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CCNA Discovery 3 Ch 7 100% answer

CCNA Discovery 3 Ch 7 100% answer



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Published by jugnudeep

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Published by: jugnudeep on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DRSEnt Chapter 6 - CCNA Discovery: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise (Version 4.0)
What does a Frame Relay switch use to inform the sender that there is congestion?FECNBECNDEFCS
Which two options can LCP negotiate? (Choose two.)compressionauthenticationdynamic flow controlnetwork layer address for IPconnection-oriented or connectionless communication methods
Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true about the debug output?R2 is using PAP instead of CHAP.The routers have different CHAP passwords configured.The administrator performed a shutdown on the R2 PPP interface during negotiation.The Layer 3 protocol negotiation caused the connection failure.
Why are Frame Relay paths referred to as virtual?Frame Relay PVCs are created and discarded on demand.The connections between PVC endpoints act like dialup circuits.There are no dedicated circuits to and from the Frame Relay carrier.The physical circuits inside the Frame Relay cloud do not contain exclusive links for a specific Frame Relay connection.
What is the data transmission rate for the DS0 standard?44 kb/s64 kb/s1.544 Mb/s44.736 Mb/s
At what physical location does the responsibility for a WAN connection change from the user to the service provider?demilitarized zone (DMZ)demarcation pointlocal loopcloud
Why are Network Control Protocols used in PPP?to establish and terminate data linksto provide authentication capabilities to PPPto manage network congestion and to allow quality testing of the linkto allow multiple Layer 3 protocols to operate over the same physical link
Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is configuring R1 to connect to R2, which is a non-Cisco router. Which encapsulationmethod will need to be configured for communication to occur?HDLCHSSIISDNIPCPPPP
Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true about the exhibited output?LCP is in the process of negotiating a link.LCP and NCP are waiting for CHAP authentication to complete.LCP negotiation has completed successfully, but NCP negotiation is in progress.LCP and NCP negotiation is complete, and the data link service is available to carry packets.
Which best describes data communications equipment (DCE)?serves as data source and/or destinationresponsible for negotiating windowing and acknowledgementsphysical devices such as protocol translators and multiplexersequipment that forwards data and is responsible for the clocking signal
Which field of a frame uses error detection mechanisms to verify that the frame is not damaged in transit?FCSMTUflagcontrolprotocol
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has a connectivity problem between the serial interfaces of Merida and Vargas. What is thecause of the problem?Authentication is required on the serial link.The encapsulation is misconfigured.The IP addresses are on different subnets.The serial interface on Vargas is
.The loopback interfaces on both routers are not configured.
What best describes the use of a data-link connection identifier (DLCI)?an address identifying a virtual circuita logical address identifying the DCE devicean address identifying a Layer 3 service across a Frame Relay networka logical address identifying the physical interface between a router and a Frame Relay switch
Which three statements describe functions of the Point-to-Point Protocol with regards to the OSI model? (Choose three.)operates at all layers of the OSI modelprovides a mechanism to multiplex several network layer protocolscan be configured on both synchronous and asynchronous serial interfacesuses Layer 3 of the OSI model to establish and maintain a session between devicesuses the data link layer to configure such options as error detection and compressionuses network control protocols to test and maintain connectivity between devices
A company is implementing dialup services for remote workers to connect to the local network. The company uses multiple Layer 3protocols and requires authentication for security. Which protocol should be used for this remote access?LMIPPPHDLCFrame Relay
Permanent virtual circuits and switched virtual circuits are both part of which option for WAN connectivity?leased linecell switchingpacket switchingcircuit switching
Which statement is true about the Cisco implementation of the HDLC protocol?It supports authentication.It has a universally compatible frame format.It is the default encapsulation for serial interfaces on Cisco routers.It does not support multiple protocols across a single link.
What occurs in the encapsulation process as a data packet moves from a LAN across a WAN?The Layer 2 encapsulation changes to a format that is appropriate for the WAN technology.The Layer 3 encapsulation changes to a format that is appropriate for the WAN technology.Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 encapsulation change to a technology that is appropriate for the WAN.Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 encapsulation remain constant as the data packet travels throughout the network.
What two services allow the router to dynamically map data link layer addresses to network layer addresses in a Frame Relaynetwork? (Choose two.)ARPICMPProxy ARPInverse ARPLMI status messages

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