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SGES Legacy Newsletter - July 2013

SGES Legacy Newsletter - July 2013

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Quarterly news letter from the Southern Genealogical Exchange Society.
Quarterly news letter from the Southern Genealogical Exchange Society.

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From The President
Summer Slump Busted!
A wonderful way to hold a regu-lar meeting is - set a record! Only aweek ago, at the SGES July meeting,we hosted a record of 53 people!Conferences and special eventsescalate attendance. But you reallycount interest by the regular meetingsof the true supporters. These are the people who hold an ongoing interestin the society. It seems, for such along time, we have made effort toachieve the big “50” as an atten-dance goal; now, we have set thisnew record! In looking around themeeting room, I thought to myself,this person is on vacation, and so isthis person, and this person, and himand her. You are personally missed by me, and others, when you are notin attendance. We do look for you.In doing this mental accounting of our missing regulars, we would have placed 60 as the record number. But, just like any sports, you can’t countthe what if’s, you must go with whatyou have. Regardless, July hasraised the bar in interest. Thank youto YOU. Your great support madethis new record possible . 2013 isa banner year!! The mortgage was“burned” and a meeting goal met.ONWARD!
Membership Drive Ends
The membership drive ended andSGES stands ready to award some
acknowledgement in the next news-letter. Please immediately email methe number of people you personallyenlisted during the membershipdrive. This is the honor system. Sendinformation to : president@sgesjax.org by August 1, 2013. I expressmy special appreciation to everyonethat participated in the quest for newmembers.
TV offering for Genealogists
little to deserve your precious timeon mainline TV. However, we gene-alogists are scratching the surface in
week, Tuesday, July 23rd, 9:00 p.m.,
“WHO DO YOU THINK YOUARE?” premieres on TLC . Thisnew season begins with singer KellyClarkson. The popular singer, explores her lineage and uncovers anancestor deeply rooted in Americanhistory; she comes face-to-face withher 3x great grandfather’s wartime
Website of Interest
www.genealogy-specialists.comTracing Our Past, Discovering Our 
 Now we have millions of web-sites competing for our attention.This one website caught my eye.Perhaps it was the logo: a dog witha bone at the “ family” tree. Wesurely can make personal applica-tion to the logo. The organizers of the site are based in the UK. Theyare a group of genealogy specialistsoffering FREE help to each other intracing ancestors. Anyone may join.They have much information leaningtoward the British Isles but claim the
w w w. s g esja x . co m
 From the President, continued 
international community. I person-ally noted they offered assistancefrom,… dating an old photograph, tocommunication to point you in theright direction, if they did not haveyour answer. It’s worth a click tocheck it out.
Upcoming Meetings
The Federation of Genealogi-
national meeting in Fort Wayne,Indiana. The meeting dates areAugust 21-24. The conference thisyear is titled “Journey Through.Generations”.For more information, visit :www.fgsconference.orgThe North Florida RegionalConference for 2014 is underway. Itis not too early to register. Follow:www.nfgenealogyconference.comClick on “Registration” tab. It is bigger and better and local.
In our daily tasks, we often losetrack of things that were common- place knowledge in the past. Havingan update is critical. As an example,someone asked me this week, “doesthe library have pedigree charts?”They were referring to the member lineage charts. When you become a
a blank lineage chart in your wel-come package. SGES requests youcomplete the chart with your familyinformation and return to us. We
cross-referenced with surnames. Asindividuals visit the SGES library,they have opportunity to look for thesurnames and possibly connect withothers doing research on the samesurname. In the past it was necessary
SGES now accepts computer printedinformation. Have you completedyour chart? Or, do you need to addto your family tree ? Please submityour computer printed genealogyinformation when you visit thelibrary, attend a meeting, or, of course, you can mail to SGES.In keeping with reminders,remember you may make a donationof a book for the library in memoryof a loved one. A book plate is placed within the book. A letter issent to the family to advise familymembers of the donation. This isa unique donation that stands outamong others. Memory monetarydonations are accepted as well.We accept donations of non-genealogical items too. SGES havethe ability to “re-sell” some of theseitems. Please email me at, onceagain, president@sgesjax.org todiscuss the donation.In closing, I want to thank thenumerous volunteers who work tirelessly to improve SGES. TheBoard of SGES attends monthlymeetings and give their time for varied tasks including informationresearch projects that are unknown tomost of the members. These Boardmembers are valued beyond words…Yours for growing trees,Betty ReedSGES President
President Betty ReedFirst Vice President Dan WinkoSecond Vice President Michael LawsonRecording Secretary Valerie BennettCorrespondence Secretary Jeanne Carter Treasurer David BahnHistorian Jim McKenneyParliamentarian Don DuClose
Bylaws, Policies andProcedures Dick CardellCemetery Jon FergusonEditorial Liz DuCloseEducation Jeanne DavisLegacy Project Connie BradshawLibrary Carla MellottLogistics Jon FergusonMedia Specialist andWebmaster Denise Olson
Public Relations Aretta MattoxSeminars Mike LawsonTechnology Keys Rhodes
Please say thank you to those who provide the snacks and drinks for our monthly meetings.
May Refreshments
provided byBecky Frisbee and Jim McKenney
July Refreshments
provided by Janetand Bob Sikes and MikeLawson
Send us your articles and stories
 for the
September 2013 Quarterly
The deadline for submissions is
August 8, 2013
Welcome To NewMembers in 2013
Kenny KoptaJane Philips CollinsBill and Jo Westbrook Betsy Miller Claudia L. Naugle Nola Magneson
2014 North Florida Genealogy Conference
March 14 & 15, 2014, at the LDS Church in Orange Park, FL.
 Jon R. Ferguson, Program Committee Chair  Michael Lawson, Program Committee Co-chair  Janet Howard, Program Committee work horse.
Thank You for Donations
Carla Mellott 
Our Society is greatly appreciative for the donations of research materialto our genealogy library. Persons who have donated in recent months are:Jon Ferguson, Mary Kinsey, John Bond, Marvin Reese, Ann Parkinson,Valerie Bennett, Betty Reed, Judith Newberg, Faye Dale, Benny Fish,Stephen Wimberly, Valerie Braddock, Oma Ballard, Anne Billy,Jerry Braddock, Donl Kite, Martha King, Carla Mellott, Brenda Hennis,Claude Arpen, Harry Shannon, George and Esther Thomas, andGenealogical Publishing Company.In addition, large donations were made by Jacksonville Public Libraryvia Christa Snow, E Health Screen via Linda Brake, Friends of JacksonvillePublic Library, and The Museum of Southern History.Also, there have been monetary donations for the care and maintenanceof our facility; as well as donations of items used in the library and Society business. We say a big “THANK YOU” to you all.
Be a part of the fun.
 Every year SGES is a cosponsor of the Conference and our membersare involved in it. This year, weare striving to make it better, andthe Friday night activity should bea bonanza for us. If we can get thecooperation from several volunteers,
the World” food, music, art, etc.Do you want to participate, and be a part of the action? Please let usknow if you can volunteer a little of your time. Do you know someonefrom another nation, who would liketo participate? Please contact Jon or Mike and say “I want to help”Remember that this conference isin lieu of our March program.
Reserve March 14 & 15, 2014 for a special genealogy adventure!
The Program Committee for the 4th Annual Northeast Florida GenealogyConference met today to begin assigning the programs into the various roomsat the LDS Church building in Orange Park, FL.Great programs are on tap with something for every interest, and somesuper presenters. We are bringing back several speakers from years past, andhave a few new ones too. Friday night will feature a short Key-Note pro-gram, followed by table discussions and light foods, in a social setting in thegymnasium. It will be an excellent time to mingle with the presenters, other  participants, staff and vendors.In response to suggestions from last years conference, Saturday’s hourswill be shortened a bit and the lunch hour extended, so there will be time for visiting with the vendors. A box-lunch will be served.which should reducethe long lines. The registration packet will contain short descriptions of the programs and mini-bios of the presenters.We feel sure you will enjoy a great time with folks with fellow interests.

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