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Reaching for Wisdom

Reaching for Wisdom



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Published by: Bill AKA "Kenosis23" on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I think a lot and that, with the perhaps unjustified opinion that I have something important tosay, means that I collect a lot little of snippets of words that I hope will be worth the attentionof others. What follows is a list of these thoughts that I have collected – some new to this doc-ument, some from handwritten notes, some from my sporadic attempts at a journal. I have de-cided that one of the following thoughts is just wrong. Another one of them may be moreabout my approach to the world. (See if you can pick these out!) Yet another was edited outbecause it was too persona and might be misconstrued – it wasn't all that wise anyway. In thisdocument, I am declaring that I am a Christian – although some might disagree; my brother, apastor, thinks I am on the way to the down elevator and another pastor I spoke with seemedsurprised to discover that I have read the Bible. I hope that others will read this document andadd to my solitary dialog. Until then I am ...
Reaching for Wisdom
1.A friend is someone who shares those transient moments, lest theydisappear forever unnoticed.2.Reality is more complicated then we hope. The past reconstructedby memory, with all the tricks it plays – is as uncertain as the future, alas. Is it the way I remember or the way you remember or neither? (life is not like a movie, that can be watched over to see what truly happened.) We hunger for the hidden concord that is covered by the dissonance of our memories.3.The serious hides behind humor.4.We are in open conspiracy against ourselves and the name of thatconspiracy is called Society.5.Because of thew Teflon quality of our memories, a feature sharedwith dreams, the past is like a dream.6.GODs greatest gift to man was the ability to create meaning in thismeaningless world – the world is what we decide to make of it. 7.Happiness is paid for by misery, good times for bad … it balancesout.8.To accept is not the same as to like or to agree … we forget that.  9.Self-knowledge always comes with an unexpected price tag … onlyafterwards do we realize how comfortable the is the security blanketof our unknowing.
© B. W. Reed May 17, 2009

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