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Waiting and Hoping

Waiting and Hoping

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Published by glennpease

"And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee." (IV
xxpx, 7.)

"And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee." (IV
xxpx, 7.)

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WAITIG AD HOPIGBY SAM JOES"And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee." (IVxxpx, 7.)HERE are quite a number of requests on mytable. I wish you could run over them and seethem. I wish you could see between the linesof these requests. I wish you all who are not Chris-tians could read this letter: "O sir, to break a wife'sheart on my way to hell, to break a mother's heart onmy way to hell! God have mercy on us men, and letus think about wife and her tears and prayers." . Iknow, in all my life as a preacher, I have never seenso many earnest wives, who say: "O sir, don't forgetmy husband; make him a special object of prayer!If my husband slips through this chance of grace hewill never be saved." As a husband of a good wife, Inever paid the debt I owed my wife for all my wickedyears until I paid it at the cross of Jesus. Othersmay be and do as they will, but by the grace of GodI will be a better man.ow, brethren, let us pray God to-night to baptizehis word so that it may be a light to those in dark places. There are a thousand persons here to-night•who would like to know the way to God, who long forand aspire to a better life. ow, you pray as Chris-tians while I talk. We invite your attention to th^sewords of the psalmist: "What wait I for? my Lopeis in thee." Here is a question and a statement j(130)Sermons and Sayings. 131
want every one of you to transfer that question fromthe utterance of David in this book to your own heart.Let us give our hearts a chance to-night. A mandoes n't go head foremost toward God, he goes heartforemost. The great trouble with sinners is that theyput the head before the heart. "What wait I for?"We see that most of these questions in the book are preeminently personal — "What must I do to besaved ? " " What wait I f or ? " Personal in the high-est and most important sense. ow, we will go downon your side and look at it a moment. When a mansays, "I tell you what I am waiting for — I am wait-ing for the Lord's good time, the Lord's own time,"is that a fact? Well, that good time has come at last.You can't say that any longer. I am so glad that whatyou have been waiting for until you are gray-headedhas come at last. That time was the day when youwere five years old, when you were five years and oneday old, and every breathing day of your life since.Your mother kissed you as a little child up to thishour. These revival services are to get men willingto be saved, and not to get God willing to save them.You understand that. It is God's accepted time.Listen: "ow is the accepted time; now is the day of salvation." Every moment that you are a sinner thatis the moment God is ready to save you. Thus muchI tell you: You will never see the gates wider openthan they are now. You may get in after awhile whenthey are partially closed; but if you don't go in nowthe chances are against you. In hell you will carrythe recollection that you stood once in this city rightbefore the open gates of God's mercy and grace andwou Id not enter.132 Sermons and Sayings.
" I am waiting for God's good time to save sinners."I want to say a thing or two to you men about waiting.I said to a man in Knoxville who was a moral, uprightfellow — you have not many of that kind in this city — " Brother, do you know you are the hardest case inKnoxville? " " Why, no, sir," he said; "I am not thehardest case." "Well, we got the hardest case in thecity — a gambler — and we have not got you yet." Wehave got some of the hardest cases in this city up tothis time. Did you know that you are a harder case?We have them, and we have not got you. WaitingGod's good time! Let me say to you to-night, withmy Bible in my hand, and with love toward you in myheart, that time has come at last in all its fullness andpower. Says one: "I am not waiting for God's time,I am waiting for better terms." Let me tell you aboutthat terms business. Down in Georgia in some of ourcounties they have a stock law. o fences at all downthere. All the county is thrown into one field. Iwant no fences in farming and politics, but in religionI want the devil's goats fenced out. I will not let thefences down for you, but I will help you over them.There are plenty of people that want to go to heavenon their own schedule. They want to drink a little, liea little, and gamble occasionally. Everybody in thiscountry has an old aching tooth, and the first dentisttli at won't hurt them they are going to have to pull itout. I have been hunting a painless dentist for a longtime, but they do n't live in this country. They mightfill you with laughing-gas and pull your head off. Agreat many people object to pointed preaching be-cause it pains them, they say. This suggests thestory of the old lady whose daughter's tooth achedSermons and Sayings. 133

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