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Perio Final Lec1 Part 1

Perio Final Lec1 Part 1

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Published by Heba S Radaideh

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Published by: Heba S Radaideh on Jul 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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يحرلا نحرلا  مسب
slidesThis lecture is include
Today we start a new topic which is more related to the true periodontal disease in terms of clinical application we know that whatetiology means ? " cause " and today's lecture is a fundamental one youwill need this information for your course out until you graduate andmaybe later on because we said maybe lecture that basically periodontaldisease is an inflammation of the periodontal tissue (gingiva , PDL , andso on .. ) the cause of this inflammation multi factorial but it is relatedmainly to the present of microorganisms in the oral cavity , specific typeof MO or specific percentage of it that induce bury-inner - reaction thatcause PD destruction .well being physical, mentalgeneral as a state of : is defined
,social so its normally a balance between the body ability to defend itself against the invading MO
bacteria ,some viruses and some fungalspecies) . when we have this balance there is No PD destruction but oncethis balance is shifted to either right or left side we will have problem if the bacterial population is stronger than the host defense disease take place on the other hand if the body ability to fight bacteria is more thanneeded what happen is body destruction and this is very prominent incase of autoimmune disease or immune mediated disease .
It was found that most of the destruction of PD tissue is not caused by bacteria ! it caused by the exaggerated response of the host against the bacteria "the pattern of body defense against bacteria dose a lot of collateral damage".
health : is balance between host defense and bacterial population ,disease imbalance HD,PP .
we have theses microorganisms in our oralQ:whencavity? 
**The human intrauterine fetus is sterile , but after passing throughbirth canal , the fetus acquires vaginal and fecal microorganismssome bacterial colonization maybe detected in the mouth of the fetuswithin first hours after birth . maybe you note from microbiologycourses that some or most of the bacteria with in the oral cavity aremicroflora (good bacteria )they defend our selfs & defend the oralcavity against some worse bactaria ..**After tooth eruption , more complex micro flora is established , wefound that > 500 species of bacteria that live in the oral cavity someresearchers said than we have >1000 MO species including bacteriaand other species.**After the age of 2 years , human micro flora is established whichgenerally lives in harmony with the body (commensal or beneficial) .
Mechanisums that involoved in removal of bactria from theoro-pharyngeal area :
Swallowing, mastication and blowing the nose .2-
Flow of different fluids (saliva, nasal, GCF,..) .3-
Tongue and oral hygiene measures .
Movement of cilia in nose and sinuses .5-High turnover of the oral epithelial cells ( to differentiate betweensoft and hard tissue u know that enamel is a hard tissue ; there is noturn over , this happens with the normal mucosa so that's why we have
dental caries
, imagine that enamel can slough away the super faciallayer that intact from bacteria will slough but fortunately this is nothappen :P and this make dentistry in high value ) .
So although the belief have changed from all type of bacteria to the groupof bacteria the role of bacteria is still the focus or intention and important
Old belief 
accumulation of cumulativePeriodontal disease are caused byall type of bacteria on tooth.
Current ,understanding
A small group of bacteria are the initiators for thedisease and most of tissue destruction caused by hostdefense reaction to bacteria
The central role of microorganism has always been ,and is still recognized

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