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Manson C-File [MansonMurder.com Backup]

Manson C-File [MansonMurder.com Backup]

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Bill Nelson explains how Charles Manson's C-File (central file) was stolen from prison and ended up in his possession.
Bill Nelson explains how Charles Manson's C-File (central file) was stolen from prison and ended up in his possession.

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Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jul 25, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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Published this site March 1, 2003
This story was published after I received the C-File of Charles Manson. It is a very important storybehind the scenes of the Manson case following the murders, trials and incarceration of theconvicted killers. The C-File for each inmate is considered protected, vital, and closely guarded.There is a "Confidential" side of the file that the attorney for the inmate nor the inmate may view.This C-File of Charles Manson was stolen from within the prison walls. That means a person had tobe an employee, be trusted, have access, opportunity and motive for future gain.The story is now published because it is of such importance. I read every piece of paper in morethan one box, a job that took several days indeed. George and Sandra Good were furious that thefile was given to me. Manson and his loyal followers would have rejoiced to have been given thisC-File. Inside the C-File were files of each of the murdering Manson family members. I ampublishing it on these site so that people who study the case may see more in detail the behind thescenes activities. The e-mail address I use has been changed so do not try to send mail to thataddress. My post office box has been changed too. I left them as they were published to maintain theintegrity of the story.The C-File that was stolen was actually demanded to be returned by the man who gave it to me. Thisis that story...
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030402173458/www.mansonmurders.c...1 van 1829-01-2010 12:29
From the News Alert Page:
Way back in the 1970's, some staff member, guard, administrator, someone who had access to the central file of Charles Manson stole it right out of the prison. TheDepartment of Corrections has been investigating that theft for many years. It was that CFile that was given to me by the man from Santa Rosa, California. He told me hereceived it with a shipment of boxed clothing destined for another country. He said thatout of the 21-20 or so boxes, he opened one of them and found all these papers. It wasofficial looking so he shared it with some of his professional friends in the Day Trading business. They were astonished indeed.He made two trips to Orange County to deliver the vast collection to me. It was duringthe second flight to Orange County that I received the original finger print card oCharles M. Manson! That was around 3:30 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday Ishowed it to a former police officer and good friend. He told me it might be a felony for me to even have it. Early on the following Monday morning, I placed three calls to theDirector of prisons for the state of California. I agreed to surrender that card immediately, and within 48 hours it was signed over to an investigator for the CDC.The gentleman who brought me the Manson file had big hopes for riches. He dreameof getting wealthy over the material. I cautioned him that there were no get rich schemesin this Manson case. Nevertheless, he dreamed. He expressed a possible value of $20,000 just for that April 11, 1970 original finger print card! We signed an agreementfor 50/50 of any revenue from the sale of the material. I had notified two prisons when Ireceived the first box and it seemed that copies of the file might be legal to sell. That iswhen I began listing the Resources Two Page and the items for sale.After more conversations with the CDC I decided the file was not our property to sell. Ithad been stolen for sure and I agreed to return the entire collection to the investigator.He came to my house and retrieved the last box of the Manson C File and I deleted theResource Two Page of Manson C File material in his presence. He told me that was notnecessary, but I wanted to be totally free of any conflict with law enforcement. I did notkeep one single piece of paper, but I did read every piece of paper during the time I had it in my custody. The department knew that and expressed no problem about it.So, what has happened since I turned all of the "stolen" Manson C File over to therightful owner? I have been threatened with civil action for giving away the material!Yes. An attorney from Santa Rosa, California has actually been trying to serve me withlegal documents demanding the return of stolen material. Imagine, standing before a judge and telling the judge that I have damaged his client by giving back to the prisonstolen private files of the notorious cult leader Charles Manson. How dumb is thisattorney. Tell you what. I have written the Director of the California Department of Corrections and informed him of this threat. Should the attorney continue this unwiseand stupid attempt at service, I shall create a new page with all of the e-mailcorrespondence from the gentleman who gave the file to me as well as the one e-mailthat I read from the attorney.
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030402173458/www.mansonmurders.c...2 van 1829-01-2010 12:29
:Subj: C. Manson papersDate: 8/11/99 3:16:38 PM Pacific Daylight TimeFrom: LLLEEROY@aol.com (Arnie Larson)To: M69MURDERS@aol.comBill,Could you help me out and advise me whom I could sell Manson's prisonfilethat was being thrown out some years ago? I don't think they knew whattheywere doing. It contains some of everything, jailbreaks,rule violations, psychereports letters from Fromme, I mean amassing material, if you could e-mailme back, or another address LLLEEROY@aol.com Thank youSubj: Re: C. Manson papersDate: 8/11/99 6:14:12 PM Pacific Daylight TimeFrom: LLLEEROYTo: M69MURDERSBill,As far as I know it looks like a file that would be kept in the prison. It hassome papers marked confidential and some marked central file. Its gotletters to Doris Tate, all sorts of different violations, probation hearings,all the letters about letters being returned, his finger prints when he wasat San Quintin, jail break that was found out about, embarrassing letters,one written in blood saying free Charlie, all sorts of court documents, and a bunch of psyche reports. I don't know anyone relating to Manson.write back Subj: Re: C. Manson papersDate: 8/11/99 6:19:51 PM Pacific Daylight TimeFrom: LLLEEROYTo: M69MURDERSsorry I left out the times of the file, it has reports on him from the sixtiesto the mid 80'sSubj: Re: C. Manson papersDate: 8/11/99 8:44:33 PM Pacific Daylight TimeFrom: LLLEEROYTo: M69MURDERSBill,I've never done anything like this before, I have no idea of any laws if this is unlawful or not. I don't even have a lawyer to ask about it. So pleasedon't tell anyone till you advise me. Thank You
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030402173458/www.mansonmurders.c...3 van 1829-01-2010 12:29

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