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Feb Mar2009dwi

Feb Mar2009dwi

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Published by abqjournal
Feb.-Mar 2009 DWI offenders
Feb.-Mar 2009 DWI offenders

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Published by: abqjournal on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRIMIANO RICCIAge: 61Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 03-13-07EDDIE SANCHEZAge: 37Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 07-18-08JIM STEPHENSAge: 34Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 03-26-08ROBERT TORRESAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 03-07-08JOHN WILMSENAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 04-09-08SERGIO AGUILARAge: 22Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.27Violation Date: 10-08-08ALVIN ARAGONAge: 27Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.24Violation Date: 09-06-08DAVID BENAVIDEZAge: 22Belen, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 07-18-08ALBERTO CANO-RUIZAge: 35Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 08-23-08SANTIAGO CORDOVAAge: 21Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 07-08-08NADINE RIONAge: 46Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 05-10-08LAWRENCE SANCHEZAge: 51Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 06-28-08HILLARY STRABAAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 09-14-08KENNETH TRUJILLOAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 07-10-08CYNTHIA WILSONAge: 31Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 07-02-08LUPE AGUIRREAge: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.19Violation Date: 11-22-08STEPHEN ARAGONAge: 45Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.1Violation Date: 02-03-09KEVIN BOLGERAge: 26Maynooth, IrelandBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 01-26-08AARON CARMEANAge: 37Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 08-02-08DOROTEO CORRALAge: 36Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 12-19-08JORGE RIVERAAge: 27Santa Fe, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 12-13-08MARISSA SANCHEZAge: 29Rio Rancho, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 05-30-08JAMES SUINAAge: 46Cochiti, NMBAC: 0.17Violation Date: 01-03-09ANGELA TURRIETTAAge: 25Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 09-16-08SYLVIA YAWAKIAAge: 39Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 10-28-08AARON AHASTEENAge: 25Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.31Violation Date: 01-21-09JOHN ARMIJOAge: 45Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 08-27-08ROBERT BOOKWALTERAge: 49Santa Fe, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 01-09-09LORENZO CARRILLOAge: 39Edgewood, NMBAC: 0.06Violation Date: 06-23-08ELIGIO CRUZAge: 35Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 04-11-08ROBERT SAAVEDRAAge: 46Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 08-26-08JUANSANCHEZ-RODRIGUEZAge: 31Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 11-04-08JASON SULLIVANAge: 24Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 12-26-07JONATHAN TYLERAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.2Violation Date: 12-09-07BRYAN YELLOWFEATHERAge: 50Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 11-24-07STEPHANIE ALLENAge: 21Kirtland, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 07-03-08NICK BARBAROAge: 33Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 05-24-08MARCQUILIS BROOKSAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 11-22-08MICHAEL CASADOSAge: 44Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.2Violation Date: 10-23-08HARRY DAILEYAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 11-24-07AARON SALASAge: 33Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 12-29-08GEORGE SANDOVALAge: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 08-31-08STEVE TAYLORAge: 49Los Alamos, NMBAC: 0.22Violation Date: 05-26-08DANIELLE VALENCIAAge: 31Algodones, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 09-16-08AMY YOUNGAge: 34Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 02-20-08ABE ANAYAAge: 45Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.12Violation Date: 06-14-08PATRICK BARLOWAge: 22Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 08-07-08BLAKE BROWNAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 01-13-08LASHAWN CASTILLOAge: 31Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.07Violation Date: 12-13-08HARRY DAILEYAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-01-09AARON SALAZARAge: 21Espanola, NMBAC: 0.24Violation Date: 05-29-08ADAM SENAAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.12Violation Date: 05-22-08MONICA TENORIOAge: 41Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 08-20-08NESTOR VARGASAge: 38Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 02-21-08 TERRENCE YOUNGAge: 31Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-16-09LEAH ANAYAAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 08-29-08JULIE BARRERAAge: 50Albuquerque, NMBAC: Blood TestViolation Date: 11-10-06ELISEO BUSTILLOSAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 12-20-08SYLVESTOR CASTILLOAge: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 12-20-08SHANNON DARDENAge: 36Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-12-09JOSESALDIVAR-CASTANEDAAge: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.22Violation Date: 12-19-08KENT SIKESAge: 50Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.25Violation Date: 10-03-08JOHN THARPEAge: 21 Thornton, COBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 08-03-08DARRELL VIGILAge: 34Belen, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 07-20-08FRANKIE ZAMORAAge: 32Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-26-08STEVEN ANAYAAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 10-04-08BRANDON BAUERAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-04-09DAVID CALDERONAge: 31Los Lunas, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 01-22-09ANNETTE CHAVEZAge: 39Santo Domingo, NMBAC: 0.17Violation Date: 03-07-08LIJAH DENETCLAWAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.25Violation Date: 10-10-08JAMES SALMONSONAge: 27Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 01-02-09GREGORY SLAUGHTERAge: 50Chicago, ILBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 10-01-08GEORGE TORRESAge: 38Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.22Violation Date: 01-30-08DAVID VIGILAge: 28Bosque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 03-08-08GERARDOZAMORA-PEREZAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-16-09KEITH ANDERSONAge: 41Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 01-07-09ANDREW BECHTELAge: 23 Tijeras, NMBAC: 0.19Violation Date: 10-05-08JORGE CALLEROSAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 10-29-08JOSETTE CHAVEZAge: 40Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 09-23-06LIJAH DENETCLAWAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.22Violation Date: 11-16-08ANTHONY SANCHEZAge: 32Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 08-22-08SERGIO SOTELO-FLORESAge: 23Santa Fe, NMBAC: 0.22Violation Date: 10-12-08JUAN TORRESAge: 20 Tucumcari, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 10-04-08JOSHUA WILEYAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 07-11-08DENNIS ABEYTAAge: 52Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 09-05-08JOSEPH ANGELAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 09-22-08ERICA BEGAYAge: 22Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 11-14-08JERRY CAMPOSAge: 56Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.23Violation Date: 10-25-08RAELYN CHAVEZAge: 24Santo Domingo, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 08-21-08CARLODOMINGUEZ-RODRIGUEZAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 01-18-09
City of Albuquerque - Paid Legal Advertisement - Albuquerque Publishing Company has no input nor control over this content.
Public Safety Message:
The Albuquerque Police Department
“Working for you to keep our community safe”
Please take the time and be a courteous driver. Obey the law and exercise caution at all “Red Light Intersections.”Remember the following intersections currently have Automated Enforcement Cameras:
San Mateo and MontgomeryEubank and MontgomeryJuan Tabo and LomasPaseo del Norte and CoorsCoors By-Pass and EllisonSan Mateo and MenaulJefferson and Paseo del NorteEubank and LomasCarlisle and MontgomeryLouisiana and CentralNew Central and CoorsCoors and QuailCarlisle and MenaulAcademy and WyomingEubank and Central7 Bar Loop and EllisonMontano and CoorsWyoming and MenaulWyoming and MontgomeryLouisiana and Menaul

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