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Answering Objections to a Religious Life.

Answering Objections to a Religious Life.

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Published by glennpease

We take up these words of David the Psalmist to-night:

And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee. — Psalms,
xxxix, 7.

We take up these words of David the Psalmist to-night:

And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee. — Psalms,
xxxix, 7.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASWERIG OBJECTIOS TO A RELIGIOUS LIFE.BY SAM JOESWe take up these words of David the Psalmist to-night:And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee. — Psalms,xxxix, 7.I would get very close to every person in this congrega-tion to-night. I would talk face to face with you, and ]would have my heart pulsate against your heart. I knowthat Christ is all the world to me, and I believe his glory I6hall see, and I'd rather lie down and die than leave mySavior. Christ is precious to many hearts in this house and inthis city. Christ has blessed thousands of the blood-washedthrong that have gone home to heaven from this city. Themultitude in this city that are in the straight and narrowpath to-night rejoice in the Savior's love.A COMMO SALVATIO.I have found out that we are all of one blood. What itgood for one of us is good for all of us. Anything thatwill help me will help you. Anything that will make mea better father will make you a better father. Anythingthat will make my wife a better mother will make yourwife a better mother. Anything that will make my chD-dren good and cheerful and sweet, will make your childrengood and cheerful and sweet. Oh, precious Savior ! showus that thy grace and peace can make a world happy and joyous and good.Will you listen, and, as I preach to-night, will you think asI talk ? I would have you do this in your mind ; talk back atme just as you would if we sat in your parlor face to faceand carry on a conversation. ow, as I talk, you answer me
IJ% SAM JOES' SERMOS.immediately. Yon think answers as I talk to questions aswe proceed. Let us get close to each other. Let us talk,for very soon these tongues are going to be silent and theseears will hear no more in this world. Let us use our earsand our tongues to glorify God to-night and to get better.WAITIG TO COSIDER.What wait I for? My hope is in God. vWell, now friends, I will come down on your side of thequestion, and will talk on that side awhile.That man sitting back there, he is attentive and thought-ful, and when we press this question upon him he says : " Itell you what I am waiting for, I am waiting for time toconsider this question. This is a momentous question. Itis the most weighty question of time and eternity, and Idon't want to be hurried into a thing of so much impor-tance. I want time to consider this great question. All in-telligent action is based upon wise, careful, intelligentthought, and I want time to consider this great question.Don't hurry me in this great matter."" Want time to consider." " I am waiting to considerthis question."Listen to me a moment friend. Do you want time toconsider whether you'd rather be good than to be bad? Doyou want time to consider whether you'd rather go toHeaven than go to Hell ? Do you want time to considerwhether it is better to do right than it is to do wrong? Doyou want time to consider whether it is better to set a goodexample to your home or to set a bad example? Do youwant time to consider questions like that?COULD BE QUICKLY DECIDED.
How long ought it to take a sensible man to decide thequestion whether he would rather go to Heaven than go toASWERIG OBJECTIOS. 573Hell ? Whether it was better to do right than to do wrong ?Whether it was better to love God and keep his command-ments, or to love the wrong and serve the devil ? Howmuch time does a sensible, wise man want on a questionlike that? Why, brother, in the twinkling of an eye. Inever saw a moment in my life that you would bring mymind with all its powers to bear upon those questions forfifteen seconds, for ten seconds, for five seconds. I coulddecide itReally friend, yon sit back there to-night wanting timeto consider a question that some of you settled twenty yearsago. There are men in this house to-night that settled thatquestion twenty-five years ago. " It is right to do right,and I ought to do right ; it is wrong to do wrong, and Iought not to do it ; I'd rather go to Heaven than go toHell." Why, friend, consider. You are talking for timeto consider a question that you have settled ten years ago,twenty years ago, thirty years ago, some of you. Oh, gray-headed father, out of the church, forty years ago you set-tled the question that right is right and ought to doit, that wrong is wrong and ought not to do it. " I'd ratherbe good than be bad." Then, my friend, what wait youfor ? You certainly don't want time to consider this ques-tion.WAT TO DO IT DELIBERATELY." Oh, when I make up my mind about this I want it donedeliberately, carefully, prayerfully." And that man whohas not made up his mind, but said: " I want to do this thingdeliberately ; I don't want any excitement about it." I no-

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