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The Shadow of God's Wing.

The Shadow of God's Wing.

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Psalm lxiii. 8.

" Because Thou hast been my helper, therefore under the
shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice.*'

Psalm lxiii. 8.

" Because Thou hast been my helper, therefore under the
shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice.*'

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SHADOW OF GOD'S WIG.REV. G. ECKPORD GULL B.A.Psalm lxiii. 8." Because Thou hast been my helper, therefore under theshadow of Thy wings will I rejoice.*'I a world like that in which we live, where weare constantly exposed to many and greatdangers, there are only two ways of being safe — by taking care of ourselves, and by being takencare of. The care we can take of ourselves is sovery small compiared with the care that is constantlytaken of us by our Father in heaven, that it wouldnot deserve to be mentioned if it were not neces-sary that we should be reminded that we can dosome things by God's help, and that it is, therefore,our duty to do what we can.The great secret of godliness is contained in sofeeling our dependence upon God that we act as if we could do all things in His strength. HolyScripture seems to speak sometimes as if we coulddo almost everything, and at other times as if we could do nothing but trust in God And thesei88 THE SHADOWtwo extremes are not contradictory when we seethat every good thing we can do we can only doby faith. The importance of trying to see the con-nexion between action and trust, works and faith,cannot be overrated, for if we think of them asopposed to each other, we must choose one withoutthe other, and that is certain to make us ungodly,
for, as we have said, the secret of godliness is tofeel their practical connexion.St Paul, in the Epistle for the day, speaks as if everything depended on himself, putting himself ona footing with those who tried for prizes in theGrecian games ; yet we know how he also said, " Ican do all things through Christ which strengthenethme ;" and how, also, he showed in another placethe connexion between faith and works, in the ex-hortation, " Work out your own salvation with fearand trembling, for it is God who worketh in you."ow, although trust and action are thus closelycombined, there are times when we have to think most of trust, and other times when we must bebusy with action. When God has given us lightenough to know clearly what our duty is, our trustin Him will make us do our duty ; if it does not dothis, depend upon it it is not trust at all, but aselfish excuse for laziness. But our duty is notalways clear. There are times when we should beglad to act, when we want to do what is right, butdo not know what is right to do. There are timeswhen we feel the great importance of promptaction, when it seems as if delay would take awaythe opportunity which it may be our duty to em-brace. At such times, one of our chief dangers isthat we should become so occupied with our ownthoughts about what must be done, that we forgetGod, or, if we do not forget Him, we do not seehow much He has to do with the very difficultiesOF GOUS WIG. 189that are perplexing us. And yet nothing is morecertain than that our duty at such times is to look steadfastly to God. o duty can be made clear tous while we shut out God from our practical plans.
Whenever, then, we are perplexed to know whatwe should do, our first step should be to stretchout the hand of faith towards our Father that Hemay guide us.This is no new advice, but is probably so wellknown by every one here that it may seem almosttrite and commonplace ; and perhaps the thoughtmay rise, " Yes, that is all very true, but the diffi-culty lies in closing it at the right time. It is veryeasy to say, * Put your trust in God, look to Himfor guidance," but it is sometimes very hard tofollow such advice."o doubt most of us find this one of the hardestthings we ever have to do, and therefore we shalldo well to consider for a short time what may makeit easier. We shall not need to be told that theprayerful reading of God's Word will help ourfaith at such a time ; but there is one other thingwe may forget, which is often a very great assist-ance. It is to look back at the history of our ownlives, and ponder over the way by which we havebeen led.May we not confidently say that no one who hasanything beyond the merest spark of religious lifecan look back thus without seeing God's hand inwhat has happened to him 1 Some, perhaps, canhardly take a calm survey of their past lives, so asto see God's hand in what has taken place, withoutfeeling that there is much that has not only beenwrong, but is still unrepented of and unforgiven. Ohbrother, whoever thou mayest be, who canst notlook back without feeling so, by all that is sacredand right, by the value of thine immortal soul, rest190 THE SHADOW

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