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Almost Human v2

Almost Human v2

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Published by Rebel77

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Published by: Rebel77 on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Atlantis.The people communed with God on a basis beyond simple human understanding. A comingdisaster forced many to flee on starships. Their identity and city collapsed, only to be uncoveredthousands of years later.A Word of hope to return to earth remained for the star-striving Atlanteans, given throughProphets and Seers. And so the Journey began.The Journey:The travel through unknown space to an unknown place took difficult millennia. Many died.Malnutrition, lack of recourses, disease. Starships became hulking, empty shells floating indeadspace. But the flotilla srived forward, trusting in the Invisible to lead them through safely.Centuries passed. The small fleet of ships grew as they discovered how to mine asteroids and planets, to build new and better ships with these recourses. But still, no worlds like earth. No place to colonize, no place to call home.Until the Ring.Ah, the Ring of Light, a spherical area of ancient worlds and stars surrounding the Galaxy’scentral black hole. What lies on these worlds are things not even imagination could conceive.These planets are old. Older than earth and her peoples. The Ring has something in it that makesthings live long and grow, strangely sometimes. This something sparked change in theAtlanteans. Previously “useless” DNA unraveled in their offspring, and their offspring, and their offspring.Wings, telekinesis, fire, ice, strength. Eight species emerged over the corresponding years, andone rose to the top. The Iyes. The powerful, egotistic telepaths who got their power hungrynature not by genes but by accident. As these beings passed the black hole, some Iyes decided toget a little too close. All contact with them was lost for two weeks. Then, miraculously, theyrejoined the flotilla unscathed. But something had changed. They were oppressive, demanding,and demeaning. They would use their powers to provoke the other species into submission. One,who had given himself the title Hierarch, had virtually the entire fleet at his command. At this point in time, when he held the sway of almost everyone, he ordered the Records of Earth to bedestroyed. The coordinates, the Journey thus far, everything. Only one copy remained, and itwas hidden well: deep within the Hierarch’s mind. Literally. Microchip in the brain. The onlyway to retrieve it is to kill the Iyes and dig it out.Soon, needless to say, war ensued. One species fled the fray, the Amans, while others battled itout. After heavy losses, peace ensued beneath the command of the Heirarch and a few selectmembers from each species. This was the first Aggregate, and would continue to be the methodof government for the rest of time.It was soon after this two things happened: One, the Syer species had a unanimous Vision. Two,they were eliminated because of the vision. Each and every Syer had a vision of a Man quiteunlike themselves or anyone they had ever seen, dying by other men, and then coming back tolife by the power of One so great that it made them tremble where they stood. And all this

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