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Prosperous Journey

Prosperous Journey

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Published by glennpease

Romans i. 10.
A prosperous journey, by the will of God.

Romans i. 10.
A prosperous journey, by the will of God.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROSPEROUS JOUREYBY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D,Romans i. 10.A prosperous journey, by the will of God.Many of those who have been accustomed to wor-ship with us in this place, have left us for a season ;many of you will shortly follow them. It will not beuseless, before your departure, to show you whatshould be your aim, what your sentiments, and con-duct, in order that your journey may tend to yourspiritual good and everlasting welfare.For this purpose I have read to you the wordswhich the apostle Paul addressed to the Romans,when he expressed his desire to visit them.My sole design in addressing you from them is toinquire,What is necessary to render a journey, or a voyage,prosperous in the estimation of a real Christian ?Is he satisfied if by it his temporal interests areadvanced, if he enjoys worldly amusement and plea-sure, if he meets with kind friends and affectionaterelatives, if he be preserved from calamity, and re-turn home with invigorated health? These areblessings which require his grateful acknowledgeMISCELLAEOUS. 483ments to God. Feeling his unworthiness of them,he ought for their conferment to pour forth the tri-bute of thankfulness and praise to the Most Merci-ful. With these he ought to be contented, if this
world were his home, or if he were preserved in lifesolely for the purpose of enjoying the blessings of earth. But when he remembers that heaven is histrue country; that every hour as it passes shortenshis journey through life; that religion is his greatbusiness, and that he is continued upon earth to glo-rify God, to save his own soul, and to benefit others :when he considers these things, he must feel thatmuch more is necessary to render a journey or avoyage prosperous; and that it deserves not thistitle, unless it tend,I. To give us more affecting and admiring viewsof the attributes of the great Creator, as displayedin his works which we behold.II. Unless it give us a more deep and gratefulsense of the goodness and care of that Providenceon which we depend, and a more comprehensivesurvey of the general dispensations of Providence.III. Unless it deepen our conviction of the uni-formity and value of real religion.IV. Unless during it we embrace opportunities of acquiring or of doing good.V. Unless during it we remember that our wholelife is a journey, which is hastening to its close, andthat we are only pilgrims and strangers upon theearth.Where these circumstances unite, we make a;t prosperous journey," or voyage, " by the will of God."I. We should seek more affecting and admiring
4&4 SERMO CXU.views of the attributes of the great Creator, as displayed in his works.In the scenes of nature, God has spread before usa brilliant and expressive picture of many of his per-fections : he has endowed us with sublime facultiescapable of reflecting on his works, of admiringtheir order and beauty, their harmony and propor-tion, and thus rising " from nature up to nature'sGod." Yet how few are thus affected by creation !How few love to trace in it those perfections of theAll-Wise, the Almighty, the All-Merciful, that are sostrikingly impressed, that they may be visible to eve-ry eye, and obvious to every understanding. Whenour minds are employed upon the works of nature,it is generally only to make them subservient to ourworldly interest, or to administer to our earthly gra-tification; and not to warm our hearts by the con-templation of that infinite power, wisdom, and good-ness, which appear in the formation of them. If such conduct at all times is inexcusable and un-grateful, it is doubly so in our journeys and our voy-ages, in which the works of God are presented to usin such rapid succession; in which, occurring insuch variety and number, they crowd in upon oursight, and solicit our observation. Christians ! avoidthis insensibitity ; every where behold around youthe marks and tokens of your God. When on theocean, the bounds of which you in vain attempt todiscover, think of the greatness of him who " ruleththe raging of the sea, and when the waves thereof arise, stilleth them ;" who " brake up for it his de-creed place, and set bars, and said, Hitherto shaltthou come, but no further; and here shall thy proudWaves be stayed." When you view its numberless

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