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Ascension Day 2

Ascension Day 2

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Col. III. 3.

" Your life is hid with Christ in God."
Col. III. 3.

" Your life is hid with Christ in God."

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASCESIO DAY.REV. G. ECKPORD GULL B.A.Grant y wc beseech Thee^ Almighty God^ tfiat like aswe do believe Thy only-begotten Son our Lord JesusChrist to have ascended into tlie /leavens ; so we mayalso in lieart and mind thither ascend ^ and with Himcontinually dwell, who liveth and reigneth with Theeand the Holy G/iost, one God, world without end.Amen.Col. III. 3." Your life is hid with Christ in God."OUR Blessed Lord's visit to this world was of short duration. There is something remark-able in the fact that, out of the thousands of yearsthat men have lived upon earth, only some thirty-three years should have witnessed the presence of Him who was at once the Son of God and the Sonof Man, in a sense that no one else has ever been.All the ages before Christ looked forward to Hiscoming in the flesh, and drew their life from thishope. All the ages since He left this world havelooked back to His short blessed life on earth, andhave derived their life from this memory.And the shortness of the stay our Saviour madeis the more remarkable because we have no fullaccount of it, short as it was. Out of the thirty-three years which it is probable our Lord passedon earth, we know only of the last three with anydistinctness of detail, and are absolutely ignorantabout nearly thirty.
THE HIDDE LIFE, 37' But what a mighty power this short life has hadon the world I Some men have lived short lives,and left great names and great influence behindthem. But not one of them will, even in thisrespect, bear comparison with Christ The in-fluence of all others has been either different inkind, or vastly difi"erent in degree, and it has al-ways become less and less as time has gone on.The influence exerted by the life of Christ wasoriginated in the space of two or three years, hadnothing but truth to recommend it to a sinfulworld, and yet has gone on increasing ever sinceour blessed Master left the world. Other religionsbesides that of Christ have prevailed for a time bymeans of the sword, or have taken complete pos-session of certain nations and races, without beingable to spread in other lands ; but the religionwhich owes its foundation to the life of Christ is asmuch at home in Africa as in Europe, and findsconverts in Asia as well as in Amer.ca. Whereverit has once taken possession of the hearts of men,those hearts are its for ever ; places may havechanged their religion with their population, butChristianity has never retired from the field beforeany other religion, even though that religion mayhave been hacked by sophistry and persecution.And, dear brethren, what a wonderful power thelife of our blessed Lord is exerting upon us to-day !Go through our land and see the towers and spiresof the houses of prayer wherever there are men toworship God, and each of them shall tell its owntale of care and earnestness, that have sprung fromthe life of our blessed Redeemer.earer home still — in this congregation — what
power the life of Christ on earth exerts ! " otwhat it should," we may be ready to say ; and mayblind ourselves to what it does effect by thinking of 3 8 ASCESIO DA Y.what it ought to ; but does not our sense of whatthe life of Christ ought to work among us say morethan anything else of the power it does exert, es-pecially when we can also remember that as amatter of fact it has more power among us thananything else in the worldPerhaps when we have read the Gospels through,and feel the influence of the character of ourSaviour shown us there, we are ready to wish thatwe had larger and nearer opportunities of knowingthat blessed character.If we feel thus when we read the Gospels, howmuch more must those Disciples have felt it whenthey were called upon to part with Him to whomthey felt they owed everything. Their case wassomewhat different from ours. AH they had gainedfrom Christ they had gained from One with whomthey could spend their daily life as we do with oneanother. They had been accustomed to walk andtalk with Him, to eat and drink with Him, totravel about the country and to learn all theylearnt from His own lips, or by looking at His ownblessed actions.Under the influence of the life of Jesus, Hisdisciples had gradually grown in all that was trueand good ; but when they had begun to find inHim more than they had ever thought of or hopedfor, they had to part with Him.

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