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How does your business handle customer praise?

How does your business handle customer praise?

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Published by Marsha Collier
Transcript of the 7/23/13 Twitter customer service #custserv chat. Hosted by Marsha Collier, Roy Atkinson and Greg Ortbach
Transcript of the 7/23/13 Twitter customer service #custserv chat. Hosted by Marsha Collier, Roy Atkinson and Greg Ortbach

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Marsha Collier on Jul 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2013-07-24 to 2013-07-2473 contributors669 Twitter search results229 retweets 0 @replies 0 linksTimeUserTweet2013-07-24 1:00 amCustServGreeterWelcome wonderful #custserv people!2013-07-24 1:00 amVickieMacFaddenHey Guys and Gals!How is everyone tonight? And@CustServGreeter...we need a pic of your orange bowtie! :)#custserv2013-07-24 1:00 amCustServGreeterStarts NOW: "How do you handle customer praise?" #custserv2013-07-24 1:01 amDustanBrennemanGood evening everyone in #custserv !2013-07-24 1:01 amCustServGreeter@VickieMacFadden Broke the camera, Vickie! :) #custserv2013-07-24 1:01 amtburgess57Hello #custserv . Hope you are having a good week2013-07-24 1:01 amAskCitiYou're welcome! I'm glad we were able to help. #custserv ^CD RT@sheaboothe @AskCiti Thanks for your help earlier!2013-07-24 1:01 amCustServGreeterHello, Dustan! RT @DustanBrenneman: Good evening everyone in#custserv !2013-07-24 1:01 amAB_BizAdvisors@CustServGreeter @MarshaCollier @AlHopper_ Hi all. Goodevening. #custserv2013-07-24 1:01 amCustServGreeterSuper! Thanks for coming. RT @tburgess57: Hello #custserv . Hopeyou are having a good week2013-07-24 1:01 amLovelyLuHi all - #custserv2013-07-24 1:01 amAlHopper_ Hey hey hey it's big Albert... #custserv how is everyone?2013-07-24 1:02 amVickieMacFadden@CustServGreeter orange must have been too bright! :) #custserv2013-07-24 1:02 amKINSHIPdImprovement for Customer Service Needed! http://t.co/Kyx2v9ER8pby @Synthetix_Ltd via @B2Community #custserv2013-07-24 1:02 amCustServGreeter@AB_BizAdvisors Good evening! #custserv2013-07-24 1:02 amHollyChessmanRT @GregOrtbach: Please join us for #custserv at 9:00 EST / 6:00PST n@hollychessman @stevecassady @akiagarnett @tburgess57@alinebadr @ama\\u20262013-07-24 1:02 amGregOrtbachGood evening #custserv How is everyone?2013-07-24 1:02 amVickieMacFadden@AlHopper_ rockin' and rollin'! How are you? #custserv2013-07-24 1:02 amCustServGreeter@AlHopper_ Doin' great, Al! #custserv2013-07-24 1:03 amCustServGreeterSuper, Greg! RT @GregOrtbach: Good evening #custserv How iseveryone?2013-07-24 1:03 amtburgess57@HollyChessman get over here #custserv2013-07-24 1:03 amVickieMacFadden@GregOrtbach awesome, Greg! How are things in Canada?#custserv2013-07-24 1:03 amAB_BizAdvisors@gymgrl365 time for #custserv chat. Follow @CustServGreeter andhashtag2013-07-24 1:03 amLovelyLu@CustServGreeter Howdy handsome! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:03 amBH_SocialGood afternoon everybody in #custserv2013-07-24 1:03 amCustServGreeterWhat he said. :) RT @tburgess57: @HollyChessman get over here#custserv
2013-07-24 1:04 amGregOrtbachHello you! RT @LovelyLu: @CustServGreeter Howdy handsome!#CustServ2013-07-24 1:04 amCustServGreeterHi, Brandon RT @BH_Social: Good afternoon everybody in #custserv2013-07-24 1:04 amHollyChessmanHello @AlHopper_ @VickieMacFadden @LovelyLu@CustServGreeter and all at #CustServ2013-07-24 1:04 amAlHopper_ @VickieMacFadden Glad to hear it! I'm having a swinging evening myself, thanks. #custserv2013-07-24 1:04 ammarilynsuttleHappy to join in on #custserv tonight.2013-07-24 1:04 amLovelyLuHiya big guy! @GregOrtbach @CustServGreeter #custserv2013-07-24 1:04 amCustServGreeter@HollyChessman Hi, Holly! #custserv2013-07-24 1:04 amgymgrl365@AB_BizAdvisors @CustServGreeter got it!#CustServ2013-07-24 1:05 amHollyChessman@tburgess57 I'm here! I'm here! Just hoping the baby doesn't wakeup like he did last night #CustServ2013-07-24 1:05 amAlHopper_ @BH_Social No worries, bud! Let me know if you need any help withit. #custserv thanks again for such a great offer!2013-07-24 1:05 amMarshaCollierSorry I'm ;ate - just made it! #custserv2013-07-24 1:05 amGregOrtbachTonight on #custserv we'll be discussing "How do you handlecustomer praise?"2013-07-24 1:05 amLovelyLuHey Holly, Al, Vickie! @HollyChessman @AlHopper_ @VickieMacFadden @CustServGreeter #CustServ2013-07-24 1:05 amAlHopper_ @HollyChessman @VickieMacFadden @LovelyLu@CustServGreeter greetings and salutations to all! #custserv2013-07-24 1:05 amCustServGreeter@gymgrl365 Glad to have you joining us! #custserv2013-07-24 1:05 amHollyChessman@CustServGreeter @tburgess57 LOL! I made to and am happy to behere! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:05 amVickieMacFadden@HollyChessman hey Holly! all your gorgeous babies in bed?#custserv2013-07-24 1:05 amAlHopper_ @MarshaCollier That makes 2 of us then :0) #custserv2013-07-24 1:06 amgymgrl365@CustServGreeter hi y'all! My first time #CustServ2013-07-24 1:06 amMarshaCollierGreat topic idea from @RoyAtkinson RT @GregOrtbach Tonight on#custserv we'll be discussing "How do you handle customer praise?"2013-07-24 1:06 amVickieMacFadden@MarshaCollier the party doesn't start till you're here! #browniepoints:) #custserv2013-07-24 1:06 amHollyChessman@VickieMacFadden Thank heavens yes! :) Mama needs her Tweettime! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:06 amGregOrtbachYou've always been great at making an entrance ;) RT@MarshaCollier: Sorry I'm ;ate - just made it! #custserv2013-07-24 1:06 amJonathan_HR_Law#custserv glad to be her too2013-07-24 1:06 ammarilynsuttleOften overlooked topic - handling customer praise n#custserv2013-07-24 1:07 amAB_BizAdvisorsRT @HollyChessman: @VickieMacFadden Thank heavens yes! :)Mama needs her Tweet time! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:07 amchangeguerillaJust finished #LeadFromWithin now on to #CustServ - fun night!2013-07-24 1:07 amAlHopper_ I agree heartily, Marsha #custserv @MarshaCollier@CustServGreeter @GregOrtbach2013-07-24 1:07 amtburgess57@HollyChessman better cue up the raffi cd #custserv2013-07-24 1:07 amCustServGreeterWelcome welcome. Buckle up! RT @gymgrl365: @CustServGreeterhi y'all! My first time #CustServ2013-07-24 1:08 amHollyChessman@tburgess57 Or maybe some hypnotism #CustServ2013-07-24 1:08 amAlHopper_ Busy night! RT @changeguerilla Just finished #LeadFromWithin nowon to #CustServ - fun night!
2013-07-24 1:08 amTheDaringWomanRT @paulbromford: The Secrets To Amazon\\u2019s CustomerExperience Strategyhttp://t.co/uLpFhc0sbA via @MichaelHinshaw#custexp #custserv2013-07-24 1:08 amCustServGreeter@marilynsuttle Thanks, Marilyn -I think so too. #custserv2013-07-24 1:08 amJonathan_HR_LawMe too! @changeguerilla: Just finished #LeadFromWithin now on to#CustServ - fun night!\\u201d2013-07-24 1:08 amCustServGreeter@changeguerilla Hi, Andy! #custserv2013-07-24 1:08 amHollyChessman@MarshaCollier @gymgrl365 @VickieMacFadden@Jonathan_HR_Law @AlHopper_ @changeguerilla @tburgess57@marilynsuttle Hi Marsha!!! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:08 am janewhitaker12RT @MarshaCollier: Great topic idea from @RoyAtkinson RT@GregOrtbach Tonight on #custserv we'll be discussing "How do youhandle customer \\u20262013-07-24 1:08 amVickieMacFadden@LovelyLu and good evening to you! :) #custserv2013-07-24 1:08 amGregOrtbach#Custserv thought of the day read at a DMV: "Everyone here bringsJOY. Some when arriving, others when leaving."2013-07-24 1:08 amMarshaCollierIf anyone in #custserv is having trouble with Twitter API, tryhttp://t.co/Yv6EBsLYia - seems to be working2013-07-24 1:08 amRoyAtkinson@MarshaCollier Hello, Marsha! #custserv2013-07-24 1:08 amSJAbbottHey #custserv friends. How is everyone this summer evening?2013-07-24 1:09 amAB_BizAdvisors#goodstuff is that every tuesday? RT @changeguerilla: Just finished#LeadFromWithin now on to #CustServ - fun night!2013-07-24 1:09 amAlHopper_ definitely! welcome! RT @CustServGreeter Welcome welcome.Buckle up! RT @gymgrl365: @CustServGreeter hi y'all! My first time#CustServ2013-07-24 1:09 amHollyChessman@green_dreamhome #CustServ is where I'm usually at this time on aTu evening :) #CanaryChat2013-07-24 1:09 amLovelyLu@SJAbbott Enjoying a nice thunder storm (hoping I can stick aroundthe entire hour) #custserv2013-07-24 1:09 amCustServGreeter@Jonathan_HR_Law Welcome Jonathan! #custserv2013-07-24 1:09 amhomejobsusa1RT @MarshaCollier: Great topic idea from @RoyAtkinson RT@GregOrtbach Tonight on #custserv we'll be discussing "How do youhandle customer \\u20262013-07-24 1:09 amCustServGreeterRT @MarshaCollier: If anyone in #custserv is having trouble withTwitter API, try http://t.co/iyq156nYTD - seems to be working2013-07-24 1:09 amMarshaCollierPlease post links, news, deals and promotions during the LAST 5minutes of #custserv chat. We strip all spam to keep pristine archives2013-07-24 1:10 amCustServGreeterPeachy! :) You? RT @SJAbbott: Hey #custserv friends. How iseveryone this summer evening?2013-07-24 1:10 amgymgrl365@AlHopper_ @CustServGreeter am so ready! #CustServ2013-07-24 1:10 amVickieMacFaddenRT @CustServGreeter: RT @MarshaCollier: If anyone in #custserv ishaving trouble with Twitter API, try http://t.co/iyq156nYTD - seems tobe\\u20262013-07-24 1:10 amAlHopper_ RT @MarshaCollier: Please post links, news, deals and promotionsduring the LAST 5 minutes of #custserv chat. We strip all spam tokeep pri\\u20262013-07-24 1:10 amMarshaCollierTonight's #custserv chat will be archived with the past 100 on@scribd2013-07-24 1:10 amgreen_dreamhome@HollyChessman Tell the ppl in #custserv that a chemical-free,fragrance-free environment is good Customer Service! #canarychat

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