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The Sunday Bulletin

The Sunday Bulletin

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Published by: New Testament Baptist Church on Jul 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday, July 21, 2013724.282.2494 437 North Duffy Road, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001 www.VisitNTBC.com
10:00 AM
 Adult & Children’s Bible Study Classes
 11:00 AM Morning Preaching6:00 PM Choir Practice
7:00 PM Evening Preaching
7:00 PM Midweek Bible Study & Prayer
 Weekly Service Schedule
10:30 AM Bus Visitation/Soul Winning & Outreach
The New Testament Baptist Church of Butler, Pennsylvania
 Attacking the Historical Narrative of the Tower of Babel
Most secularists believe that people evolved from ape-like creatures that supposedly had a
 proto-language. So naturally their worldview demands that they reject the Bible in many areas, especially 
Genesis 1-11.
The influence of secular humanism has caused many people to view Biblical accounts asmyths.There are some basic concepts that Bible-believing Christians need to know about the Tower of Babel.First, is it really so difficult for us to believe that after Noah's Flood, there was only one language onthe earth
(Genesis 11:1)
? No. Only eight people survived the Flood and they were all part of thesame family 
(II Peter 2:5)
!Second, is it really so tough to believe that Noah's descendants sinned against God by refusing tofill the earth
(Genesis 11:4),
as God commanded in
Genesis 9:1 and 9:7
? God's Word informs usthat man's heart was evil after the Flood
(Genesis 8:21; Jeremiah 17:9).
 Lastly, is it so difficult to believe that the God who created all things
(Nehemiah 9:6; Colossians1:16; Exodus 20:11)
couldn't have had the power to confuse the language of the people atBabel, and scatter them? If Christians can believe the first verse in the Bible
(Genesis 1:1)
, thenthey should have no problem believing the rest
(Psalm 118:8).
The question about the reality of the Tower of Babel is an issue of Biblical authority 
(I Chronicles 12:32).
  As Bible-believing Christians, we need to be aware of the secular world's attacks and deceptionsbecause they are adversely influencing the church
(II Peter 2:1)
. We need to challenge those falseideas and attacks on the Bible with solid answers.
The Bus Ministry Works& We Need Your Help
 A recent State inspection revealed thatone of our buses needed brakesreplaced. The
cost of this repair is about$2,000. Would you give a specialoffering to help with this expense?
 You’re invited to listen to our internet radio station,
Glorify Radio.com
, on your computer, smartphone, or iPod/iPad.

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