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Batman/Superman thing

Batman/Superman thing

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Published by script94
just for practice. any criticism is welcome. extremely short beginnings.
just for practice. any criticism is welcome. extremely short beginnings.

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Published by: script94 on Jul 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. BATCAVE--NIGHTThe Batcave is noticeably quiet, aside from the sounds ofdripping water, a few sparse bats, and most importantly,Bruce Wayne’s furious typing. The camera cuts to Wayne, whois researching a certain individual--LEX LUTHOR--on hiselaborate computer system.ALFREDMaster Bruce, it’s getting awfullylate. You know there never
is rest for the weary.BRUCEYou know how important this isAlfred. This has been the thirdstory all week--I don’t know whothis guy is, but he’s definitelynot just another
.Cut to an incoming news feed on one of Wayne’s manymonitors. An anchor is visibly distressed as they read offanother news report.ANCHORAnother mysterious death amongstthe many executives of LEXCORP.Sources are saying David Bengal,67, was found unconscious in hisapartment three days ago, and waspronounced dead this morning. Acoroner’s report details accidentalsuicide.Cut back to Bruce, who leans backwards in his chair,pensive.BRUCEAlfred--something’s not adding up.He hasn’t given a single publicstatement about
of thesereports. Three in the span of onemonth? He’s hiding something.ALFREDNow, let’s not jump to conclusionsmaster. There are a lot ofvariables to consider. Just--BRUCEI’m going.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.ALFREDWhe--BRUCEMetropolis. There’s someone I needto see.ALFREDSir, don’t you think Gotham isenough of an endeavour for one man?BRUCEMaybe for one man.Bruce gets out of his chair and pushes Alfred out of the waynonchalantly. He approaches a tall, black, cylindricalobject and taps the lens of his wristwatch twice. The objectappears to split in two only to slide downwards to reveal aglass casing covering the BATSUIT. The BATSUIT ispredominately grey with a black hood and cape, consistentwith typical BATMAN canon.Cut back to ALFRED.ALFREDYou know, you could at least
me for my opinions--BRUCE(smirks) I guess you’re right.BRUCE walks away to an ambiguous location in the cave as thecamera pans upward into darkness. The title of the filmgraces the screen.INT. DAILY PLANET--DAYThe Daily Planet is hustling and bustling. Phones areringing off the hook, reporters are chattering incessantlywith one another, and everything seems to be in disarray.The camera pans towards one cubicle, wherein two familiarfaces can be seen: LOIS LANE and CLARK KENT. LOIS is leaningagainst the door as CLARK seems to be hand-writing a draftof some sort of article.LOISSeriously?Startled, CLARK turns around and faces her.(CONTINUED)

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