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Unity in Islam

Unity in Islam

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Published by Komal Shujaat
Unity in Islam
Unity in Islam

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Published by: Komal Shujaat on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Steps Taken To Be United1. Each individual Muslim must develop a strong Islamic personality.If we want to ask other people to do good deeds and implement Islam in their daily life then we must begin with our own daily life first. We know implementing and practicing Islam is not easy. While it is easy to talk about what is right in Islam but it isnot nearly so easy for us to practice that right Islam, but we must always do our best. Allthe good deeds which Allah has revealed to us in the Quran and Sunnah make it clear what is the right Islamic way of life. It has been mentioned by the Prophet that everygood deeds must start from yourself. What we need is a world full of Muslims who aretrying to implement all of the teachings of Islam to the very best of their ability, and whodo not feel that spritual obligations such as prayer and fasting constitute the totality of theright practice of Islam. An example of right Islamic behavior in very difficultcircumstances is how the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always treated theQuraish with good manners and great courtesy even though they were kuffar haters of Islam and had nothing but distain for Allah's Prophet. This is how the Prophet educatedhis companions by the example of his right life to be humble, generous and devoutMuslims. This example of right Islamic practice can be seen the simple life style of theKhulafaur Rasyidin (Four caliphs) and many other sahabah. Self training is veryimportant in order to build a strong Islamic personality, it can be done through variousways such as:To ask often for forgiveness by the recitation of istighfar. As human beings we have toavoid committing both the big sins and the tiny sins. As the servant of Allah we shoulstrive to be aware of whether our behavior is right or wrong. If our behavior is wrong weshould always ackowledge that it is wrong to ourselves and to Allah. Thisacknowledgement of any wrong behavior should be a motivating force to change that behavior and make it right. It should be our goal that all our behavior is consistent withwhat is right in Islam and it is pleasing to the eye of Allah. The constant awareness of what is right or wrong behavior will encourage people to correct themselves and helpthem to become better Muslims.We must firmly believe in the truth of here after, thetruth of the day of reckoning, the truth of heaven, the truth of hellfire, and that each person will get their deserved reward or punisment for whatever they did on this earth. If we keep these affirmations forever within our hearts, then the natural positive response of the heart will be to produce only actions which are right and true.Private Devotion (Munajat), especially tahajjud (night prayer).This type of prayer can be very hard for people who is not used to it, however, night prayer (tahajjud) can play an important role in many great victories for Islam. Sultan Salahuddin during thecrusades did not allow those who did not perform tahajjud the previous night to fight thekuffar on the battle field because he was afraid that Allah would not help the Muslimarmies. Also when Constantinople was captured by Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih, all hisarmies performed tahajjud prayer befor the battle. Umar once said to his Muslim armiesthat, "I am more afraid of your sins to Allah which may lead to our loss on the battle fieldthan I am the armies of the kuffar". In the quiet of the night when many people are deepin sleep then we wake up to worship Allah and show our love for Him. Munajat gives agood indication of the strengh of our Iman, which must be very high to uphold the nameof Allah on this earth. Many hadith of our Prophet (peace be upon him) have encouraged
Muslims to perform munajat and gave special importance to prayer done during the lastthird of the night.To make Sadaqah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) once said that the sadaqah ismore powerful than the doa. The reason for this may be that since in the case of sadaqahwe sacrifice something that is part of our wealth, whereas the doa does not involve anysacrifice our wealth. Most of the time, it is very hard to us to give away any of our wealth. In fact, if sadaqah were to be practiced by Muslims today, it would help toeradicate the number of Muslim poor in the world and diminish the gap between the richand the poor. By welcoming the oppurtunity to give zakat and sadaqah we will preventourselves from making material wealth the goal of our life, and help reduce our desire tosatisfy our lusts for the thing of material wealth. .To be serious about Allah. Let us take Allah into our hearts in every aspect of our life and in every action we do. For example, if we want to eat, remember that the food isfrom Allah, all knowledge and health are given by Allah. Muslims must alwaysremember Allah and fulfill their obligation to Him in every situation, whether they berich and poor. If we can do this consistently, surely Shaitan will have no opportunity toentice Muslims into evil deeds since we will have Allah with us in our hearts wherever we go. The prophet once said that there is no iman when a person is doing evil deeds.Creating harmonious situations - muslim must love and care each other. It iscertainly not called unity, if the feeling of botherhood (ukhwah) does not occur betweenall Muslims throughout the Ummah. It is as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, thatMuslims are like a building in which each part is needed to support the other. The purpose of loving and care for each other is to increase our belief (Iman). We can see theimportance of unity in the history of Islam by the great victories achieved by the earlyMuslims, such as in the battle of Badr, victories of Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayyubi in thecrusade, and the capture of Constantine by the strong and humble Muslim leader, SultanMuhammad Al Fatih. All these victories occured when the Iman of the Muslims wasextremely really strong, the feeling of brotherhood was really powerful, and they wereliving their lives rightly according to the teachings of the Qur'an and the example of their  beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).2. To Invite other people who have the same right Islamic beliefs to form groups whichare well cultered, have strong islamic personality and put Islamic values in every aspectof their lives.The Prophet (peace be upon him) once said that evil deeds which are done systematicallywill overcome good deeds which are not done systematically. Another illustration is whathappens to a sheep left behind by its flock, it will have no protection from the wolveswho would eat it. This shows us how important is the role of the group (jama'ah). As ahuman being we will often make mistakes in our lives, both big and small.When we arewithin a group there will always the people to remind us of our wrong actions or correctour mistakes, as we also would do for others in the group. In Islam the group provides a platform where the people can publicly express their commonly held beliefs in what isright, and can work together to implement those right beliefs. The members of the groupmust have a consensus on how to rightly implement Islam within the group, on how toestablish the Islamic social life, the Islamic economy and Islamic education. Living inaccord with the will of Allah and in the right Islamic society people will come to see the
great success that it brings to all members of the society. The remarkable success offered by a rightly practiced Islamic society will provide an excellence model of right living tothe non Muslim peoples of the world, and encourage them to live in that same rightmanner.3. A strong movement toward right Islamic practice must be developed among theworld's Muslims, creating a burning love for Allah in the heart of each and every member of the ummah.A movement or a group is like a small state. If Muslims are able to show thatIslamic teachings when practiced by the ummah offer a complete and right way of lifewhich offer solutions to all of the world problems this will proves strongly persuasive tonon Muslims and will attract them to Islam We can see in the present day that many people are like baby ducklings who have lost their mother, because they have no one toguide them they do not know which direction to follow. Likewise, in human society whenwe do not have right guidance we do not know how to overcome all the problems and thesickness that occurs in society. This lack of guidance harms Muslims when we are notunited behind right Islamic belief and practice. Muslims then fight with each other,quarrel with each other and insult each other while the enemies of Islam laugh at us andcontinue their great success in attracting our good Muslim brothers and sisters to their secular ideas, their immoral entertainment and their corrupt social life. Let us, dear  brothers and sisters in Islam, unite with sincerity and strength under the name of Islam.As it is mentioned by Allah Almighty in the Qur'an, "And hold fast, All together, by theRope which Allah (stretches out for you), and not be divided among yourselves"( AlQur'an 3:103). The call to right Islamic belief and practice must be done always with beatiful words and wisdom. Even the wonderful things offered by Islam must be servedto the people in a good way, otherwise the people will have difficulty in accepting it. It islike a cake which must be served in a good manner or otherwise some people will refuseit even though it is delicious.In Islam, there are obligations upon individual and there are obligations uponummah. Every Muslim is responsible for fulfilling his or her own individual obligations by purifying themselves, creating a healthy body and mind during the physical existenceso that the soul may return to Allah. Allah has stated in the Holy Quran, "Indeed hesucceeds who purifies his ownself. And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself"(AlQuran91:9-10). The purified heart will always produce positive action, and a polutedheart will result in negative action.Responsibilities upon the ummah are usually fulfilled by only those individuals among the ummah who specifically take on that responsibility.Those individuals fulfilling collective obligation (fard kifayah) will still need the supportfrom all other Muslims. By fully knowing and accepting our role as Servant and Khalifah(vicegerent) of Allah on this earth we will be able to produce strong Islamic personalitiesand a right Islamic society working only to fulfill the Will of Allah the Sustainer, whohas the right to be worshipped, who is owner of this world and creator of universes. Mayour dream of the unity of the ummah and khilafah system become a reality. Amin.Unity is strength. When the sand grains unite they become a vast desert. Whenthe sea drops unite they become a boundless ocean. The conglomeration of stars in thefirmament of sky soothes our eyes. The seven colors emerge in the shape of a bewitchingrainbow. The unity of people makes an invincible strong nation. This is the reason Islam

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