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Faith Independent, July 24, 2013

Faith Independent, July 24, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jul 24, 2013
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94¢84461910Jul 24, 2013
Deadwood History will partici-pate in displaying the SouthDakota Fallen Heroes BannersTraveling Memorial at the Daysof ’76 Museum during the Days of ’76 Celebration and Rodeo July 23 – 28, 2013.During the conflicts of Opera-tion Iraqi and Enduring Freedom,and Operation New Dawn, SouthDakota has lost 35 servicemenand women. The South DakotaFallen Heroes Banners were cre-ated to memorialize the lives of these South Dakota Heroes. Thepublic is invited to visit, and givea moment of pause to recognizethese 35 names. With each namecomes a face, a history, a oncelived life to be treasured for alltime.Deadwood History’s Days of ’76Museum, Adams Museum andHistoric Adams House are alsoparticipating in the Blue StarMuseum program. The free ad-mission program is available toactive-duty military and their im-mediate family members (mili-tary ID holder and five immediatefamily members), which includesactive duty Reserve and activeduty National Guard.The Days of ’76 Museum, Adams Museum and Historic Adams House are open 9:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m., daily. Guided toursof the Adams House are offeredevery half hour, with the last tourof the day at 4:00 p.m.South Dakota Lottery officialsare urging players to not be takenin by a scam that promises themwinnings from a second chanceMega Millions drawing.The Lottery has been notifiedby more than a dozen players, alllotto or scratch ticket winners,who have received phone callsfrom an individual claiming to bewith the South Dakota Lotterywho advised them that theirprizes made them eligible for asecond chance Mega Millionsdrawing. The caller then went onto tell the player that they hadwon a $5 million second prize inthe drawing and that representa-tives from the South Dakota Lot-tery would be delivering thatprize in person. Lottery DirectorNorm Lingle cautions the publicnot to be fooled if they are con-tacted."The Lottery never enterssomeone into a drawing, promo-tion for an added bonus or prize,or for any other reason withoutthat person's knowledge," Linglesaid. "If you are contacted by thescammer, either by phone or someother method such as e-mail, weurge you to contact local law en-forcement and the Consumer Pro-tection unit of the South Dakota Attorney General’s office at 1-800-300-1986."Lingle says it's also a good ideato check with his agency to see if such calls or e-mails are legiti-mate before taking any action re-quested by the scammer. TheLottery maintains three valida-tion centers across the state inPierre (605-773-5770), Rapid City(605-394-5106) and Sioux Falls(605-367-5840).In at least one reported case,the scammer requested the victimpurchase a Green Dot Card to re-ceive their winnings. Lingle alsoadvises those contacted to notprovide any personal information,including credit card and bank ac-count numbers, if requested bythe caller.Lottery prizes of $101 or moremust be claimed at a Lottery of-fice using an official prize claimform. For more information onavoiding lottery scams, visithttp://lottery.sd.gov/responsibly/scams/
Lotter urges plaersto beware of scam
Das of ’76 Museum to displaSouth Dakota Fallen HeroesBanners during the Das of ’76Celebration and Rodeo
The Faith City Council hadtwo special guests at their July16th meeting. Paul Thares,SDSU Community DevelopmentField Specialist and Nick Jack-son, SD Rural Water Association.Thares explained that theirnew website iGrow is their latestway of communicating informa-tion to the public, and told of theprograms they have to offer to or-ganizations, governments, as wellas individuals. He can help withgrant writing and developingbusiness plans. The Extensionhas many resources. He toldCouncil he is willing to come hereand share information on anyprogram that might be of use tothem.Jackson brought his welltrailer and checked out a coupleareas that were thought to haveleaks, one by the community cen-ter and one further north of town.There was no leak found at thecommunity center, but there wasone at the other site, averagingabout 720 gallons a day. He vis-ited with the landowner about thesituation.Discussion was held on an ear-lier motion regarding the fee forswimming lessons. A new motionwas made and approved to havethe fee given to Tori Afdahl,Water Safety Instructor, for giv-ing the lessons, rather than pay-ing her the hourly wage,retroactive to the beginning of thelessons.Donn Dupper explained thathe would like to see the city in-stall liners in their sewer lines assome of them are crumbling. Sev-eral communities are having thisproblem and are going with lin-ers. Debbie thought there mightbe grants available to help withthe cost. Council told her to con-tact the lady about coming andhelping with the grant applica-tion. Atty. Bogue said he didn’t haveall the information but has verifi-cation that the oil lease of NakotaEnergy was purchased by anothercompany. He feels comfortablewith extending the lease for anadditional two years with the newcompany. They would pay a lumpsum up front and then an addi-tional $2 per acre. Council ap-proved the lease transfer with thenew company for two more years,which would extend it into 2016. Atty. Bogue gave memberscopies of the job descriptions toreview and make any additions,corrections to. He made somechanges in some departments,most of the changes were for the janitor as the new building wasn’there the last time this was done.Council tabled this until the sec-ond meeting in August.The next item on the agendawas the contract with GoldenWest for fiber provision andmaintenance support. Bogue was-n’t comfortable with the contractas he felt is was too open-ended,there was no specific fee statedand he doesn’t like those types of contracts. With costs changingconstantly he could understandthat portion and told Council if they are comfortable with it theycould accept it, which they did.Council discussed Ordinance #306 regarding future develop-ment. Bogue thought they wereworrying about something thatisn’t going to happen (man campsfrom the oil development).Berndt expressed her feelingsthat the city doesn’t need this andmade the motion to not proceedwith the ordinance. Inghrammade a second to the motion andCouncil was in agreement.Council approved Atty. Boguesending letters to two homeown-ers with nuisance properties.Council retired into executivesession at 8:15 to 8:55 for possiblelitigation.The City received a notice re-garding information for insuranceof Durkee Lake. The lake isowned by GFP, but the City ownsthe land around it. The insurancecompany wants a response fromthem regarding several itemsthat need attention, as trees, thespillway, fence, etc.Resolution #07-16-13-01 forthe transfer of funds was ap-proved.
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City councilhears fromSDSU Extensionand SD RuralWater  Association
Sidewalk Chalk Contest ...
for kidswas one of the eventsheld Saturday, July 20th during Appreciation Day. This is one of thedrawings that was judged. Prizes were awarded in three age divi- sions.Photo by Loretta Passol
 Appreciation Day 
... Saturday, July 20th, drew many town ancountry residents for the drawings at the Community Center. Prizeswere given away by the local businesses.Photo by Loretta Passolt 
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Jul 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Letter to the Editor
Published in the Heart of the West River Empire
Publication No. 184760Published Weekly on WednesdayFaith, SD 57626-0038
POSTMASTER, Send Address Changes to:P.O. Box 38, Faith, SD 57626-0038PHONE: (605) 967-2161 – FAX: (605) 967-2160E-mail: faithind@faithsd.com
SUBSCRIPTION RATE: Faith & Dupree $34.00+ local tax; In-state $39.00 + local tax;Out-of-state $39.00; Foreign $45.00.
Local Display: $4.70 percolumn inch.
$5.00 for first20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter.
Monday Noon
Friday, 10:00 a.m.
Last possible moment to turn newsitems in at the office to be published.
State of S.D., MeadeCounty, City of Faith, Faith School District 46-2
Publisher.............................................................Don RavelletteOffice Manager.......................................................Diane IsaacsReporter, Proofreader, Composition.................Loretta Passolt
COPYRIGHT: 1988 Faith Independent. All rights re-served. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied, or inany way reproduced from this publication, in whole orpart, without the written consent of the publishers.
Church ScheduleFaith United Methodist ChurchSundays..............................................11:00
Faith Community Health Center 
Hours of Operation:Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pmTuesday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Verna Schad, CNP – Monday - Thursday Peggy O’Connor, CNP – Monday – Friday David Rollason, PA-C - Thursday For appointments call:605-967-2644 or 1-800-584-7668 
Irwin Richardson, age 99, of Marcus, SD, passed away onTuesday, July 9, 2013, at West-hills Village in Rapid City, SD.Irwin Richardson was born Au-gust 28, 1913, at Rapid City, SD,to Dick and Grace Richardson.He spent his early years on hisparent's ranch near Howes, SD.He started riding with his dad be-fore school age, and from the timehe was 11 years old until he grad-uated from high school, he spentmost of his life on a horse in a cowcamp on the Cheyenne IndianReservation herding cattle. Hegraduated from Faith HighSchool and later attended collegeat the School of Mines in RapidCity.On August 15, 1934, he mar-ried Inga Stalheim. In the earlyyears, Irwin and Inga and twodaughters, Lila and Lola, lived ina small log house built by Frenchfur traders in 1878, on Red OwlCreek near Marcus. Later, theypurchased an adjoining ranchwhere they had a daughter,Jessie, and a son, Pete. Irwin andInga were both very hard workersand devoted their life to theranch. In 1981, they leased theranch and moved to Sturgis. In1998, Inga passed away. In 1999,Irwin sold the ranch. He kept onesaddle horse so he could go rideonce in a while. He went on trailrides and worked cattle into his90's.In addition to ranching, Irwinwas active in the following: SouthDakota Stockgrowers Association,Masons 50+ years, Farm Bureau,Black Hills National CemeteryConservancy, Elk Creek Soil Con-servation, Rural Conservationand Development Board, CountyCommissioner, Kiwanis, Indus-trial Expansion Council, SeniorCitizens, and the American Can-cer Society.He is survived by three daugh-ters and one son and families:Lila (Casey) Jones of Dowling,MI, Lola (Dick) Frederickson, andJessie (Charlie) Russell, both of Sturgis, SD, and Pete (Patsy)Richardson of San Diego, CA; sev-enteen grandchildren; twenty-three great grandchildren; andfour great great-grandchildren.He was preceded in death byhis parents; his wife, Inga;brother, Billy; sister, Arlene;granddaughter, Destiny Jones;and great grandson, Cooper Ur-baniak. A memorial has been estab-lished to the Enning VolunteerFire Department.Private services were held onJuly 16, 2013, with burial in theBear Butte Cemetery in Sturgis,SD.Condolences may be sent to thefamily atwww.kinkadefunerals.com.
Irwin Richardson
Debbie reported that paint isin the grant for the ice house.Riley wondered if they shouldn’tpower wash it before it is painted.Reed is still working on the proj-ect and don’t know when thatwork will be done.Council approved Dr. ThomasJacobsen as the medical directorfor the ambulance, with VernaSchad as the assistant.Barb Berndt presented her re-port on the police departmentand ambulance committee meet-ing. The PD received the grantfor the bulletproof vests and al-ready have them. Chief Frank-furth hasn’t heard anything onthe grant for the digital speedsign. The Freshman Impact pro-gram will be held at the Commu-nity Center rather than theschool on Sept. 25th. There willbe one HP, and possibly one offi-cer from the County for StockShow, along with a Tribal officer.Hoss also wanted to close off theblock the tent is on during StockShow. It was noted that theymoved the tent down so parkingwould be available for Lonny’sSteak House. The PD will beneeding a new car in the nextyear and should budget one in.The ambulance received theirhardship status until October.They will be able to have oneEMT, rather than two, and adriver. They are planning EMTclasses for this fall so hope to getsome new EMTs. The door at theambulance hall needs to be re-paired or replaced. Ighram com-mented that the bank isproviding pop for the kids for theFreshman Impact program.Members felt it unfortunate thatonly freshman get to attend, allhigh school students could learnfrom it.Dianne Hellekson only hadone item to report for the recre-ation committee. Two light polesare broken off at Durkee Lake bythe picnic tables at the dock.Dupper said he has two poles toput up.Karen Inghram gave her utili-ties report. The committee dis-cussed LED lights for the streetlights as they are more economi-cal to run. They may be a littlemore costly to begin with but inthe long run they would savemoney. They have had no luckfinding a replacement buckettruck at their $60,000 budget.They may have to increase theiramount to $70-80,000. Dupperdid find one for $69,000 that isready to go. The repair work onthe water tower should startwithin the next week. It was alsosuggested they change the fee fornew hookups as it has been sev-eral years since they have up-dated.Peggy Riley said the streetscommittee discussed paving N.Main to the county line, curb andgutter in the housing area west of Hwy 73, chip sealing this yearand also crack sealing. Bids for astreet sweeper will be opened on August 6th. The transmission inthe blade needs to be repaired. Itwas suggested they get a quotefor this. Bob Linn is working onthe drainage at the fairgrounds.The valley at Fishers is markedwhere it will be. It was noted thatLinn is not interested in doingcurb and gutter. She said the air-port committee also met. A grantto purchase land and fence it wasdiscusssed. The liquor committeeitems included replacing thecooler under the bar and upgrad-ing the security cameras. Theyare working the bugs out of thenew computer. As of now, theyonly have two bartenders forStock Show. The possibility of closing off the package liquordoor during Stock Show, andusing wrist bands as a means of recognizing carded patrons wastheir thought. They would alsolike to have the bar sign rehung. A dish was discussed for the barbut they decided not to go with itas it would bave to be commercialrate and that is very expensive.Two building permits were is-sued: Jake Schauer for awater/sewer connection and RickSmiths for siding and windows.The arrears list was reviewedand discussed.Their next meeting will beTuesday, August 6th.
City Council
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Dear Editor:Faith HS Alumni, we needyour help. Your current alumniofficers are looking for lost paper-work. The alumni officers havelooked through all material avail-able to us. We are looking for theoriginal Certificate of Deposit forCDs being held at the bank andwe are also looking for our origi-nal tax exempt form. Withoutthese items the alumni cannotmake the adjustments we need tokeep up with today’s changes.Without the original tax exemptform we cannot use PayPal to col-lect alumni dues. The Alumni ismissing many years of meetingminutes and information. All pastalumni officers please check yourattics, basements, and safe dep-posit boxes. Any information onthe whereabouts of these itemsplease contact, or send to:Wanda Ruth, Alumni Seciretary17518 Avance Rd.Faith, SD605-739-3381
Faith Stock Show parade theme is“My Hero/Heroes”Contact Tracy Ingalls to enter 748-22732013 Parade Marshalls are Hugh & Eleanor Ingalls
Jul 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent
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Sr. Citizens MenuSr. Citizens Menu
75th Birthday Open House for
Volmer Jensen 
Sunday, July 28, 1PM–4PM
Light Refreshments56 Belair Circle, Sturgis, S.D.
No gifts Please
Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store 
Main St., Faith, SD
All your hometown needs!
Need a new prescription? –Refill an existing RX? 
-We match or beat most costs--Vilas takes most insurance--We are proud to serve our VA members-
Bring us your empty refill bottle orhave your physician contact our pharmacy
Give us a call 605-967-2123or
Fax 967-2910 
We will answer your questions
On Monday, July 29, crews willbegin work to replace the existingbridge over Brushy Creek south-west of Faith in Meade County,according to the South DakotaDepartment of Transportation.Corr Construction Services,Inc. of Hermosa will be replacingthe existing bridge with a pre-stressed concrete structure.Brushy Creek Road will beclosed at Brushy Creek duringconstruction and motorists willneed to find an alternate route.Drivers should be aware of con-struction equipment and workersin the area and drive with cau-tion.This completion date on this$667,000 project is Oct. 4, 2013.For more information, contactJoel Flesner with the SouthDakota Department of Trans-portation at 605-892-2872.Complete road construction in-formation can be found atwww.safetravelusa.com/sd or bydialing 511.Terry and Lois (Aasheim) Heckman, Loveland, CO are pleased toanounce the upcoming wedding of their son Traver James Heckmanto Laura Beth Shafer.The groom is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University, FortCollins, CO. He is employed as a HVAC technician at Lakeside Me-chanical Service, Inc., Loveland, CO and is a Volunteer at Eaton FireDepartment.The bride is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University, FortCollins, and is in CO Executive management with Target Corporation.She is the daughter of Rick and Linda Shafer, Fort Collins, CO.The couple met and began dating while attending college in2008. Traver proposed to Laura on December 23, 2012 at Cub Lake inRocky Mountain Nat'l Park., which was followed by a surprise engage-ment party at McGraff's Restaurant in Loveland, Co.The couple will be married September 1, 2013 at Colorado YouthOutdoor's Swift Ponds, Fort Collins, CO.Travor is the grandson of Lester and Marilynn Aasheim, Kalispell,MT and the great grandson of Harvey and Gladys Peterson, of Faith. All meals served with milk andbread. Menu subject to changewithout notice.
 Wed., June 24:
 AutumnChicken, Baked sweet potatoes,Harvest beets, Tossed salad,Mandarin oranges
Thur., June 25:
Hot beef sandwich, Mashed potatoes &gravy, Corn broccoli bake,Peaches, Vanilla ice cream
Fri., June 26:
Tator TotCasserole, Seasonal fruit
Mon., July 29:
Meatloaf,Baked potato, Lima beans w/pi-mento, Pineapple tidbits
Tue., July 30:
Hamburger onbun, Potato salad, Tomato sliceon lettuce, Cooked apples
 Wed., July 31:
Chicken &Dressing Casserole, Mashed pota-toes & gravy, Carrots, Fruityslaw, Grapes
Thur., Aug. 1:
ChickenParmesan, Scalloped potatoes,Corn O’Brian, Tropical fruit
Fri., Aug. 2:
Salisbury Steakw/gravy, Mashed potatoes, Pars-ley carrots, Fresh pearsThe U.S. Department of Edu-cation (DoE) has a specific rolewithin the federal government,fostering the education andgrowth of our nation’s students.The coordination of federal educa-tion programs, management of education activities, and supple-menting states efforts to provideour students with the highestquality education is a massive re-sponsibility–one that requiresboth financial and workforce re-sources. So it was disconcertingwhen it was revealed that DoEwill be assisting with the imple-mentation and dissemination of information of ObamaCare.While the effects of the presi-dent’s health care law will be feltby parents, teachers, and theirfamilies, it is unclear how theDoE’s involvement in implemen-tation will further the depart-ment’s mission of educating ournation’s students. Further, theimplementation of ObamaCarewill require taxpayer dollarsand/or federal employees to shiftfocus from education related ef-forts to focus on execution of a lawthat should be spearheaded out of the Department of Health andHuman Services–not DoE. Thedepartment’s involvement inthese efforts raise questionsabout why the DoE is focusing onimplementing ObamaCare in-stead of fulfilling the priorities of the agency’s mission, and whatauthority the DoE and other fed-eral agencies have to disseminateinformation and assist with theimplementation of ObamaCare, alaw that 55 percent of respon-dents in a recent Gallup poll viewunfavorably.The DoE is not the first federalagency that has indicated it willaid in the implementation of Oba-maCare. Numerous federal agen-cies have announced intentions toassist with the implementation of the president’s signature healthcare law, despite the fact thatnone of these agencies have rele-vant jurisdiction.Due to my concerns with theDoE’s involvement in the imple-mentation of ObamaCare, I re-cently led a group of myRepublican Senate colleagues insending a letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan question-ing the DoE’s authority to involveitself in the implementation of ObamaCare. The letter questionsthe amount of federal spendingthe department will devote to im-plementation, the number of DoEemployees that will be used forthe effort, and what authority theDoE has to disseminate informa-tion and assist with implementa-tion of ObamaCare.Rather than commandeeringthe DoE and other federal agen-cies to assist in the implementa-tion of programs and provisionsthat are not, and may never beready–as evidenced by the admin-istration’s latest delay of the em-ployer mandate–the admin-istration should instead focus onsolutions that actually lower thecost of care and allow Americansto keep the insurance they like. Iwill continue to monitor the im-plementation of ObamaCare toensure the federal government isnot diverting important resourcesfrom their intended purposes toaid in the implementation of thisbroken legislation.
Education Department should focus on helpingstudents, not implementing ObamaCare
By Senator John Thune
Bridge replacement over BrushCreek near Faith
Wedding Announcement 

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