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Mazin bin Al-Ghadubah

Mazin bin Al-Ghadubah

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Published by Talib_ulilm
Story of the Sahabi Mazin bin al-Ghadubah who is buried outside of Muscat, Oman.
Story of the Sahabi Mazin bin al-Ghadubah who is buried outside of Muscat, Oman.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Talib_ulilm on Jul 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mazin bin al-Ghadubah al-
Ta’i al 
-Khutami (May Allah be pleased withhim)
Abdullah al-
‘Omani narrates that Mazin bin al
-Ghadubah (who wasrespected by the tribes) said:
I used to take care of an idol that was called “Najir” in a village in Oman so
one day I offered a sacrifice at it and I heard a voice coming from the idol
saying “Oh Mazin! Listen and you will be happy. Good has appeared andevil has vanished, a prophet from Mudar has been sent with Allah’s great
religion so abandon a sculpture made out of 
stone and you’ll be saved fromthe heat of the Hellfire.”
(Mazin said) I was terrified by it, then after a fewdays I offered another sacrifice and I heard a voice coming from the idol
saying “Come towards me, come towards me so that you can hear what is
not unknown. This is a prophet sent who has come with a revealed truth,believe in him in order that you divert from the heat of Hellfire that burns
stones as its fuel!” So I said: This is strange indeed and it is some good
intended for me. Then as I was like this when a man from the people of the
Hijaz approached so I said to him: ‘What’s the news?’ and he said: ‘A man
named Ahmad has appeared who is saying to whoever goes to him
“Respond to Allah’s caller.”’ So I said: This is the news that I have heard.
Then I rushed upon the idol, smashed it, and mounted my camel. Then Icame to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)and I became a Muslim.It has also been narrated that he said:
Oh Messenger of Allah! I am from Khutamah Tayyi
’ and I am enamoured
with music, drinking wine,
and women, thus my wealth will be gone and I’ll
be regretful, so pray to A
llah that he grants me a child.”
So he prayed forme and Allah removed from me what I used to crave, I married fourwomen, was given a child, memorised half of the Quran, and performedHajj many times.
Another narration mentions:So the Prophet said (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
“Oh Allah
replace his music with the recitation of the Quran, his haram with halal,his wine with water that has no sin in it, his fornication with chastity, and
give him rainfall, and grant him a child.”
Mazin said: “So Allah removed
from me what I used to crave, I married four women, was given a child,memorised half of the Quran, and performed Hajj many times, and Omanbecome fertile land (the land in his town). Then I started to say a poem:
My riding beast cried out to you Messenger of AllahIt traverses the barren deserts from Oman to Al-
 In order that you can intercede for me Oh the best of those who stepped  foot on the Earth
So my sin will be forgiven and I’ll return successfully 
 To a group of people that opposed Allah in their religion And their view is not my view nor is their way my way  And I was a person enamoured with fornication and wineIn my youth until the body was about to be out of breathSo he replaced the wine with fear and apprehension And the fornication with chastity so my private parts are protected So I became that concern and intention is jihad.
Mazin said: “When I retu
rned to my people they rebuked, reviled, criticisedme, and order their poet to defame me
. So I said ‘Your defamation isnothing really because I defame myself’ then I went away from them and
resorted to a mosque in order to worship there and not a single oppressed
person would come to the mosque, worship in it for three days, and prayagainst the one who oppressed him except that his prayer would beanswered, nor a sick person with leprosy or another illness except that hewould be cured. Then the people were regretful and requested me to comeback to them, so they all became Muslim.(Usud al-Ghabah, Al-
Wafa bi Ta’rif Fada’il Al
‘Uyun al
-Athar Vol 1.,page 103, Al-Sirah al-Halabiyyah Vol 1., page 298)
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