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Attack on defense attorney Van Houten [MansonMurder.com Backup]

Attack on defense attorney Van Houten [MansonMurder.com Backup]

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Bill Nelson attacks Christie Webb, attorney of Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten (2000)
Bill Nelson attacks Christie Webb, attorney of Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten (2000)

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Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jul 25, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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The day following the parole hearing for Ms. Leslie Van Houten her new attorneystated that I had requested a meeting with Leslie for "Unnamed LaBianca familymembers" and that "Leslie had no reason to trust Mr. Nelson, she knows what he doeswith his web site and there is a lot of mis-information on it." Her comments were voiced on the Catherine Crier Show for Court TV.Either the attorney is deceived, disingenuous, or as dumb as dirt. She said in rebuttal tome on the show, that she had a copy of the letter that I had sent to CIW where theManson women are housed. She stated that Leslie had responded that if the LaBiancafamily wanted to arrange a meeting directly with prison officials that she would acceptit.Here is the letter I sent to the California Institution for Women.
Defense Attorney - Van Houtenhttp://web.archive.org/web/20001211213500/www.mansonmurders.co...1 van 428-01-2010 13:31
Pen Power Publications &California Breeze ProductionsP. O. Box 1585, Costa Mesa, CA 82628 To: California Institution for Women (CIW)From: Bill NelsonSubj: Victims family request:Dear PIO Officer:I have been contacted through my web site
by a relative of murder victim Leno LaBianca. She is requesting a meeting with both Pat and Leslie atCIW, along with a person of her choosing, after the proper clearances have been done.She was the same age as the killers. It has adversely affected her life for 30 years. Shewants to see if either or both women care enough to meet with her. In thirty years her family has received no apology from either inmate and she finds that an event that iswell over due. If they really are ready for a release date, she believes this meetingshould be accomplished.I am requesting that clearance and background checks be administered from Sacramentoso as to protect her private information. She is well aware of the inmate’s ability toobtain information that could result in harm to her.I shall await the response from both women. I request any response be in writing.Sincerely,Bill NelsonActing on behalf of the LaBianca relativeMarch 24, 1999If Ms. Webb, the new attorney of choice for the desperately freedom seeking VanHouten can find a reference to several LaBianca family members, I'll do what DorisTate told Tex Watson during that May 4, 1990 parole hearing. "I'll eat my hat." Notonly was the letter singular in content with reference to one female individual, it wasspecific. The attorney was not privy to the second page even if the Public InformationOfficer, Lt. Sebald made a copy available to her upon becoming the newest attorney torepresent Van Houten. The second page gave the prison the following information,which was submitted to Sacramento to protect the right of privacy of Angela Smaldino.
Full legal name.Social Security Number 
Defense Attorney - Van Houtenhttp://web.archive.org/web/20001211213500/www.mansonmurders.co...2 van 428-01-2010 13:31
Date of BirthComplete addressDrivers License IDFull legal name of the person to assist her at CIW--Her support person of choiceHer Social Security Number Her Date of BirthHer complete addressHer Drivers License ID
The response from Lt. Sebald, after consulting with both Pat Krenwinkel and LeslieVan Houten, was that they were "Not interested in meeting with anyone" and there wasno mention about how the request was made.I had informed the California Department of Corrections and the PIO Lt. Sebald thatthere would be no listening devices, no cameras, nothing but a meeting between thekiller (s) and a relative of the murdered victims. I would not be involved.The letter response was sent to a national publication for consideration as a story.One would hope that if the newest attorney, in a long list of advocates for the princessLeslie Van Houten, wants to be taken seriously that she would speak about only thatwhich she knows for a fact. She declares that she does not know why Leslie was turned down. She said the only reason why we KNOW what went on inside the LaBiancahome during the murders was that Leslie testified truthfully. Sorry, those ideas arewrong too. We know what happened inside the LaBianca house because Pat, Tex and Leslie testified. We know because Leslie told other Manson family members what wenton inside the house too. We know because we have thousands of trial transcripts. Weknow because Leslie Van Houten, unlike the other killers, went through three trials.The life of Dianne Lake was rudely interrupted by the second and third trial processes.Barbara Hoyt was courted by Leslie Van Houten and pressured to become the star witness who could help her get off during her last trial.When Barbara Hoyt viewed the tape I sent her of the most recent parole hearing for Leslie Van Houten she wept. The impact statements of the two male relatives had soaffected her that she was unable to speak on the telephone following the viewing of thetape. After hearing about the instruments of murder coming from LaBianca familyoutings and family dinners, Barbara was devastated. Barbara Hoyt did what was natural.She wept by the impact of grieving men and found it hard to compose herself.Conversely, Leslie Van Houten sat there, listening, with no emotion. "It went right over the heads of the attorney and Leslie" said Barbara Hoyt in a later conversation.Here is a bit of insight and never before heard testimony from Barbara Hoyt about theday following the murders of the LaBianca couple. Remember! Barbara was with Lesliewhen she arrived back at the Spahn Ranch and she helped hide Leslie from the manwho gave her a ride with Tex and Pat. What did Leslie do with Tex Watson the nextmorning?
Defense Attorney - Van Houtenhttp://web.archive.org/web/20001211213500/www.mansonmurders.co...3 van 428-01-2010 13:31

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