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006 Golden Lotus Paper

006 Golden Lotus Paper

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Published by Noctis Caelum

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Published by: Noctis Caelum on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Golden BalanceIn The Three Inch Golden Lotus, Fragrant Lotus expresses her happiness to her Grandma Ge just before she rode off into the sunset and into the Tong stronghold:
“I understand. The more you loved me, the harder you were. And without that yesterday, there wouldn’t be today.”
It was a deep passage with many connotative meanings. The boldest though, was anunderstanding of yin and yang, which was seen through the several trials that FragrantLotus had to endure to succeed the head of the Tong household, observed in nature itself,and experienced in each and every one of our lives. It is this flavor of Daoism that madeit such a timeless passage.Fragrant Lotus went through many hardships to become the head of the Tonghousehold. Her first experience was where she endured the painful foot binding. If shehadn’t endured and allowed Grandma Ge to help her create such perfectly bound feet, shewould have never caught the eye of Tong Ren-An. Her next trial was when she had lostthe first foot binding contest in the Tong household. After being defeated, she was beaten by her idiot husband and made a mockery by Golden Treasure. Enduring this shame andlowly position in the household, she was able to hold out until she had gotten assistancefrom Aunt Pan and Tong Ren-An himself. After this short period of hardship, she wasable to catapult herself forward and take the reigns of the Tong household under her command. Though she almost lost herself after the defeat of the first foot binding contest,
she was able to remember the lessons of how she had to endure the pain from GrandmaGe to get to where she was. Patience and understanding kept her strong.The relationship of the ever changing yin and yang is understood to be one of themost influential aspects of Daoism. It is seen every where and in everything. Thequintessential balance of yin and yang never ends. It constantly is changing between yinand yang. Also, within every yin there is yang, and within every yang there is yin. Thereare the simple counterpart balances such as man and woman, good and evil. There arealso the more complex balances. Natural instances of these could be seen every day, likehow the sun can generally be seen rising in the east and setting in the west. Sure there isscience behind it, but generally we know that after there is darkness, the light will returnwith the sunrise. If a great storm befell the land, we should not worry even if it rained allyear because it should be understood that the rain won’t never last forever and that thesunny days would return as to naturally balance out the weather. A wise person wouldnever fret or panic. They would stay composed and understand that the rain clouds wouldone day be replaced by clear skies and sunny days. Patience is key factor tounderstanding this perennial balance of yin and yang. Unfortunately for Fragrant Lotus, itwasn’t until the very end where she really understood this. She fought hard against thechanging times, and was ultimately outdone by herself.It is safe to say that almost every person could relate to Fragrant Lotus and howshe persevered through the hard times. This past year alone for me was a very tough one.I’ve gotten burned by three different business partners costing me large sums of money,mentally broken down by those same partners, and even have been set up and robbedafter I hit bottom. How was I able to endure such hardship and misfortune? Aside of a lot
of hours of meditative practice, I kept to the belief that it was just an unfortunate time for me and that I needed to endure so that I could eventually make it to a brighter period inmy life. I knew I wasn’t wrong and instead of fighting back, I went a completely different path. Just like how Fragrant Lotus endured the extreme pain of her foot binding, Iendured the mental torture of having been betrayed by many close to me, those whomI’ve really trusted over the past few years. Through the very unfortunate period though, Icame to really appreciate again the smaller less significant things, such as even being inschool and having food to eat. During this dark period, there were still slivers of light thatmade the journey forward much easier to bear. Like Fragrant Lotus, I did not give up. Iremained vigilant and endured.Though the meaning of the passage could have revealed a much shallower levelof understanding, such as how much love Grandma Ge had for Fragrant Lotus, the much bolder understanding of the balance of yin and yang from Daoism was much moresignificant and meaningful. Fragrant Lotus went through many trials and endured themall to achieve higher highs during her lifespan. It was very apparent in the book lookingthrough the scope with a basic understanding of the balance of yin and yang. Thatunderstanding could be applied to anything, any where, so everybody could easily haverelated to it. My real life story may not have been as tragic as Fragrant Lotus’ foot binding, but it was similar in ways such that both of us had developed the belief that if wekept moving forward, we would survive through our misfortune. Unlike Fragrant Lotus,it didn’t take me until the end of my lifetime to figure this out. Fortunately for me, beinga practitioner of the Dao has helped to better understand this theory and its cycles of life.

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