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CompDev Course Content

CompDev Course Content

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Published by: Nanyer Asonipse Zelimafed on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Computer Development
Reynan E. DemafelizSubject InstructorSKSU – Kalamansig Campus
Keywords: Computers, information and communication technologies, computerhardware, computer software, calculations, information management, communications,programming, control, automation, Internet, World Wide Web, history
Course Contents
1. Introduction2. What is a Computer?2.1. Conceptual Structure of a Computer3. Technologies that Contributed to the Early History of Electronic Digital Computer3.1. Technologies to Aid Calculation3.1.1. Ancient Calculating Devices3.1.2. Calculating Devices from the Middle Age3.1.3. Babbage’s Mechanical Computers3.1.4. Mechanical and Electromechanical Computing Devices3.1.5. Theoretical Concepts Underlying Modern Computing3.1.6. Computers and Calculations Today3.2. Technologies for Automation and Control3.2.1. Early Automated Devices3.2.2. Jacquard and the Punched Card3.2.3. Human Resistance to Mechanization3.2.5. From Control and Automation to Programming3.3. Technologies for Information Processing and Information Management3.3.1. Types of Information3.3.2. Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine (c1890)3.3.3. IBM Punch-Card Tabulating Machines3.3.4. From Stone Tablets to Database Management System and Google3.4. Communication Technologies3.4.1. Technologies for Creating the Communication3.4.2. Technologies for Distributing/Publishing the Communication3.4.3. Communication Today: Word Processing, e-Mail and the Internet4. Early Electronic Digital Computers - 1940s4.1. Colossus - the Secret Code Computer4.2. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator)4.3. Manchester Baby4.4. Manchester Mk 14.5. EDSAC (Electronic Delay Stored Automatic Computer)4.6. CSIRAC (CSIRO Automatic Computer)4.7. EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer)5. The First Commercial Computers - Early 1950s5.1. Ferranti Mk 15.2. UNIVAC-1 (Universal Automatic Computer)

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