMO CI.their departing spirits, as their bodies become thefood of the flames ! Conceive the unutterable agonyof the heart-broken parent, or partner, or friend, astie tremblingly seeks among the smoking ruins thehalf-consumed remains of those who a few hours be-

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