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otis elev

otis elev

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Published by Alvin Nimer

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Published by: Alvin Nimer on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Otis...the global leader in elevator and escalator systems
Before You Begin:
Otis Elevator Company, the leadingmanufacturer of the world’s most advancedelevator and escalator systems, meets the mostrigid demands of planning, building and designprofessionals. We offer you two easy-to-useplanning and selection guides:Otisonline Architect’s AssistantOur E-Z Elevator Selection ProcessThese two distinct planning and selection toolsare designed to help you meet the mostdemanding project requirements quickly andcost-effectively.
Visit www.otis.com for the latest information
A simple, online “plug and playprogram, Architect’sAssistant will generate customized CSI specificationsand CAD drawings. This will help you design and buildthe elevator that meets building specification andcode requirements.
Takes only five minutes
The entire process will take just five minutes. Simply inputthe following screen prompts: travel, stops, number of elevators, capacity, speed, cab height, door height andmachine room location.The Architect’s Assistant does the restquickly andaccurately. Find the Architect’s Assistant online atOtis.com. It’s the only tool you’ll ever need todesign and build elevators to meet today’s needs.
 Architect’s Assistant
Planning and design programsto meet every need
   T  r  a  v  e   l   h  e   i  g   h   t
400´and above300´200´100´60´30´20´0´
   S  e   l  e  c   t   i  o  n   P  r  o  c  e  s  s
Step 1: Travel Height
Selecting the optimal elevator type for yourproject depends upon the elevator travel distance
The chart below identif 
ies O
tis elevators mostcommonly selected for specific travel heights(see product pages in this guide for other criteria):Travel under 20 feet:Otis Holeless Hydraulic ElevatorTravel from 15 to 30 feet:Otis Telescopic Holeless Hydraulic ElevatorTravel from 26 to 60 feet:Otis Roped Holeless Hydraulic Elevatorwhereexisting conditions include waterfront, hard-to-drillsubstrate, hazardous in-ground material or otherconditions that make it expensive to drill well hole.Travel from 15 to 60 feet:Otis Holed Hydraulic Elevator – where it is cost-effective to drill well holeTravel from 50 to 300 feet:Otis Gen2
Machine Room-less SystemTravel over 120 feet:Otis Elevonic
High-Rise Gearless System
Step 2: Elevator Quantity and Size
These are determined by floor population,building use or building type and nationaland local codes
To provide stretcher access, many states requirea minimum load capacity of 2,500 lbs withside-opening doors
3,500-lb capacity with center-opening door iscommon for mid- to high-rise buildings
Refer to Architect’s Assistant at Otis.com for additional help in selectingproper size and number of elevators.
Step 3: Hoistway Requirements
To accommodate heavier reinforcementsto railsin seismic zones 2 or greater, additionalhoistway space is required
Assess specific requirements by reviewingindividual product pagesin this guide.
Step 4: Machine/Control Room Requirements
Hydraulic Systems
Separate machine room required atbottom landing
Machine room can be located remotelyor adjacent to hoistway at bottom landingGen2 Machine Room-less System
Requires separate control space/room
Flexible control space/room placement—up to100 feet away from top of hoistway (dependingon wiring configuration within the building)Elevonic High-Rise Gearless System
Separate machine room located above hoistway
Required dimensions will be found on specific product pages in this guide.Consult your Otis representative for specific requirements.
Step 5: Car Design and Finishes
Otis offers flexibility in designing and selectingcar walls, ceilings, lighting, handrails, bumperrails and fixtures
See pages 14 and 15 for additional information.
Visit www.otis.com for the latest information
Otis E-Z Elevator Selection Process
Hydraulic Elevators
Traction Elevators
Elevator Selection Chart
Use this chart to determine which elevators are applicable forspecific travel heights. Colors indicate recommended range of minimum and maximum travel height.

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