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God is No Respecter of Persons

God is No Respecter of Persons

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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God is no Respecter of PersonsBY J. F. MCFADYE.OE of the characteristic notes of the Old Testament is the feeling of the insignificance of man, thetransitoriness of man s life." Man is like unto a breath,His days as a shadow that passeth." 1To the author of the eighth psalm it is a miracle of grace that God should crown with glory and majesty" mortal man," who is but a speck in comparison withGod s heavens, the moon and the stars. But in theteaching of Jesus infinite significance is man sbirthright as a child of God. Jesus teaches us todespise death, never to despise life. The psalmistcompares man to grass," Which sprouts up in the morning,Which blossoms and sprouts in the morning,But by evening is cut and withered." 3Jesus looks at this same ephemeral grass ; but itbrings Him different thoughts. It is a thing of beauty, a glimpse into the mind of the Artist whoputs all His love and all His grace into His humblesthandiwork. But in respect of its fleeting life, howunlike man. " If God dresses like this the commoni Ps. 1444. Ps. 90! C 6 .80God is no Respecter of Persons
grass, here to-day, tossed into the oven to-morrow,how much more (will He remember) you."*To Jesus the tragedy of life is not the speed withwhich the end comes, but the fact that when it doescome, so often it finds us unready. The bridegroomis later than we had thought, and when the warningcry comes our lamps are going out and we have nooil. 2 The Master arrives before we expect Him ;we are neglecting our work and thinking only of enjoying ourselves. 3 Life is a thing of grim earnestness, but it is not pitifully short. There is alwaystime for all that God expects us to do, never time foranything else. Who ever thinks of the death oJesus as premature ?But there is a more deadly pessimism than that of the psalmist ; the feeling that the lives of some areinfinitely precious in the sight of God and man, thatall others belong to the rabble who are counted by thehead. Men are prone to accept the verdict on themof those to whom they have been taught to look up, and distinctions originally artificial have a wayof making themselves real. " Blessed are the poor,"but only so long as they are merely poor : when thepoor man becomes a pauper with a pauper mind anda pauper heart he is no longer blessed. The Phariseecan see no use for the tax-gatherer in the Temple butto serve as a dark background for the dazzlingwhiteness of his own soul. The tax-gatherer acceptsthe judgment ; he stands far off, so that his presencewill not pollute the Pharisee at his prayers. 4 On1 Matt. 630. 2 Matt. 258. 3 Matt. 2450. 4 Luke i8?f f .8lJesus and Life
the testimony of Jesus the one-talent servant is inmore danger than the five-talent servant. 1 He hasbeen told so often of his worthlessness that he hascome to think his single talent not worth using.We hear much to-day of the democratic ideal ;we know vaguely that it is a product of Christianteaching ; but it is not so easy to define the ideal.In some sense the essential equality of humanbeings seems incumbent on us as an article of belief and practice ; but when we try to give the phrasesome concrete content it eludes us. Whether we look at physical appearance, health and strength, at intellectual tastes and powers, at capacity for appreciationand enjoyment, at character and disposition, whatconfronts us is not so much the wide range of divergence between individuals, nations and races, asthe inconceivability that any kind of equality couldever be reached, even if anyone thought this adesirable aim. Ignorance may be instructed ;poverty banished ; weakness, disease and vice, moreor less completely eradicated ; but the world of men and women will always be a world of variety.If it is economic equality we seek, equality of income, we are faced with the fact that from a givenincome, one man or woman can get twice as muchhealth, happiness and refinement as another, andthen what becomes of our equality ? We claim theequality of all citizens in the eyes of the law ; it is agreat day in a nation s history when first the rich andthe poor appear in their simple manhood as theyMatt. 25^8.82God is no Respecter of Persons

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