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Holy Ramadan Guide Handbook!

Holy Ramadan Guide Handbook!

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Published by ROJ

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Published by: ROJ on May 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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islamicoccasions.com presents Holy Ramadan Guide - 1
Lord! The month of Ramadan has arrived, and You have required us to fast during it and revealedthe Qur’an as guidance to mankind and a clear distinction of the guidance and the right criteria. OLord! Help us observe its fast; accept the same from us; surely You can do everything.This small book called as
“Holy Ramadan Guide”
has been prepared or compiled in a short timeafter receiving few suggestions from friends across the globe through e-mails. Hence I would like tothank everyone who encouraged me to prepare this small book.Despite all my efforts and if the reader nevertheless detects any error in this text, I accept fullresponsibility for it and admit my ignorance and plead to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, and to thereader, to forgive me, since He best knows my limitations, faults and shortcomings. We pray AllahSubhanahu wa Ta’ala to cover our faults, overlook our shortcomings and enable us to enlighten thereaders with knowledge which may benefit them in the life of this world and in the life to come..., especially in the life to come, Allahomma Aameen.
 Akramulla Syed
http://www.islamicoccasions.comemail: islamicoccasions@hotmail.comSunday, October 2, 2005 (28 Shabaan 1426)
islamicoccasions.com presents Holy Ramadan Guide - 2
The Glorious Month of Ramadan --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3Du’a (prayer) in the month of Ramadan ------------------------------------------------------------------- 4The Prophet’s (pbuh) preaching of Ramadan -------------------------------------------------------------- 5Imam Sajjad (pbuh) welcomes the Ramadan -------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Ahadith on Fasting and Ramadan -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8Eighteen reasons why a Muslim Fasts? -------------------------------------------------------------------- 9F.A.Q on Ramadan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12F.A.Q on Zakat al-Fitra ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17E'tikaf is a form of worship --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19The Ramadan Checklist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21The New Moon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23New Moon-sighting Du’a ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24Brief daily activities of Ramadan - 1/2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 25Brief daily activities of Ramadan - 2/2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 26Common A’amal of Qadr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27Iftar - Breaking the Fast ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 28Brief explanation of four Sura’s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31
The most of above contents were taken from the following books and websites:
1. Fast of the Month of Ramadan: Philosophy and Ahkam - By: Yasin T. al-Jibouri2. al-islam.org, academyofislam.org, hawzah.net, jaffari.org and playandlearn.org3. Fasting Guidelines - Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi4. A Manual of Ramadhan Devotions - By: Tayyiba Publishers & Distributors5. Understanding the Month of Glory: Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan6. Supplications Prayers and Ziarats - By: Ansariyan Publications7. Ja’fari Observer - Bombay (Ramazaan 1409 /1989)

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