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Published by Charlemagne Solanor

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Published by: Charlemagne Solanor on Jul 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5 Quick Steps for Local SEO Success
In today’s business, getting your site optimised for local search has become crucial for success. When Google launched Google Places to replace Local Business Center,businesses have scrambled to get a piece of this indispensable SEO toolNow, more than 20 percent of searches on Google are related to local search. The number will become quite staggering soon as mobile search continue its growth and become moremainstream.These days, the search engines, especially Google, have dramatically transformed tobecome more complex in their technologies and more sophisticated in delivering whatconsumers are exactly searching for. Search results now include maps, photos and videos. As you can see, the top results of Google now show maps with addresses and geo tags.This signifies the fact that if a small business doesn’t show up on any of those results, thechances of getting found by highly targeted customers are very slim. That’s becauseconsumers trust local businesses more that shows exactly where they are located.The changes in the search engines’ search algorithm were in part influenced by thechanging preferences of consumers in finding highly targeted results. These days,consumers are more confident to do business with a local company that they can find on amap online or that is listed on a familiar location.So if you are a business owner, you will need to include local listing as part of your business strategy to allow your customers to find you more conveniently and trust you moreeasily.The following are five quick steps to optimising your page for local search:1. Localise the meta tags. So you’re running a local pet store in Brisbane. Instead of  just putting in, say, AAA Pet Store on the title tag, put AAA Pet Store Brisbane or BrisbanePet Store – AAA Pet Store. This specifically tells the search engines where your businessis located.The description tag should also include Liverpool in it. But you want to be creative in writingthe description tag because it serves as the teaser text on the search results. Right belowthe title on the search results shows the description. Your description should say somethinglike, “If you’re looking for a Brisbane pet store, AAA is the right place for you” or “What’s the

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