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Published by musicry

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Published by: musicry on May 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Where does “The Elephant Man” takeplace?A.New YorkB.EnglandC.FinlandD.Texas2. Which disease is Joseph Merricksuffering from?A.TrichotillomaniaB.Proteus SyndromeC.Moebius SyndromeD.Progeria3. Why has it been so difficult to properlydiagnose John Merrick’s condition?A.No one wanted to help himB.He does not need to be diagnoseC.It was too late to diagnose him
There were no cures for his condition4. How was John Merrick treated duringmost of his life?A.Everyone cherished himB.He was fine until he met TrevesC.Being mistreated, he ran away to join afreak showD.He was made fun of and ridiculed5. What does the Church Merrick buildssymbolized?A.HopeB.ReligionC.A place to prayD.A place for people to get married 6. Why does Ross give Merrick to Treves?A.Ross wants moneyB.Ross wants Treves to treat himC.Treves stole Merrick away from RossD.Merrick is Treves’s son7. What happens when Treves catches Mrs.Kendal showing off her body to Merrick?A.Treves was outraged and kick Mrs.Kendal out of the roomB.Treves doesn’t want Merrick in thehospital anymoreC.Merrick and Treves has intenseargumentD.Mrs. Kendal rushes out of the roomand out of Merrick’s life8. In Scene 18, Merrick is praying to theBishop, which literary element is used?A.PunB.Metaphor C.FlashbackD.Soliloquy9. Why do they call John Merrick “TheElephant Man”?A.His head is shaped like an elephantB.Merrick’s mother was kicked by anelephant when she was pregnantC.He worked with elephants when he wasin the freak showD.He likes elephants
The Elephant Man
to answer questions 1 – 25- You ma have to use the Article to answer some
10. Using the article, what disease didscientist think before Proteus Syndrome?A.Gout
LymphaticC.Alice in Wonderland SyndromeD.Neurofibromatosis11. Who finds Merrick’s body after he dies?A.Fredrick TrevesB.Miss SandwichC.Carr GommD.Snork12. In Scene 17, Treves was having aflashback about what?A.He has a flashback to Scene 1 aboutthe freak showB.He has a flashback about the first timehe met MerrickC.He has a flashback to Scene 2 but inMerrick’s point of viewD.He has a flashback to his childhood13. Mrs. Kendal is not repulsed by Merrick’sappearance, instead she finds him…A.Just like a normal personB.Mean and DistastefulC.Charming and IntelligentD.Young and Needs Help14. Using the article, how rare is it to catchthis disease?A.Never B.RareC.CommonD.Only John Merrick has had this disease15. How did other people react to his lifeand condition?A.Many were disgusted of his conditionB.Many were amused and enjoy seeinghimC.Not a lot of people have seen himD.Everyone tries to help Merrick byshowing support16. Using the article, which physical defecthas cause John Merrick not to communicatewell?A.Mental RetardationB.Dense BonesC.Overgrowth LimbsD.Collapse Throat17. John Merrick is very lonely, whichcharacter comforts him?
Miss Sandwich
Mrs. Kendal
Ross18. When Ross over exaggerate in Scene3, which literary element is used?A.HyperboleB.ToneC.SoliloquyD.Personification19. Why is The Bishop concerned aboutMerrick’s religious instruction and offersspiritual guidance?A.He was paid toB.He wants to convert Merrick in to aChristianC.He believes in doing his Christian DutyD.He is just trying to make Merrick feelbetter 
20. In the end, what does Mr. Gomm doafter he writes the final epitaph for Merrick?A. He donates money for Merrick’s careto the hospitalB.He leaves, trying forget MerrickC.He commits suicideD.He donates money to Merrick’s former manager, Ross21. Who brings Merrick Christmas gifts?A.DutchessB.TrevesC.Mrs. KendalD.Lord John22. Who is Fredrick Treves?A.A visitoB.Boss of the London HospitalC.A surgeonD.A Nurse23. Carr Gomm sent a letter to whichnewspaper?A.The Houston ChronicleB.The TimesC.The London ExpressD.England Newspaper Co.24. In Scene 20, “The weight of dreams” iswhat kind of literary element?A.RhythmB.ForeshadowingC.SimileD.Pun25. Which famous playwright fromShakespeare did Mrs. Kendal speak of when talking to Merrick?A.HamletB.Romeo and JulietC.MacbethD.King Lea

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