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White collar ( Cheaters ) teachers

White collar ( Cheaters ) teachers

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Published by doctorrao
White collar ( Cheaters ) teachers
White collar ( Cheaters ) teachers

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Published by: doctorrao on Jul 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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White Collar Teachers (Cheaters) in University
Dr.T.V.Rao MD
I always considered life is a challenge; accept the realities of life, in spite of hardships.However life becomes too difficult to face in certain circumstances as I went through a University. Ichanged my place of work not because to get tons of money, but work in a University imagining it isof better academic perceptions, but to my utter disappointment there are many schools advanced inmany cities where they encourage minds of innocent and ignorant minds. I never felt I am in aUniversity, I am ignorant of other departments I certainly testify for what I say, so called manyProfessors near to me are manipulative minds planning to destroy someone who has any talent,even so called senior teachers live in the shelter of groups and inefficiency. In my view as a seniorteacher one has no time to think and destroy other people than learning more which we cannotcope up in the present day contest. The University Grants Commission and Human ResourceDevelopment Ministry advises the Universities to create opportunities for academic progress in life,to serve the Society better. The rot in the present context is unlimited people cannot see you getting
any opportunity if you don’t belong to their group to give even a guest lecture, abroad
as there isalways power of bureaucracy in their hands to stop the matters before reaching the authorities. If you are honest and principled you will be focused as indifferent to the manipulative research in theDepartment. Your research will be fruitful if you belong to their group or caste, PCR methods areused to multiply statistics. I always lived with the support of students, I never feel any studentuseless and unworthy we may judge, in future he may be a competent Doctor they are still honestpeople not contaminated like our senior teachers. The fanatics and favouritism is created by somesenior teachers who wish to hide their inefficiency and destroy the innocent people do not allow anymodernization of skills. You have no say in matter including Academics, as many teachers do notupgrade their knowledge and live by snubbing the colleagues. India with so many educated peoplenot progressed in talent search or encouragement, as an inefficient Professor sits in a chair fordecades, a valuable time is lost to the entire system. A common man on road can live morerespectable life than a sincere man working in these departments; the professional ethics just neverexisted. Many irresponsible and irregular and occasionally visiting teachers, called as Professors?Keep hold on Departments as guides, and examiners so they are focused as great intellectuals andthe managements find they are very essential in their Education Industry. Managements areinterested in getting 100% success so they can make a good and fast business never know what ishappening inside the Departments, they are carried away by the people who focus as foundation of the Institution scholars in everything. Ultimately you will be pushed to a corner you can neverrecover from evils plans of these pseudo centres of excellences. It is not just my experience alonemany, many suffer in the country in so called Universities. In spite of Governments support, there isno progress in many Institutions with outdated mind set of people; I find all this is matter of irreversible ignorance, malice one is suffering. The responsible Directors in charge for maintain thestandards of post graduate education permit teachers who just come occasionally and cannot takemore than few classes in year will be allotted many postgraduate students as the blood is thickerthan rules. As many young, junior teachers were made to be trained in Medical Education and thinkit is time many senior teachers should be oriented with Ethics, which they deserve high level of training otherwise many Institutes will become sick like mind of these people. One day we may stop

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