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Catherine and Ronnie

Catherine and Ronnie



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Published by itzmerv

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Published by: itzmerv on May 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JeanFrom: fdopler@aol.com (FDopler)Below is a son/mother incest story. This is one of four parts.It was done over a period of time for my own amusement. It goes from mildto wild.Mike Watkins watched as his mother got dressed. He hadn't meant to butwhile cleaning up the yard he passed by her bedroom window and happenedto look in. What he saw certainly surprised him. His mother, a slimthirty-five-year-old blonde, was just coming out of the shower and dryingoff. She was very petite and wasn't much bigger in size than some ofthe freshman girls Mike had dated, what very few he had. Her breastswere the only out of proportional part of her, as they appeared quitelarger than the rest of her body. Mike recalled her commenting to theneighbor woman once that she always had trouble find clothes to fit inthe bust area after finding them small enough to fit elsewhere.Mike meant to continue on but this was so fascinating. It was likewatching a girl getting dressed instead of a woman---his mother noless. He continued his illicit peeking confident no one could see himfrom his location near the bedroom window. The large flower bed hid himfrom view. He intended only to watch out of curiosity, but that wasquickly turning to juvenile lust as Mrs. Watkins, or Jean as herfriends called her, began dressing in items more sophisticated thatwhat a mere girl would wear.After discarding the bath towel, she opened the dresser drawers infront of her. The drawers were packed full of frilly feminineundergarments. Jean seemed to own at least one, if not several, ofevery type of lingerie ever invented for a woman. Her personalcollection consisted of over a dozen different types of bras, panties,garter belts, four expensive corsets, waist cinchers, tap pants,bustiers, nylons and a host of related delicious underpinnings.Although she had always enjoyed these type of garments and thefemininity they brought on with wearing them, it was her husband whoreally got her into keeping such a large collection. In fact he had anabsolute fetish for female undergarments. She often wondered if her 16year old son had any such attachments for female undergarments.For this evenings wear she picked out a white satin garter belt withmatching white nylons to wear with it. Her beautiful blond bush was tobe encased in a pair of white nylon panties, cut high at the sides soonly the width of two fingers of material covered each side of her slimwaist. The panties had tiny blue dots covering them front and back withtwo tiny white bows on each hip where the material joined together. Sheslid these quite easily up her nylon encased legs and up snugglyagainst her public mound. They fit her like a second skin, to thepoint that a little of her ass cheek on each side hung out beyond theedge of the panty. Her bra was the last item of intimate apparel to bechosen. She decided on a strapless white underwire style with fullfirm cups for support. The strap in back was wide enough for four hookclosures which would give her the grip needed to keep it in place onher oversized melons.Mike had now seen much more than he had planned on. He originally
intended only to watch his mother's personal activities for only a fewmoments, but now the sight of her clad in the sensuous lingerie walkingaround in a semi-nude state had hypnotized him. His balls began tofeel heavy in his crotch and his cock was springing to lifeuncontrollably. He felt is was wrong to feel this way about his ownmother, but the whole scene was so fascinating! Especially now that shewas searching for something in the closet. As she reached up on hertippy toes to gain a few more needed inches in height, Mike got afantastic view of her pantied clad rear. The panties sucked up eventighter against her ass end and looked like they had a mind of theirown and were about to try and crawl up her beautiful ass crack. Notfinding what she wanted, she now proceeded to bend over and dig throughthe many items on the closet floor. This not only gave Mike an evenbetter view but made matters even worst on his rock hard cock. Hecouldn't resist any longer and finally surcome to the view before him.He unzipped his bluejeans and pulled his cock out over his undershorts.He wanted only to stroke it enough to ease some of his sexual tensionuntil he could find a more private place for the ultimate release heneeded, but now all that seemed impossible as he could not stopstroking himself. He was now committed to masturbating to orgasm rightthere in the bushes outside the window. He only wished he had a pair ofslick nylon panties wrapped around his own dick right now to help easethe intense friction. Indeed more than once he had swiped a pair ofJean's and use them to cum in.After school one day he had been so bold as to lay a pair out on herbed with a bra laying about a foot above them. He then could imaginehis mother wearing the undergarments before him. That day he strokedhis cock with a second pair of her panties until he violently shot histhick sticky semen in hot squirts onto the panties on the bed. He thenwiped his male member clean with the panties in his hand and grabbedthe second semen soaked pair off the bed before his juices soakedthrough to the bedspread below. He was somewhat proud of himself thatmost of his load was puddled in the crotch area of the panties. A nicebullseye shot! He then took both pairs of panties along with the braand returned them to the laundry basket where he had originally foundthem. His secret would be safe and no one would ever know, especiallyhis mother.Actually Jean had noticed when she did the washing that several pairsof her panties had areas of stiff material on the front and realizedwho and what had happened but was not overly alarmed. She viewed it asan act of a developing boy. Her own brothers had did the same thingwhen she was about seventeen and they were twelve and thirteen. It wassimply to her something to expect with having a young boy around thehouse. She didn't even consider that Mike was thinking about herwearing the panties the moment he shot his load. She imagined he wasfantasizing about some girl at school and never even considered itmight be her pussy he wanted to unload in.Mike's cock throbbed intensely and felt like a hose under high pressurein the palm of his hand. He gaze at Jean one last moment and got afrontal view of her melons, ripe and tantalizing, ready to burst out ofthe strapless bra as she bent forward to pull up the burgundy eveningdress she had chosen. It was all he could stand and his hot youngmember poured forth a sticky stream of hot sexual fluid. His ballsactually ached from it and he felt light headed. His legs felt like
they would give out from under him at any moment. He slumped backagainst the side of the house to try and support himself and watchedthrough half closed eye as his semen shot out and away from hisweakened body to a nearby bush. This was not a sight he would soonforget! He wish he could see her like this everyday! Perhaps he couldfind a way to get another view of her.Mike recovered in time to hear his name being called. He promptlytrotted around the side of the house and in the kitchen door. There hefound his mother, as ravishing as ever, standing before him in theburgundy evening gown. It hugged her small well-rounded hips and fittedher body like a second skin, like most of her clothes did, until thematerial came up over the breast area, where things got ridiculouslystretched to the limit. Not only did it plunge to follow the curvatureof her breasts, but the gown had spaghetti thin straps to go up andover her bare shoulders. The straps hardly seemed sufficient to supportthe rest of the material, but of course it was assumed by the designerthat no sudden force was going to act upon the gown, especially aviolent downward force such as two hands on it.Jean was made up with long eye lashes, powdered cheeks and ruby redlipsticked lips complete with a shiny, waxy coating. The glossycoating reminded Mike of something, and then he remembered. Her lipsshined like the white material of her garter belt, which he was notsupposed to know she was wearing, but did. He decided quickly he hadbetter save this thought for later. "Mike, I would like you to escortme to the party at the Kane's tonight. I don't want to go alone andyou're old enough to be my companion for the evening. I hope you don'tmind.""Sure Mom, that would be fine.""Put your suit on and we'll leave in half an hour."It was dark on the road coming home but Mike wasn't having any troubleseeing. It was a good thing he had got his driver's license last monthsince he was now playing chauffeur for his intoxicated mother. Jeandidn't get out much and had really made the most of the evening. Shewas not totally bombed, just a little blown into the wind. She wassitting in the passenger seat next to him with her head laid back.Occasionally when passing car lights lit up the car's interior, Mikecould get a brief glance at her condition. He also could get a brieflook at her body clad in the clinging evening gown. He wondered if hewould have to carry her into the house. Would have to help her to thebedroom? Would he have to help her remove the gown? Would she even knowhe was there? This could have some really grand possibilities!A hand suddenly touched Mike's leg and his grand ideas turned tofleeting visions. "I'm so glad your here, it's so much fun when yourwith" bubbled Jean in an almost inaudible tone.Mike immediately wondered just how drunk she was. Certainly she couldnot be referring to him."You really look good in a suit, you always do."Mike realized she must be confusing him with his late father since shewas obviously lonely and at his age was about the same size and build

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