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In the Matter the Psychophysics-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner.

In the Matter the Psychophysics-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner.

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work by Gustav Theodor Fechner
work by Gustav Theodor Fechner

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Published by: gabriel brias buendia on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Well, after my, published in 1860, "Elements of Psychophysics", except for some points of which you may not beallowed to waive the since of all the pages it occurred, attackscan be regarded as discounted, the replacement offered views of the opponents but by their absentmindedness elude a slightoverview and comparison, I share the same folgends so far and insuch a compilation that a choice between them can be made behufs a new foundation of psychophysics, but at the same timelooking at the probability that the choice between so manifold,contradicting each other no less than that first attempts views will be difficult to encourage the consideration of whether it is not preferable to finally return to the mine, and to turn my hand to allsides. This is, in short, if something expressed jokingly, butseriously understood the content and the purpose of thiswriting. Closer speaks here about the following entrance, whilethe resumé the content and summarizes the results shortly, after which I just have some, the font in question, vorzubemerkenexternals find here.
Rather, it would probably already in many a suggestion tocome to the issue of this writing, had not only dealing with theissue of another journal (pre-aesthetics), then repeated backsliding eye condition prevents it. Even now, however, after some happy consummated eye surgeries have allowed me aresumption of literary activity, I have to follow in the difficultywith but weak and irritable remaining eyes of the impacting thisliterature search an apology if I have overlooked this or that waswhat had to be considered. Important points should not haveescaped me, and now Overlooked might be in one, this firstissues still nachzuliefernden, second grudge.
Although questionable whether it will come to the
situation of my age and the condition of my eyes even on sucha. Should it be the case, then the same present exceptamendments of the type and the consideration of counter-remarksagainst the designs booklet, what it will be difficult for missingthe opponents, some, from earlier deferred Tests regardingextensive and weight sensitivity with remarks about themeasurement methods offer.
Hienach only following the establishment of the text of the current font.
Because of technical reasons, the content could not beaccording to the authors, to which reference was to take it,arranged so the headings to the various sections and the registrar will come together easier in the end, what matters to each particular. That could not accept a uniform character the whole of Scripture, as they really presents, I am sorry, but to give her such,I would have had to have only one enemy or a major consideration over. According to some, the writing at allintroductory, sections I have the view of the strongly translucentobjections prefixed to negotiate in the later sections with theenemies of their own views (in so far as not already the 4thsection was said seemed sufficiently) and the presentexperimental situation of Weber's Law to explain.
Parentheses within literal quotes mean activationsfolgends the part of the authors themselves, angular those whichare inserted by me. - With p. I refer to page numbers in thewritings of the authors, to those with S. In this document itself -Regarding the Paginaverweisungen the names of authors withoutenclosing their writing or treatise to consider the remark inSection II - My "Elements of Psychophysics" I call in references by "Elem." - "Psycho-Physical" in the text several times by ps.- ph. and "sensation" was abbreviated by E..
I. InputII I've established psychophysical laws and formulas to their representation will be mainly here, with the main objections againstestablishedIII. Literature folgends preferably to be considered objections andconflicting views
IV About Clear demonstration of the opponentsHelmholtz and AubertDoAmber PlateauBrentanoDelbceuf HerringLongV. objection that Weber's law was not correctly inferred from theexperiments (Brentano, herring, long)VI. Objections of the experimental deviations from Weber's law (Aubert,Delbceuf, herring, long)VII teleological argument. Extensive comments on the sensations(herring)VIII aprioristic objection [Mach, Hering, Classen, Ueberhorst, Bernstein)IX. Question of the transferability of the threshold into the inner  psychophysicsX. Objections to the negative sentiment values. Further remarks on thethreshold (Delbceuf, Langer, Preyer)XI. Remarks on Contrast sensation (Hering, Mach)XII. The difference view of sensation (Schneider, Delbceuf)XIII. The Oscillations and chemical hypothesis (herring)XIV
feeling about the situation of black and white, with an appendix oncolor theory Hering Hering notes about color theory and its ownhypothesisXV
Bernstein's psycho-physical constitutionXVI. Compilation of past, especially recent experimental results of Weber's Law immediately1 Light intensity (without color change2 Sound intensity (without changing pitch)3 Taste4 Weights5 Temperature

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