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Kasabian [MansonMurder.com]

Kasabian [MansonMurder.com]

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Linda Kasabian: Star witness not so bright by Bill Nelson (1999)
Linda Kasabian: Star witness not so bright by Bill Nelson (1999)

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jul 25, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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 Manson Murders.com...03/05/00 
Star witness not so bright
By Bill Nelson
Linda Kasabian was the state’s star witness during the Manson family murder trials for the Tate/LaBianca murders. She had only been with theManson family a brief time and had arrived from a commune in New Mexico with her husband Bob. None other than Tex Watson seduced Linda the first day shearrived and upon learning that Linda had some $5,000 in her truck,Watson conned her out of it. Watson believed this act of theft would endear him even more tohis quasi-Jesus Christ figure, Charles Manson. 
was then seduced by Manson and gained her entrance into the nomadic band of musical hippies. It all seemed so right. Well, right until husband Bobfound out that his wife stole the money from the truck. He left without benefit of the money that had been saved for their worldwide travels.
had the only valid driver’s license in the Manson family and that has always been the reason given as why she was chosen to go along with the killers. Donot think for one moment that other Mansonites ceased driving just because there was no legal license in their wallet or purse. The Manson family lived off stolencredit cards, charges on the credit cards of parents of Krenwinkel and other female members, theft of stores, creepy crawling innocent people's houses in thedarkness of night, and any other scam that came to their criminal minds.
did not stay at the car as instructed by Tex, and she walked back up the long drive to the Tate property. She witnessed the murder of Voytek and askedSusan to make it stop. Kasabian said she would never forget the eyes of the pained victim as he slumped on the porch and then on the front lawn. Atkins reportedlyresponded that it was too late. 
drove the car the second night of murder. She left with Manson, Grogan, and Atkins before the murders of Leno and Rosemary and she deposited the wallet of 
Rosemary LaBianca in the bathroom of a gas station at the instructions of Manson. It was stated that Kasabian knocked on the wrong door of a friend in Venice and this
action saved his life when Atkins was ready to kill him for Charlie. Thus, Kasabian became an eyewitness to both nights and could testify for the prosecution. The
 prosecution would rather have her in prison with the rest of them but they granted her immunity when indecisive Sadie backed out of her Grand Jury agreement to turn star 
has maintained that she backed out of the agreement when she was forced to be confronted by Manson.
Desert Speaks has told me that Sadie actuallydemanded to see Manson. She threw a fit and screamed, yelled and refused to leave the courtroom until she and Manson was allowed to meet alone! Manson wasrepresenting himself in court so they could not deny him meeting with Sadie. 
The testimony
of Linda Kasabian was compelling, honest and truthful. She impressed the jury and the conviction was taking shape. That is, taking shape but still in needof one more thing. Someone other than Kasabian had to corroborate the words of Kasabian. Enter-- Paul Watkins, Dianne Lake, Juan Flynn, Danny DeCarlo, Brook Poston, Barbara Hoyt and other prosecution witnesses. Bugliosi waxed eloquent in his flawless presentation. 
New Hampshire:
I learned in 1993 when I did the investigation for Channel 2 Los Angeles that Kasabian had been married before. It was another failure. She was well
known by law enforcement in her hometown and she was not well thought of by them! There were several brushes with cops, mostly for disorderly conduct, hard partying,drinking and the like. After the trials Kasabian returned to her hometown and gained a waitress job at a converted barn called the White House/ or White Horse. It was
really quaint. I dinned there several times during my brief stay in the small town doing research in 1993. Just before departing New Hampshire, Kasabian committedseveral driving infractions. She had so many traffic violations that she voluntarily surrendered her driver’s license when she left to the police. She told the authorities that shewould disappear and they would have no trace of her. 
When I was in New Hampshire, I learned of a strange occurrence involving Kasabian. Responding to a disturbing the peace situation, the officers rolled up on a bazaar 
 scene. There in full view, for anyone to see, was the California State’s star witness. Kasabian had been a shinning example of Bugliosi’s redemptive eyewitness whoescaped life in prison for her active participation on the two nights of mayhem and murder. Her hands stretched out over her head, face turned up with mouth open,
Kasabian was drinking the blood of a chicken with it's head cut off! Repulsion and disgust was the response of the officers. It all happened in a nearby town known for ill
repute and criminal behavior that resulted in the police being called often. 
moved out to the state of Washington where she had relatives. She landed in the town of Tacoma, Washington. She assumed a new name. She took her 
 beloved daughter who was just an infant while at Spahns Ranch in 1969. It would be nice to learn that she became a model citizen like the inmates, except for Manson,have become in prison. But it was not to be. Seeds of destruction, deceit, and criminal activity did not depart the lifestyle of Ms. Kasabian. She returned to her home statefor a funeral of a brother and I was able to locate her by researching that death. Tucked away from public view, Kasabian only went public one time when she granted an
interview with a former television show at the end of the 1980’s. I have spoken to her brother in Washington, D. C. on a few occasions. No wonder he has not been ableto get her to speak with me. She has indeed continued a life of crime. 
What does this mean? I believe it indicates deep moral crises in her life. She has made bad choices and seems to continue to do so. It does not defer from her truthfultestimony during the Manson trials. She was the star witness. She helped put them all away. That is why the Manson girls on trial and the mouth piece Gypsy tried to
 blame the murders on Kasabian in the penalty phase of the trial. The three Manson convicted murderers hate Kasabian. So does Cappy, Blue, Gypsy, and other Manson
Police Reports: You are about to learn that Kasabian has chosen a life of crime. No, not murder. But drugs, drug abuse, weapons caches and is a derelict in society. I am providing some sheets from the extensive file on Kasabian. The state of Washington has no idea who she is, what she has done, or that she was the star witness against the
Manson family. When I purchased the report, at a sizable expense, I asked the clerk if she remembered the Manson murders. She replied, "Well, of course I do. Who
does not remember them?" I told her who the person was. She was shocked. I then inquired of the local sheriff, court law enforcement, and none of them knew who shereally was. Indeed! No background check seems to have been done. No records were pulled. No fingerprints run to see if she was a repeat offender. In fact, the District
Attorney’s office had little interest in speaking with me about it. Author Greg Kind and I placed several calls to their office but no calls were ever returned. It was
inconceivable to us that the city of Tacoma, Washington would have a female going in and out of their courts and not know who she was. Kasabian has been treated bythe law enforcement community in Tacoma as nothing more than a strung out drug abuser. The judge in her case would actually write notes on her court papers and draw
stars on them as if she were a grade school student. Her children: Tanya is in a state prison. She has a nickname that she is proud of --
"Lady Dangerous"
 because of her reputation.The son of Kasabian, according to court documents, has been arrested more than 22 times. 
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