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Published by Paul Vincent

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Published by: Paul Vincent on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   M   E   M   O   R   Y   O   F   F   I   R   E
   T   H   E   W   A   R   O   F   I   M   A   G   E   S   A   N   D   I   M   A   G   E   S   O   F   W   A   R   C   U   R   A   T   E   D   B   Y   J   U   L   I   A   N   S   T   A   L   L   A   B   R   A   S   S 
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   B   P   B .   O   R   G .   U   K
   B   R   I   G   H   T   O   N   P   H   O   T   O   B   I   E   N   N   I   A   L
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BPB Keynote exhibitionUniversity of Brighton Gallery, Brighton03.10.08 – 15.11.08
Julian GermainAspex, Portsmouth04.10.08 – 23.11.08
Frank HurleyCharleston Farmhouse, Firle31.08.08 – 02.11.08
Broomberg and Chanarin,Simon Norfolk and Paul SeawrightDe La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea03.10.08 – 04.01.09
Curated by Catherine MoriartyDesign Archives, University of Brighton Foyer, Brighton22.09.08 – 24.11.o8
Thomas HirschhornFabrica, Brighton03.10.08 – 16.11.08
Harriet LoganIndependent Photographers Gallery, Battle03.10.08 – 15.11.08
Geert Van KesterenLighthouse, Brighton03.10.08 – 16.11.08
Philip Jones GriffithsPallant House Gallery, Chichester30.09.08 – 16.11.08
Group ExhibitionWinchester Gallery, Winchester03.10.08 – 07.11.o8
   M   E   M   O   R   Y   O   F   F   I   R   E
   T   H   E   W   A   R   O   F   I   M   A   G   E   S   A   N   D   I   M   A   G   E   S   O   F   W   A   R   C   U   R   A   T   E   D   B   Y   J   U   L   I   A   N   S   T   A   L   L   A   B   R   A   S   S 
   0   3 .   1   0 .   0   8   >   1   6 .   1   1 .   0   8
   B   P   B .   O   R   G .   U   K
   B   R   I   G   H   T   O   N   P   H   O   T   O   B   I   E   N   N   I   A   L
   2   0   0   8
 Helen Cadwallader, Executive Director 
The Power and Impotence of Images
Julian Stallabrass, BPB 2008 Guest Curator
 Exhibitions Making an Ugly World Beautiful? Morality and Aesthetics in the Aftermath
Sarah James 
     C     O     N     T     E     N     T     S
Co-publishedby PhotoworksandBPB on theoccasion ofthethirdBrighton PhotoBiennial3October–16November2008PhotoworksTheDepot100North RoadBrighton BN1 1YET:+44 (0)1273607500E:info@photoworksuk.orgwww.photoworksuk.orgBrighton PhotoBiennialUniversity ofBrightonGrandParadeBrighton BN2 OJYT:+44 (0)1273643052E:mail@bpb.org.ukwww.bpb.org.ukCopyright ©Photoworks/BPB 2008Photographs ©theartistsTexts ©theauthors
Charity Auction of Photographs
9th October 2008
Bloomsbury House
24 Maddox Street
T +44 (0) 20 7495 9494
F +44 (0) 20 7495 9499info@bloomsburyauctions.com
Contact magnum@bloomsburyauctions.com for further information
Villagers collecting scrap from acrashed spacecraft,surrounded bythousands of white butterflies.Altai Territory.RUSSIA.2000.© Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos
Bloomsbury Auctions are delighted to announce a Charity Auction of Photographs by some of the world’sgreatest photographers. The Magnum Magnum Auction will be held in London to launch and raise fundsfor the Magnum Photos Foundation. The lots are constituted from a unique portfolio of prints produced forthe Magnum Magnum book published by Thames & Hudson. Created to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the agency, this book pairs Magnum photographers together to edit each others’work. The sets offered herereflect the original book edits and provide an historic record of Magnum’s anniversary year.Over 300 photographs by the most revered photographers will be offered, including famous names suchas Eve Arnold, René Burri, and Elliot Erwitt alongside outstanding contemporary photographers includingMartin Parr and Alec Soth. Lots will include at least six photographs, with estimates from £1000 - £5000.
 The remarkable selection of collectable photographs will be available to view at BloomsburyAuctions in London from Saturday 4th – Thursday 9th October 2008
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad,
Baghdad,April 4,2004. AnIraqi boy celebrates after setting firetoadamaged US vehiclethat was attacked earlier by insurgents.
© Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images
BPB’s core partners are the University of Brighton, Photoworks and Arts CouncilEngland, as well as our partner venuesand arts and education organisations inthe region. The Biennial is based at theUniversity of Brighton who funds theBiennial both directly and indirectly, andcontinues to be an important source of support. Photoworks, the UK’s leadingphotographic commissioning and publishingagency in the public sector, is both ourpublishing and production partner. TheBiennial is grateful to both organisationsfor their continued practical support, adviceand help. Arts Council England South Eastis our main core funder and we appreciatetheir ongoing recognition of the valueand significance of the Biennial to theUK photography sector and audiences ingeneral. We appreciate, too, the ongoingsupport of Brighton & Hove City Council.The partner venues have worked closelywith the Biennial to realise the vision forBPB 2008, accommodating the wishes andaspirations of the Guest Curator, the invitedartists and lenders of work. The Universityof Brighton Gallery is hosting the keynoteexhibition,
 Iraq through the lens of Vietnam
,which reappraises the production, distributionand consumption of photographic imagesduring the Vietnam war, exploring theirinfluence on public opinion and subsequentcirculation, and how this compares andcontrasts with the current conflict in Iraq,with particular reference to the impact of the internet and digital technologies. Fabricawill present the world premiere of a workby the internationally renowned artistThomas Hirschhorn and Lighthouse willstage the UK premiere of two ambitiousmultimedia installations by photojournalistGeert Van Kesteren. The University of BrightonDesign Archives explores the historic useof photography as part of graphic postercampaigns. Further afield, to the east, atCharleston, Photoworks is presenting rarelyseen images by Frank Hurley, and the work of Harriet Logan is explored at the IndependentPhotographers Gallery. De La Warr Pavilionwill present a group show of contemporarywork by internationally renowned artistsBroomberg and Chanarin, Simon Norfolk andPaul Seawright. To the west, Pallant HouseGallery is presenting an exhibition of thecritically acclaimed series
 Agent Orange
byPhilip Jones Griffiths, whilst Fotonet at TheWinchester Gallery has co-curated a groupshow of photographers including SusanMeiselas, Jonathan Mollerand and SebãstiaoSalgado. The artist Julian Germain hasbeen commissioned by Aspex to producea participation led exhibition comprisingphotography produced by active and formerserving military personnel based inPortsmouth and beyond.Education activities are an important partof the Biennial’s programme and BPB 2008will focus on participation, collaboration,dialogue and debate. Alongside the BPB 2008Education Programme of artist led projects,each venue will offer a diverse programmeof talks, events and learning opportunitiesfor school and education groups.The Biennial continues to work in conjunctionwith Brighton Photo Fringe, as independentorganisations in close partnership. Eachorganisation complements the role andscope of the other to create a partnershipbased on mutual understanding and trust.The continued development of the Biennialand Brighton Photo Fringe has been madepossible through the ongoing support of volunteers and student internships whosecontribution is deeply appreciated.BPB 2008 reaches the vast online communitythrough a new website that functions as aplatform for ideas and discussion aroundthe theme of photography and conflict.Users from around the world are invitedto actively participate in the Biennial byposting comments and uploading images.This enhanced website, characterised by theprinciples of social networking, is a crucialfeature providing coherence, encouragingpublic participation and celebrating thedemocratisation of photography as a formof expression brought about by the digitaland online revolution.The bold curatorial theme and 2008website, coupled with the geographicaland conceptual widening of the Biennial,enables us to reach the widest possibleaudience and create exciting opportunitiesfor participation and engagement. Throughthese developments and the BPB EducationProgramme, the Biennial acknowledgesthe role of photography in everyone’s lives.Brighton Photo Biennial continues to actas a dynamic and vibrant organisationserving as a catalyst for partnerships andas a focus for the unique cultural context andphotographic community of Brighton & Hoveand the South East.This will be our largest Biennial to date andis set to bring you world-class photographythrough ten curated exhibitions across theSouth East, an extensive education programmeand events throughout the festival period.BPB 2008 builds upon and expands theprevious two events both conceptuallyand geographically.The Biennial is dedicated to collaboratingwith partner venues and visual artsorganisations to show to the widest possibleaudience high quality and internationalphotography in its most expanded form,referencing related platforms includingthe perfomative, moving image, mobiletechnologies and web-based work; to exhibitrecent and newly-commissioned work; andto encourage and showcase local talent byworking closely with Brighton Photo Fringe.Our Guest Curator, Julian Stallabrass, is athought provoking writer and critic wholectures in modern and contemporary art atThe Courtauld Institute of Art, London, andhas written extensively on the contemporaryart world, including books on Internetart and young British art. He is also aphotographer who has exhibited andpublished internationally.For BPB 2008
 Memory of Fire: the War of Images and Images of War 
, Stallabrassexplores photographic images of war, theirmaking, use and circulation, and theircurrency in contemporary society. Over thepast year, he has been working with galleriesand visual arts organisations in and aroundBrighton & Hove and across the South Eastto develop an exciting series of exhibitions,projects, publications and events. He hascurated a programme of exhibitionspresenting photography, film and onlinematerial produced and circulated in timeof war, and analyses how images have beenshaped by changing social and politicalconditions from the Vietnam era to thepresent. The exhibitions include imagesproduced by over thirty-five photojournalists,artists and non-professionals, bringingtogether historical, contemporary and newlycommissioned photographic works.Stallabrass’s bold curatorial theme bringsfocus to the geographically expandednetwork of partners and further reinforcesthe Biennial as a festival where each editionis defined by a uniquely articulated curatorialconcept. The Biennial and its partners aregrateful to him for his commitment andthe rigour with which he has defined andapproached this ambitious project, and forhis willingness to work collaboratively indeveloping the exhibitions programme.For this third edition, the Biennial extendsits geographical boundaries to includevenues in Battle, Chichester, Portsmouthand Winchester, whilst consolidating itspresence in Brighton with three exhibitionvenues, a series of participatory and publiclysited projects, and, for the first time, thenew Cultural and Information Hub sharedwith Brighton Photo Fringe, alongside anextensive events programme. Stallabrassacknowledges that the spread of the Biennialacross the South East will mean that manyviewers may see only a handful of exhibitionsor events so the use of a strong drivingcuratorial theme and the framing of eachelement is crucial. This will be achievedby the Biennial free guide, programme,retrospective book and BPB 2008 website.
Brighton Photo Biennial is proud to present its thirdedition. Curated by Julian Stallabrass,
 Memory of Fire: theWar of Images and Images of War 
, will run for six weeksfrom Friday 3 October to Sunday 16 November 2008.
   B   R   I   G   H   T   O   N   P   H   O   T   O    B   I   E   N   N   I   A   L   2   0   0   8   0   3
   B   R   I   G   H   T   O   N   P   H   O   T   O   B   I   E   N   N   I   A   L   2   0   0   8
   P   R   E   F   A   C   E
   H   E   L   E   N   C   A   D   W   A   L   L   A   D   E   R
   E   X   E   C   U   T   I   V   E   D   I   R   E   C   T   O   R
Geert Van Kesteren,
 August 4,2003,(near)Tikrit,Iraq
© Geert van KesterenHarriet Logan,
1997.A young girl learning toread inLatifa’s illegal homeschool inKabul.Every day thesechildrenrisked beating from theTalibaninorder toget aneducation.
© Harriet LoganFrank Hurley,
Supporting troops ofthe1st AustralianDivisionwalking ona duckboard tracknear HoogeintheYpres Sector,MeninRoad Area,Ypres,Belgium,5 October 1917.
©MitchellLibrary,State Library ofNew South Wales

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