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Lake George Park Commission Draft Rule

Lake George Park Commission Draft Rule

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Published by David Lombardo
LGPC Draft Rule - Mandatory Trailered Boat Inspections
LGPC Draft Rule - Mandatory Trailered Boat Inspections

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Published by: David Lombardo on Jul 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Draft LGPC Regulations to Require WatercraftInspections for AIS
Draft SUBPART 646-8 Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations for the Lake George Park
Section 646-8.1 Purpose and Intent.
  The purpose of these regulations is to prevent the introduction and spread of aquaticinvasive species. Aquatic invasive species (AIS) pose a serious threat to the waters of Lake George and can have a disastrous impact to the ecology and economy of the LakeGeorge Park. This rule is intended outlaw all introductions of invasive species to LakeGeorge, and to provide close management of the primary vector, trailered boats, byproviding for the inspection of vessels to ensure that the operator of these vessels havetaken steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.
Section 646-8.2 Applicability
 All actions that cause the transport and introduction of invasive species in the LakeGeorge Park. All trailered vessels shall be subject to inspection, and if determinednecessary, decontamination prior to launch into the waters of the Lake George Park. This inspection may take place anywhere within the Lake George Park or at anydesignated location authorized by the Commission.
Section 646-8.3 Definitions
  The following terms shall have the stated meanings whenever used in this Subpart or indocuments referenced or prepared by the Commission. Other terms defined in section645-2.1 of this Title shall have the meanings set forth in that section.(a) Aquatic invasive species (AIS)” means an aquatic animal or plant species that is:(i) nonnative to the ecosystem under consideration; and(ii) whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmentalharm or harm to human health as identified by the New York State InvasiveSpecies Task Force list of aquatic invasive species.(b) Decontamination” means any method determined by the Commission to effectivelyremove aquatic invasive species from vessels or trailered vessels.(c) Launch” means any boat launch, ramp, hoist or other area on a lakefront lot thatis or may be used to allow a trailered vessel to enter Lake George.(d) Launch operator” means the owner of the lakefront lot upon which a launch islocated, or the operator of the launch.
(e) Trailered vessel” means any vessel as defined in 645-2.1(c)(a) which istowed by another vehicle. The term includes a vessel’s motor, trailer,compartments, and any other associated equipment or containers that routinely orreasonably could be expected to contain, or come into contact with water. Trailered vessel does not include seaplanes, hand-launched rafts, kayaks, bellyboards, float tubes, canoes, row boats, windsurfer boards, sail boards, inner tubes,standup paddleboards or similar devices.(f) Vessel inspection control seal (VICS)” means a device, authorized by theCommission to verify that vessels have met the requirements of this subpart.(g) Vessel inspection technician (VIT)” means a person who is certified by theCommission to provide services in the form of inspections only, or both inspections anddecontamination.
Section 646-8.4 Prohibitions
(a) No person shall transport or introduce aquatic invasive species into the LakeGeorge Park by any means, including but not limited to aquaculture, aquarium dump,animal release, trailered boats, non-motorized vessels, docks, construction equipment,fishing equipment, and bait.(b) No person shall provide inaccurate or false information to Commission personnelor VIT concerning prior launches, introduction of aquatic invasive species, launchregistration, or any other information required to be provided pursuant to this subpart.(c) No person shall alter or modify any vessel inspection and invasive control sealused by the Commission or any VIT.(d) No person shall operate a launch without maintaining launch records as requiredby this Subpart.(e) No person shall launch or allow or cause to be launched any trailered vesselwithout having demonstrated compliance with vessel inspections, decontamination andadministration as set forth in Section 646-8.5 of this Subpart.
Section 646-8.5 Vessel Inspections, Decontamination and Administration
 (a) Unless exempted under Paragraph (c) below, prior to launch into the waters of the Lake George Park, all trailered vessels shall be inspected by a VIT to detect thepresence of, and prevent the introduction of, aquatic invasive species. Non-traileredvessels may be subject to inspection prior to entering the waters of the Lake GeorgePark if determined necessary by the Commission or any VIT.

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