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The Third Bullet Novel Kindle Edition

The Third Bullet Novel Kindle Edition

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Published by ThirdBulletNovel

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Published by: ThirdBulletNovel on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Third Bullet Novel KindleEdition
Book Description
Bob Lee Swagger is back in a thrillerfifty years in the making . . .It’s not even a clue. It’s a whisper, atrace, a ghost echo, drifting downthrough the decades via chanceconnections so fragile that they woulddisintegrate in the puff of a breath. Butit’s enough to get legendary former Marine sniper Bob LeeSwagger interested in the events of November 22, 1963, andthe third bullet that so decisively ended the life of John F.Kennedy and set the stage for one of the most enduringcontroversies of our time.Swagger begins his slow night stalk through a much-traveledlandscape. But he’s asking questions that few have askedbefore: Why did the third bullet explode? Why did Lee HarveyOswald, about to become the most hunted man on earth, risk itall by returning to his rooming house to secure a pistol heeasily could have brought with him? How could a conspiracythat went unpenetrated for fifty years have been thrown
together in the two and a half days between the announcementof the president’s route and the assassination itself?As Bob investigates, another voice enters the narrative:knowing, ironic, almost familiar, that of a gifted, Yale-educatedveteran of the CIA Plans Division. Hugh Meachum has secretsand the means and the will to keep them buried. Whenweighed against his own legacy, Swagger’s life is aninsignificant expense—but to blunt the threat, he’ll first have toambush the sniper.As each man hunts the other across today’s globe and throughthe thickets of history, The Third Bullet builds to an explosiveclimax that will finally prove what Bob Lee Swagger has alwaysknown: it’s never too late for justice.
 This is the eighth (seventh?) novel by Hunter featuring mastersniper Bob Lee Swagger and then ninth involving his family. I'vereviewed two of these novels previously, I, Sniper (2009) forAmazon Vine and Dirty White Boys (1994) for a journal. Theprevious novel in this series, I, Sniper, was thin -fun, but lessbelievable than the best of these novels had been. With thisbook, Hunter is back to form. There is no one who writes about shooters with the authorityand grace that Hunter displays in this engrossing series. Hisexperience as a film critic (Pulitzer Prize winner) and novelist(five novels before the first Swagger novel) give an authority tohis writing that moves the reader along. Like early Dick Francisor today's Lee Child, when a new Swagger book by Stephen
Hunter comes along, I put down my other reading and dig rightin and I don't pit the book down until I'm done with it.About I, Sniper, the previous book in this series, I wrote: "TheSwagger novels lean toward complicated back and forthchronology and complicated plot lines, all of which is resolvedat the end in a burst of satisfying violence. Hunter's aneconomical writer, who neither glories in blood and carnage norignores describing it when moves his storyline along. Swaggeris a fine character. He may not be book educated but he's whipsmart in his own environment, as a hunter. He makes smart,even tricky, choices about shooting that in this book ... save hislife against long odds. Although by nature a loner, evenreclusive, he's also a born leader, with an instinctive feel formaking those around trust him."In this latest addition to the series, Swagger is sixty-six. He hasa wife, daughters, a ranch and pretty much everything heneeds. He doesn't need more violence. But violence finds himanyways. A woman accosts him, gets into his skin. He agrees totalk to her. She tells him a tale of her dead husband, asks BobLee to check on whether he was assassinated rather than justkilled in a random hit and run. Her husband wrote books. Hisnext one was supposed to be on the Kennedy assassination.And thus starts one of the most thorough, well researched andingenious reexaminations of the tragic events of November 23,1963, that one could have imagined. Only this time, instead of a conspiracy nut, it's Bob Lee who's investigating, and nobodyknows guns like Bob Lee does. The question that puzzles BobLee surfaces early. The first two bullets fired at the Kennedyvehicle remained intact upon impact. Why then, did the thirdbullet explode?

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