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Hannibal Lecter, MD

Hannibal Lecter, MD

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Published by Efraín Suárez

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Published by: Efraín Suárez on Jul 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOURCES: forensic evidence, public records, eyewitness accounts,interviews, and psychological profiles.Born in Lithuania. Father a Count, mother a highborn Italian. Believedto be descended from the ruthless Tuscan Guiliano Bevisangue and fromthe Machiavelli and Visconti bloodlines.
– At 6 years of age, Lecter would have shown a frighteningintensity and detachment toward those around him, with seeminglypreternatural knowledge.At this time the Eastern Front of World War II collapsed, andLithuania suffered great devastation during the German retreat fromRussia. Records exist of an opulent estate near Vilnius, believed tobe the Lecters’, where Nazis killed the sovereignty and servants.Several bodies were recovered; none were children.
 NOTE: The following is strictly theoretical.
 As the Nazis retreat, several scavengers lodge in the Lecterestate. Those children who survived the attacks are stored in abarn. With a particularly harsh winter, food becomes scarce, andthe scavengers turn to the children. Lecter may have beenconsidered, but thought too wiry and thin. Instead, his youngersibling, sister Mischa, is taken from the barn. She is never seenagain.
– Lecter’s activities largely unknown. Moved to the UnitedStates and established citizenship.
– While serving as an emergency room physician at Maryland-Misericordia Hospital, Dr. Hannibal Lecter admits and treats a malebow hunter with an arrow wound.
– Lecter establishes a psychiatric practice in Maryland.
– Dr. Lecter performs psychiatric evaluations for the Marylandand Virginia state courts.Many of his affluent patients claim to have released various funds andstocks to Lecter, however, the IRS was unable to confirm transactions.Eyewitness accounts testify to Lecter driving a customized Bentley andoften associating with socialite Rachel DuBerry.
: Underwent court-ordered counseling with Dr. Lecter.After inviting Lecter to his home, Verger accepts drugs from Lecter.While intoxicated and by Lecter’s suggestion, Verger removes his faceand feeds it to his dogs. Lecter breaks Verger’s neck. Vergersurvives. (One of two known victims to survive Lecter’s attack.)
* Hannibal Lecter begins his serial murders. NOTE
Patient/Victim information destroyed by Lecter while stillin practice. Case records suppressed by court order after asuccessful WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT filed against Lecter on behalfof surviving families.FIRST VICTIM:
Records sealed.
Records sealed.
: Female. Darcy Taylor; deceased. Flesh removed from backtorso.
Records sealed.
Male. Census Taker; deceased. Attempted to quantifyLecter. Body discovered with liver removed.
: Male; deceased. Killed
12 March 1975
by Lecter invictim’s workshop. Body found laced to a pegboard with the woodworkingtools. Victim had stab and arrow wounds, similar to battle injuriesmatching
Wound Man
, a graphic illustration used in numerous earlymedical books. Victim previously treated for thigh injury by Dr.Lecter at Maryland-Misericordia Hospital Emergency Room.Lead investigator Special Agent Will Graham questions Lecter abouttreating the victim in 1970. Lecter recalls little but offers toassist Agent Graham in creating a psychological profile of the killer.
Records sealed.
Records sealed.
: Male. Benjamin Renè Raspail, 46; deceased. At time ofdeath, Raspail was First Flautist for the Baltimore PhilharmonicOrchestra and a patient of Dr. Lecter.
22 March 1975:
Raspail fails toappear for a performance.
25 March 1975:
Raspail’s body discoveredseated in a pew in a small rural church near Falls Church, Virginia.The thymus and pancreas had been removed. The murder generatesconsiderable press, particularly in
The National Tattler 
. BaltimoreHomicide theorizes Lecter served the missing organs for dinner to theSymphony Board of Directors.After several meetings with Lecter, Graham returns to Lecter’s officeand notices numerous antique medical books on the shelf. Lecterattacks Graham with a stiletto linoleum knife. Graham shoots himtwice.Lecter is arrested by Maryland State Troopers and identified as theChesapeake Ripper.Lecter stands trial on 9 counts of first-degree murder and chooses notto plea insanity. Nonetheless, the court finds him unfit andincarcerates him. Lecter is confined to a basement cell in theBaltimore State Forensic Hospital for 9 consecutive life terms.In order to locate one of the missing victims, doctors administersodium amytal to Lecter, who gives them a recipe for dip.Lecter is perfectly behaved his initial year in prison, cooperatingwith several attempts at therapy.
6/8/1976 -
Lecter complains of chest pain. Restraints are removed forease in administering an electrocardiogram. Lecter attacks a nurse.His pulse does not rise above 85 bpm. In the struggle, Lecter’sshoulder is dislocated.Lecter receives further psychological tests and evaluations (
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, House-Tree-Person, Rorschach, Drawing of Self-Concept, Thematic Apperception, MMPI
). He folds them intoorigami.Lecter removes the metal ink tube from a ballpoint pen loaned to himduring testing. Six months later he removes a heavy-duty paper clipfrom additional documents.
- Lecter sends Special Agent Graham a Christmas card.

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