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Minutes 07-12-13 (CB)

Minutes 07-12-13 (CB)

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Published by sanggusecgen
Minutes from the CB meeting held last July 12, 2013.
Minutes from the CB meeting held last July 12, 2013.

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Published by: sanggusecgen on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
July 12, 2013
MVP 217-218
6:00pm to 8:15pm
AGENDA (underlined = to be continued,
= postponed/deferred):
 Approval of 062813 minutes
Con-Comm Resolution3)
Ratification of FOI Buklod Resolution4)
Report on mining fact-finding mission5)
Report on IPR issue6)
Report for CAA updates7)
Financial concerns8)
House of Representatives updates 
ATTENDANCE (underlined = absent,
= late/early departure, * = non-voting):OTHER ATTENDEES:
Kyla Javellana
, OP Chief of Staff 
Nick Lucero
, OVP Con-Comm Head
Dani Gaite
, SJC Audit Magistrate
Aldwin Segismundo
, SJC Log Magistrate
Nikko Dela Paz
, OSG Sec Team
Ponch Mutuc
, OSG KM Team
Michael Tobias
Proxied by Nick Lucero, OVP Con-Comm Head.
Daniel Antonio S. Remo
Redentor John R. Dimla*
SOH Chairperson
Jose Javier V. Poe IV*
JGSOM Chairperson
Ryan Carl Y. Yu
Jose Norberto V. Reyes
3 SOH Central Board Rep
Larisse Jem H. Mondok
4 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Antonio Rafael N. Elicaño
Pamela Anne M. Gaerlan
2 SOSE Central Board Rep
Luis Miguel D. De Jesus
3 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Kristine Mae B. Andujare
Finance Officer
Von Vincent Rene A. Cruz
ARSA President
Ray Cristofer C. Gomez
2 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Michaella Paula M. Aldea
COA President
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
 Approval of Agenda
Added: Financial Concerns c/o FOMotion to approve agenda by 3 SOH CB, seconded by 2 SOSE CB. Agenda approved unanimously.
 Approval of 062813 Minutes
Elicaño: You’ve all been sent a copy of the minutes, so that should be fine. Main issue which
people might find contentious is the clarificatory footnote which we might need to put.Remo: Can we see a copy with the footnote now? Defer until we do.Approval of minutes deferred.
Con-Comm Resolution
 <Yu reads the proposed resolution.>Yu:
We’re making this resolution to make it official.
To the SJC, calling it a Con-Comm, will it be anissue? Th
e Constitution doesn’t say how it works. Here we provide a process, clarify.
 Segismundo: Any name will be fine.Gaite: Protocol
Convention is called by students, Commission by the CB. Reminding youthat amendments can also be called by CB given ¾ vote. Nothing unconstitutional so far
what matters is that you get input from the student body and have it approved by a
legitimizing body. But we’ll review this.
 Yu: More of a recommendatory body, and resolutions will still need ¾ vote.Aldea
: if we don’t pa
ss it now, will it affect their operations?Yu: Y
es. There can’t be a
Con-Comm, because it needs to be called by the CB.Lucero: I
f you don’t call for this, foundation
and everything that has been establishedwould have to be dissolved. I will have to dissolve everything, from the team to the oldamendments to the structures. Would have to be initiated again.
Aldea: Don’t want to deny it. But if you could justify that SOSE and SOSS will be consulted.
thinking is to wait for Special Elections, but if we can assure that when they
come, it wouldn’t be an issue
they didn’t get consulted
.Yu: It will remain recommendatory as a body. Passing of amendments will be done via CBratification which will begin after the Special Elections.Gaite: Why the need for a hybrid strategy?Lucero: Needed to distinguish between Con-Con and Con-Comm, so outsourced some of the work to UP Law students. Commission proposes to Sanggu, amendments have to gothrough CB before plebiscite. I
f it’s a
onvention, we don’t need to go through
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
Motion to approve Con-Comm resolution by 2 SOM CB Rep, seconded by 2 SOSE CB Rep.
1Vice-PresidentSecretary-GeneralFinance Officer3 SOH CB4 SOM CB3 SOM CB2 SOM CB2 SOSE CBCOAResolution approved.
Buklod FOI Resolution
 Motion to change presidership to VP by FO, seconded by 2 SOSE CB. Motion approvedunanimously.Gomez: What happened is that this resolution was not originally uploaded by Buklod AtenistaPermanent Secretariat. It calls on Buklod schools to support the revised FOI Act. Plases: Researchand Monitoring, Coordination (due before October), Crafting, Dissemination.Met with Dr. Tolosa of POS regarding implementation of Buklod bill resolutions. What will happenis there will be a seminar, first for Bangsamoro for Sanggu members, regarding these resolutions.Speakers: one politician, one Jesuit, and one prominent personality.Aldea: Suggestion is to involve Assembly and ARSA because they have been focusing on thesethings since last year.Gomez: What will happen is, Sanggu will support, POS Dept will craft the modules, but
forward the suggestions.Yu: The resolution states that Buklod Atenista will support the 2012 version, specifically thatversion.Remo: All thes
e resolutions we’ll be adopting
will be implemented by the OP.
Reyes: In line with Ryan’s comment about the 2012 version—
if Congress resumes and they releasea new version, do we need to discuss again?Gomez: Yes.Mondok: Buklod first then us?Gomez: Yes.Motion to return presidership to Pres by Pres, seconded by 4 SOM CB. Motion approvedunanimously.

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