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Letter to Davd Beadnall requesting withdrawal of planning applications for G4S children's homes

Letter to Davd Beadnall requesting withdrawal of planning applications for G4S children's homes

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Published by Farah Damji
Letter requesting withdrawal of planning application
Letter requesting withdrawal of planning application

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Published by: Farah Damji on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Four Feather Mews | 89 Fieldgate Street | London E1 1 DHlandline | 020 7 377 5791 |
Dave Beadnall
G4S Children’s Manager for Safety
Via e mail22 July 2013Dear Dave BeadnallPerhaps you have forgotten but you killed a child, Gareth Myatt, by restraining him illegally while hewas in G4S detention. Have I died and gone to Alice in Wonderland that you have the audacity toeven think you can run children's services, and apply for planning for children's homes in thecommunity, in a company as toxic, inefficient and parasitic as G4S? Here is the link to ClaireSambrook's article, to remind you.http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/clare-sambrook/g4s-conceals-identity-in-childrens-homes-planning-applications 
You have exactly 24 hours (by close of play tomorrow) to withdraw all the pending applications for children
homes G4S is planning on building. I understand there are 4. The company is in no fit stateto bid for any tenders or anticipate new business to the value of even £1 until it has been given aclean bill of health by the Public Accounts Select Committee, the NAO and the SFO. Once again,G4S have been caught lying, misrepresenting and presenting falsified information to a publicauthority. That in itself is enough to void a planning application. You deliberately, on behalf of thecompany, tried to mislead not only the planning department but also the public. I have StefanBobolecki, a master planner , inducted into the Institute of Urbanism who works closely with Kazurilooking at the application as I write this.You might state that this G4S Children's Services is a relatively uncontaminated outfit, however it istoxified by the connection to the G4S brand which is a byword for failure, violence, profiteering andcorruption. This is why you have deliberately attempted to deceive by keeping it out of the publicdomain. Let me remind you:1) the COMPASS contract providing housing for asylum seekers is being monitored weekly by theHome Office2) and is about to be scrutinized by Margaret Hodge's Select Committee AND the National AuditOffice.3) G4S Care and Justice Services are likely to be the subject of a public inquiry into their massivefraud on the Ministry of Justice within the electronic tagging contract,4) G4S Care and Justice Services are already referred to the Serious Fraud Office by the Secretaryof State in this matter.5) Renewed consideration is being given to corporate manslaughter charges by the CPS after thecoroner's inquest and subsequent verdict of unlawful killing of Jimmy Mubenga. It is likely employeesof G4S will be up on unlawful killing charges in the near future.G4S is the Rose West and Jimmy Saville of outsourcing. Just yesterday the Observer reported howvulnerable asylum seekers are being made homeless because G4s contractors do not pay their 
rent and tell tenants not to answer the door to the utilities companies when they come todisconnect services. G4S is not a "safe" company and does not have the integrity to be trusted withvulnerable people. This is clear from repeated failings in even its core business, as witnessed in theOlympics fiasco.

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