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The Brave New World

The Brave New World



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Published by Timothy
The expansion of technology, the questions about our cells, and the high tech experiments going on has turned the society in the 21st century into a real Brave New World.
The expansion of technology, the questions about our cells, and the high tech experiments going on has turned the society in the 21st century into a real Brave New World.

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Published by: Timothy on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Brave New World  
Technology can be used as a gift and for a curse. Technology always deals with the questionsabout the improvement for our quality of life.The respect of human life and the end of theperverse experimentations must be established.Unfortunately, by man’s sinful nature, manyindividuals seek to manipulate nature into their own nefarious ends. Only a few years ago, whenno one envisioned that George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World bookpainted a portrait of an abstract world. Now, the planet is rapidly drifting into an oppressive big-brother high-tech prison.This is a brave new world where the use of life is acted on in the mostsick manners imaginable. You can list these acts for decades, but one event stands out asrepresentative of this new era.February 27, 1997 was the date when Dolly, the sheep, wascloned. I was in the eight grade and remembered it just like it was yesterday. It took 277 tries forDolly to be successful, so that’s a 0.4% success rate which is extremely weak. Dolly died inFebruary 2002 after being diagnosed with arthritis in January 2002. She only lived 5 years whensheep normally live for 11-12 years. Cloning is not only anti-human, but anti-animal as well.Abnormalities in the womb happen to clones as well. Even though the United Nations is acorrupt mess, the U.S. officially abandoned an attempt to get an U.N. treaty to ban cloning.Actually, the U.S.A. should try to ban cloning in our country all by itself with no U.N. help sincepolls of the American public have overwhelming support for the banning of cloning.Thetechnology of cloning existed for decades and human clones have probably already beenformed.
You know that I have no choice, but to comment on the Notre Dame controversy.
Barack Obama gavea speech in Notre Dame University. It was controversial, because he received a honorary degreefrom the college when he’s very pro-abortion.
Therewere heckler and legitimate protestors aboutthis issue in Notre Dame as well. Barack Obama proclaimed throughout his speech that he wished tofind common ground on the issue of abortion. He doesn’t want polarization on this issue among bothsides. Barack Obama conveyed the message that both sides can agree to try to disagree the amount ofabortion in the country (
via programs
), have common sense conscience clauses, and have increasedfunding for adoptions. Unfortunately, radical abortionists would even disagree with these messages. Idon’t agree with President Barack Obama obviously on abortion, but even he has the First Amendmentright to speak in Notre Dame. Conversely, protestors have the First Amendment to display theirdisapproval of the pro-abortion policies of Barack Obama. These policies are very apparent from himrescinding the Mexico City Policy to the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (via anexecutive order).
Many Pro-life advocates have been arrested at Notre Dame, because theywere protesting the pro-abortion President Barack Obama visit to Notre Dame.President
Barack Obama gave the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame.Agroup of 20 pro-life advocates were arrested. Alan Keyes, 2 Catholic priests, and about 2dozen supporters were arrested for walking into the Notre Dame campus. 
According topro-life activist Randall Terry, the group of pro-life advocates were arrested for disobeyed anorder not to trespass on the Notre Dame grounds. They had been asked to keep their protestsoutside the campus grounds, as many other pro-life advocates are doing. Bail hasn't been setfor Keyes, who was a former Presidential candidate. "The authorities have suddenly - withoutlegal right - decided to not set bail for Dr. Keyes, and anyone else who was arrested last Friday,"Terry said. There were about 35 people standing outside the main gates to the campus prayingand holding signs when Terry, Keyes and a group of people approached. A smaller groupwalked onto the campus and they made it about 100 yards before they were arrested. VisionAmerica president (and a Southern Baptist preacher) Rick Scarborough was on hand when thearrests were made and he wished police had been more respectful.They disagree with BarackObama's presence in Notre Dame since he got a honorary degree from Notre Dame (when thisUniversity supposedly is promoting a pro-life image).I want to make this point. Many of thesepro-life protestors are Roman Catholics. I don't agree with Roman Catholicism and the Bible isclear that we should not unequally yoke with unbelievers (and that includes Papists). This isfound in 1 Cor. 3:14-16. Pro-Life Roman Catholics rightfully oppose Barack Obama's pro-abortion policies, but we can't yoke with Romanists in the fight though. Even Alan Keyes is a 3rdDegree member of the Knights of Columbus.Recent Catholic Randall Terry is the founder of theEcumenical Operation Rescue (Randall divorced his own wife of 19 years without a biblicaljustification in 2000. He praises John Paul II when he called for a new world order).
 Notre Dame'sgolden dome has a statue of the Catholic version of Mary. One Notre Dame Trustee Emeritus is CFRmember and Jesuit priest Theodore Hesburgh. So, it's fine to be Pro-Life while rejecting Ecumenicalismat the same time. What do I think of this controversy? President Barack Obama has the FirstAmendment right to speak anywhere even in Notre Dame (even when I don't agree with Obama on theissue of abortion).
Stem Cells, Embryos, & Hybrid Species
 First, there must be a simple, quaint expose on embryonic stem cell research. Stem Cells aredifferentiated or unspecialized cells that have the ability to form themselves into any kind of cell in thebody. Scientists have allowed them to divide and reproduce themselves in the laboratory. August 9,2001 was the time when President George W. Bush announced a televised speech that he will provide

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