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King of the Jews - A Story of Christ's Last Days on Earth

King of the Jews - A Story of Christ's Last Days on Earth

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Published by justordinary

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Published by: justordinary on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Project Gutenberg EBook of King of the Jews, by William T. SteadThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and withalmost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away orre-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License includedwith this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.orgTitle: King of the JewsA story of Christ's last days on EarthAuthor: William T. SteadRelease Date: September 23, 2007 [EBook #22735]Language: EnglishCharacter set encoding: ASCII*** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK KING OF THE JEWS ***Produced by Al Haines[Illustration: Cover art]THE KINGOF THE JEWSA STORYOF CHRIST'S LAST DAYSON EARTH_ADAPTED FROM THE OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY_
ByWILLIAM T. STEADCHICAGO:The Church Press104 LaSALLE AVENUECopyright 1900 and 1902By George T. B. Davis.CONTENTS.I--JESUS DRIVES OUT MONEY CHANGERSII--JESUS' LAST JOURNEY TO JERUSALEMIII--THE LAST SUPPERIV--BETRAYED BY A KISSV--PETER COMMITS PERJURYVI--JUDAS HANGS HIMSELFVII--JESUS, PILATE AND HERODVIII--"JESUS OR BARABBAS"IX--THE CRUCIFIXIONX--CONCLUSIONILLUSTRATIONS.The entry into Jerusalem"Knelt down and anointed Jesus' feet.""Drinking of it he passed the cup to Peter.""He reached over and kissed him.""What accusation have you to bring against this man?""Jesus staggered under the cross.""It is finished."He is risen.
CHAPTER I.JESUS DRIVES OUT THE MONEY-CHANGERS.Cast thyself down in adoring love,Race bowed down by the curse of God!Peace and grace out of Zion above!He is not wroth forever,Though his wrath be just--though uplifted his rod.Thus saith he, who changeth never:"I will not the death of a sinner--I will forgive--Let him live!"And he gave up his son the world from sin to free,Praise and thanks we give, Eternal, to thee!Suddenly there was heard a noise of singing. A great multitude camepouring down the narrow street that runs past Pilate's house, chantingas they came, "Hail to thee, O Son of David!" Little children, old menand maidens ran forward, some raising palm branches, but all everlooking backward to one who should come. More and ever more streameddown the street into the open space in front of the temple, but stillthe Hosanna song went on.[Illustration: The entry into Jerusalem.]At last, in the midst of the jubilant throng, Jesus appeared, clad in along garment of gray, over which was cast a flowing robe. His face wascomposed and pensive. His long black hair and beard surroundedfeatures somewhat swarthy from the rays of the hot sun, and he rode onthe side of the ass's colt that seemed almost too small to support hisweight.John, the beloved disciple, dressed in green raiment with a red mantle,led the little ass, carrying in his hand a long pilgrim staff. The mobpressed tumultuously around, singing and crying: "Hosanna to the Son ofDavid!" Jesus blessed them as he rode through their midst. Afterpassing the house of Pilate he suddenly dismounted. Then Jesusadvanced to the front of the temple. The hosannas died away as hecontemplated the busy scene. There were the priests busily engagedwith the money-changers. Nathanael, chief orator of the Sanhedrin,stood conspicuous among the chattering throng. There were baskets withpigeons for sale as sacrifices. There were the tables of the dealers.Buying and selling, haggling and bargaining were in full swing in themarket-place.For a moment Jesus, who was above the average height, and whose mienwas dignified and commanding, stood as if amazed and indignant, thensuddenly burst out upon the astonished throng of priests and merchants,with the following protest: "What see I here? Shall my Father's housebe thus dishonored? Is this the house of God, or is it a market-place?How can the strangers who come from the land of the Gentiles to worshipGod perform their devotions in this tumult of usury? And you," hecontinued, advancing a step toward the priests, who stared at him inamazement, "You priests, guardians of the temple, can you see thisabomination and permit it to continue? Woe be unto you! He whosearches the heart knows why you encourage such disorder."

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