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David's Religious Experience.

David's Religious Experience.

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"I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my suppli
cations," etc. (Psalm cxvi.)

"I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my suppli
cations," etc. (Psalm cxvi.)

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David's Religious Experience.BY SAM JOES"I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications," etc. (Psalm cxvi.)E propose to read perhaps all of the one hun-dred and sixteenth Psalm. This is what wemight denominate David's religious experi-ence. I imagine if he had been in a Baptist experi-ence-meeting, or a Methodist love-feast, he would talk  just about as he has written in this Psalm. I havealways been interested in the experience of any goodman or woman, and especially since I professed to havea religious experience myself. I have always beeninterested when a good man or woman gets up to talk.They get my ear; they get my heart and soul. If there is any one prayer that I have been praying fromthe depths of my heart it is this: "Lord, if I am notwhat I ought to be, show it to me; I do n't want to goto the judgment and into eternity with a blindfold onmy eyes; I want to see things as they are. Let mesee not only what I am, but let me see what thouwouldst have me to be. Lord, save my soul at anycost! If it be necessary for me to be sick, and liedown on a bed of trouble and rack of pain, let it be so.Save my soul at any cost!" Have you ever prayedthat way? Lord, Lord, I have counted the cost — or,in other words, I have not got time to count the cost;but I am going to heaven, cost what it will.TVe read, this Psalm — it is an expression of a triedChristian man: "I love the Lord, because he hathSermons and Sayings. 51
heard my voice and my supplications. Because hehath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I callupon him as long as I live." David speaks, and hecalls upon men, and tells them the reason of his loveto God. He announces first, "I do love God." Thisis a demonstration of the fact that he is acquaintedwith God. If any man does n't love God, it is becausehe does n't know him. To know him is to love him, andto love him is to serve him. And if any man on theface of the earth does not love God, it is because hehas not seen him in all his characteristics. If anyman does not love God at all, it is because he has notseen him at all. " Blessed are the pure in heart, f 01they shall see God." I have evidence of God's pres-ence all around me; but when I want to see God I willgo and talk with him, and put my arm in his, andwalk step by step at his side. Just take the path of Christian duty, and all along the line you will findGod at every step.ow, I love God. Why? Because he has shownhimself to be so lovable; "because he hath heardmy voice and my supplications;" because I went tohim and prayed for things and he gave me the thingsI prayed for. How can I help loving him when hehas done so lovingly toward me? David says: "Hehath heard my voice and my supplications. ... Iwill call upon him as long as I live." He meant tosay: "It is a thing settled in my mind; I will be apraying man as long as I live." I may quit ten thou-sand things, but I will never quit praying. If I liveten, twenty, forty, or nine hundred and sixty-nineyears, I will be a praying man still. I have settledthe question once and forever. As long as I live 152 Sermons and Sayings.
will call upon him. Why? Because he has heard myvoice in supplication. Ah me! what a triumph of faith to know that God heard me when I called uponhim. There is not a person here that is not con-scious of the fact that the Lord has answered oneprayer for him. There is not a person in this tentthat has not prayed; there is not a person here buthas had answers to his prayers. ow, what do yousay? He has heard me, and given me the thingsfor which I prayed, and I am encouraged to go tohim as long as I live. That is it. It is worth some-thing to a man to know that there is a God, and thatGod loves him, and that God will hear his prayer,and that God will answer his prayer. I have been intight pinches, and I would have surrendered if it hadnot been for that. I have heard men say, when anything fortunate happened to a person which you hadbeen praying for: "Your prayers had nothing to dowith that; it happened in the natural order of things."'Yes," I say; "but the same thing did not happen(o that other fellow down there who did not pray forit." Like a man down in Georgia: he introducedhimself to me on a train. In the course of the con-versation, turning round, he said: " There is all I haveteft from the cyclone." Says I, "What?" And hesaid, " My wife and children." " What do you mean? "f asked. And he said: "I was over in the field whenthat cyclone passed over Jones county. I heard thenoise and the commotion; and about a half mile frommy home I saw a cyclone, and its course was overtoward my house. My first impulse was to run home;but I saw I could not get there in time to do anything for my wife and children, so I fell down on mySermons and Sayings. 53

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