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Sep11 Final

Sep11 Final

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Published by sunbeam2
A short history of the British/American Crusade in Palestine.
A short history of the British/American Crusade in Palestine.

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Published by: sunbeam2 on May 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As virtually every human inhabitant of the planet earth by now knows, onSeptember 11
, 2001, beginning a few minutes before 9 a.m., the New York officebuildings known as the World Trade Center, were targets of Arab nationalists forthe second time in less than 10 years. 19 men early that day were able to get pastairline security checks and board four large American Airlines commercial air-line flights, two of which they then hijacked and within minutes flew into the of-fice towers of the buildings, killing themselves and the passengers.To the amazed disbelief of the world, within two hours both huge, seemingly in-destructible buildings had collapsed literally to their foundations. A third planewas flown into the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C., killing its passengers, its Arabhighjackers and a number of the building’s military and civilian occupants. Afourth hijacked plane crashed in western Pennsylvania from causes as yet notfully documented but made subject of much creative journalism, killing everyoneon board. Over 3,000 persons died as a result.While the facts and history behind them will not be agreed upon by everyone,the following pages nevertheless seek to document how we, the Americanpeople, and our representatives, have step by step and little by little, strayedfrom the ideals on which our founders staked “their lives, their fortunes, andtheir sacred honor.” These men and their families did not worry about securityor personal safety, and they kept their religion separate from their politics.--They risked the King’s rope around their necks for their own and their descend-ant’s freedom and independence. Furthermore, from their writings it is clear theybelieved
men were entitled to fairness and justice.
Wherever there is injustice, there is the unjust. Wherever there is the unjust, thereare the seeds of resistance and violence. While many of the fundamental rights ofman may be qualified, to a degree, by particular societal custom, rules and laws, justice is not one of them. Justice is an absolute. The idea that justice dependsupon arbitrary law is the basis of tyranny. There is only one universal avenue to justice and that is to be fair and just to one’s fellow creatures. This universal pro-position has been true for as long as man has walked the earth: It is recognizedby people of every social persuasion in whatever form it takes. Without justice, atruly democratic society cannot exist.This book presents the documented historical facts and background, and asksyou, the reader, to judge. Although the facts must lead inevitably to certainconclusions, it is not a brief against anyone other than those who are unjust orwho have condoned injustice. Although it is clearly against the unjust, it is notintended to otherwise argue the cause of any party or faction. As Americans, ourconcern is not for one side or the other, but for our American ideals. This book, inthe end, is not about partisanship. It is about America’s fading reputation for justice.It is, to be more precise, about the fading vision of what our founders clearly in-tended for America and its people. It is about the injustice that has grown out ofa legal and ethical system that finds its roots in the mentality of kings and dictat-ors; it is about the injustice of partisan politicians who, in conducting the affairsof the people, ignore the rights of the people; it is about the very present dangerto our constitutional system, to our own claims of democracy and equality, fair-ness and justice, that the biases, special agendas and ambitions of our wealthiest
citizens, our political representatives, and our own gullibility, ignorance and ar-rogance, are leading us into.For nearly a century, educated Americans, men and women in the federal bur-eaucracy, writers and educators in the intellectual mainstream, as well as everysingle one of us in the population, have actively cooperated or remained silentwhile our elected representatives have led us away from our founders’ stated ori-ginal goals of “liberty and justice for all”, toward the events of September 11
,2001. This book is about that failure to defend and to reaffirm those originalgoals, to act responsibly, honestly, and even-handedly in generations of foreignpolicy dealings with the Palestine Arabs, and thus, to avert the September 11
disaster which has set the stage for an even greater national tragedy: the end ofAmerica as we know it. Had it occurred at any other time, the attack might havebeen less damaging to the American ethos. Coming as it did on the heels of whatat best was a clearly invalid, and at worst a fraudulent, presidential election thatproved nothing so much as our neglect to continue to improve and evolve a trulyhonest, logical system of governance, or to produce intelligent leadership, itmutated into a terminal disaster.In a rare post-September 11
videotaped interview which somehow eluded cor-porate censorship and suppression by rabidly biased television network newsmanagers, the man alleged to have financed the two attacks on the World TradeCenter in 1993 and 2001,
Osama bin Laden,
gave, as the reasons for the tragic at-tacks, the abuse of Palestinian rights by the western powers over a period of “80years”, and most recently the egregious military support of Israel by UnitedStates. American supporters of Israel, their many allies in the Congress, theirwealthy and powerful lobby (some say the largest, best financed, most powerfullobby in the U.S.) and political machine, and the television media they control,

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