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Published by kokeboibby
Short fiction
Short fiction

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Published by: kokeboibby on Jul 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The scent of lavender and cigarettes was overpowering.I must leave, I thought.Must get out of here.But my body was not changing it's mind. I couldn't see any other way out of thismess. My feet were stuck in quicksand and instead of my mind racing it just stood there: content, and ready. Ready to go down, ready to sink. Like a drowning ship and all the passangers have bleak faces.LeaveLeave nowThe angel on my right shoulder was making it a point to scream by now: I thoughtangels were supposed to be nice.The smell of smoke stood in the air, unphased by the recent guests:Myself, my best friend Evie, a Russian man who jumped in our cab, and the chaperone my mother had hired for this trip who was now sweating perfusely."There are five flights, sorry I should've warned you." our "tourguide" said smiling and looking over her shoulder, a thin piece of hair swaying over her back with the rythm of her convincing voice. Her derriere commanding my attention witheach growing step."Will the ladies be ready?" the Russian, toothless, inquired through a hideous smile.My chaperone, Henry Nichalous, (whom I warned my mother not to trust due to thefact he had two first names) appeared to be sea sick at this point. Gripping thecollar of his mustard colored suit with his short stubby fingers, eyes closed,his mouth was still."Oh don't panic Henry! We're not even there yet, I could've mistaken all the sweat stains for an incident last year in which you pissed yourself." I instructed,my arms flailing. I have a tendency to talk with my hands."Well last year was a flop too! Oh I am SICK of you getting me into these affairs Rebecca, as soon as we return to the states I'm quitting: that's it. I can't.I cannot. Dear Lord have mercy! For all the motherless who are too selfish to sit still."I ignored the comment: his temper tamprums usually brief I let it roll off my back. Evie was blowing gigantic bubblegum bubbles then watching them pop dramatically. The sting loud enough to raise alarm in the silent stairway: this was of her way of showing she was unammused.Which is why I usually found myself in these situations. I always wanted to prove to Evie I could be a good time. I always had something to prove."God damnit." I stuttered, letting my thoughts slip."Tourguide" turned around abruptly. Her stature intimidating and cold. Her skinwas the complexion of a goya bean, beautiful in tone, but tough and hard. The folds and lines on her body indicated experience. The short black bob that ingulfed her skull was defined, and skulpted perfectlly to fit her. The tight gold sequined dress hugged her figure in all the wrong places. Legs toned from probably climbing this same flight of stairs over and over her belly hung, and arms looked

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