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Professor Schleiden and the Moon-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner.

Professor Schleiden and the Moon-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner.

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work by Gusts
work by Gusts

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Published by: gabriel brias buendia on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Scripture, "Nanna, or about the inner life of the plant in 1848," I haveendeavored to show that the plants have a soul; actually show? No, because a soulcan not be shown, but to create a belief and justified.
But the soul of a plant as well as a matter of faith, the soul of a worm when the soulof a bird, as my brother's soul as a soul. Beyond and as God himself, no less and nomore
Under my soul, I did not understand the explicit declaration of a soul in the sensethat some souls take, etc as an abstract point of unity bodily life, as life force, but asoul that feels, in the ordinary, through examples and otherwise I explained the literalsense of sensation.
The plant soul should a soul be of lower level of independence and individualitywhile as our own, and even as the animal soul, but nevertheless still a being as our and the animal soul, like these only himself appearing and other souls over only theexternal appearance body of a bidder, except that a higher spirit that God above allabout what goes on in these souls, just as immediately knew they also live in it, andmove, and stand, and he in them, as we so often by our souls say, without, however,ever believe it.
A soul should be the plant soul, like a newborn child's soul, but without thedevelopment of children's ability soul, not thinking, not vorblickend, notremembering, no outside world Facing, just live with the moments in a flow andexchange of sensual feeling and instinct , and how her body was bathed in light andair and dew, enjoying the bath, any one else on their position relative to other speciesand other nature.
I have tried to make the existence of the plant soul in this sense believable fromviewpoints of similarity of the relationship, the makeup, the Stufenbaues, expediency,on the basis of experiential facts and reasonable demands, have the opposite reasonsthat the plants no nerves, no arbitrary movement, no central organ, no circulationhave, that not a soul level for the plant is left, etc, together with diligence andconsideration, have tried to make the truth or is more likely than the view of their  beauty and edification in the light, I am the History of the Question investigated. Inshort, I have to take the subject of so many pages and wanted to treat as he ever has.Ihave worked myself half dead in a word, so that the plants soul to live.
This is my ambition, and success? - Quite frankly I will report on how well theunfavorable result for me is and what consequences for my view one may alsoconsider it.
Almost unanimous approval has the same found in the women's world, both orallyand in writing, of known and unknown to me the evidence is to become, as it had metthe soul of the delicate creatures as loud sisters.Almost equally unanimous rejectionshe has found among the naturalists and philosophers of trade; orally and in writing,of known and unknown to me the evidence to have become, as it had met the poor soul as no soul.Probably some girls, some women saw the flowers, since a soul youlooked forward to it, even with soulful eyes, and almost afraid to break it, it was alsoonly a short time. The philosophers but wanted to grab the soul with the terms andnaturalists with his hands, before hiding the soul, and they said, There is nothing. Nota lady wot I who read the book, and have read many who had declared against the plant soul, not a scientist or a philosopher by profession, has read the book or did not
read - and many disapprove of his reasons, without knowing it - which would haveopted for it declares, most but decided against it. Or they were just a speck, a note, aword, a nothingness which are, indeed, the greatest praise what has become of someof my work, they take off like a seal, also meant the greatest rebuke that could meetthem, their idea is a fiction.
And then finally the main fruit that my writing entered me at the same time thesymbol of their success, a crooked grown carrots that an unknown lady fromAltenburg few days ago sent me from her garden, a sign of the interest they took inthe Scriptures. The carrot had been able through a tough tree roots do not penetrate,and zwiespaltig wrapped in strange curving right and left of it, but can not thrive. Ialso have me in an effort to root with my idea, wrapped in vain on all sides to easily penetrate the tough resistance or to get around and can not thrive on it. And as thecarrot in my closet, my book will remain as a strange oddity in the barrier are theliterature. This is the end of the song of the soul plants.
In fact, if you already do not wont to make even high a preacher in town, the onlystirred the hearts of the ladies, he is determined to stir with, the judgment at the outsetseems to talk about a natural preacher, the merely the Ladies listen, if only before thetribunal of men serious science is the subject of the sermon after his serious side, andonly slightly touches the corrupt interests of the Ladies of aesthetic and cozyside. Especially when considering the means of success with them intoconsideration. Has the vain creature that Nanna, not intentionally cleaned with mildto tinsel and colored ribbons. But the first strong gust of wind ruffled such a state, thefirst penetrating rain washes it from the color of the first sharp ray of sunshine makesthem grow pale. And finally has the vain fool but once out of the dressing room intothe open.
It was inevitable, and what is their recently met there. She runs a, with whom shehas met more often in women's rooms for some time, finely done in the way he justwants to go back to a company of ladies, but as always with boots and spurs. Nowshe is gone before times once at the earnest man without proving him the proper respect, and einzutränken to her's, he joined with his good boots in a puddle on theroad, splashed it over and over and rips her with his spurs all fringe so much for thedress, and holes in the dress. The poor thing! Now they will not even more, yes evenin any good society can be seen from more ladies.
How bad after all 'which seems to be the matter of the plant soul, it is but naturalthat an author of an idea to its development et 25 signatures needed what he has setan age, preisgiebt not as fast as those they give so easily lost because it costs themnothing, or eagerly throw away, because throwing away still costs less, but saves thecost of care and the large drawing of the young idea. If you have yet had enough todo with plant bodies and souls of men, why even with so unnatural hybrid things as plant souls, deal, so it is their care easy going, it suffocate the little monster equal in birth is best. But for the author, the matter presents itself differently. He does not havea year lived in vain, not in vain, and finally written 25 arc not so thoroughly fooledthemselves. So there must be a plant soul, and there must be reasons that there is one,

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