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EFL Speaking&Listening Travel Handouts

EFL Speaking&Listening Travel Handouts

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Published by koreangoldfish

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Published by: koreangoldfish on May 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Travel Idioms/Expressions/Vocabulary
Asleep at the wheel If someone is asleep at the wheel,they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities verycarefully. 'Asleep at the switch' isan alternative.Backseat driver  A backseat driver is an annoying person who is fond of givingadvice to the person performing atask or doing something,especially when the advice iseither wrong or unwelcome.Climb/Jump on the bandwagon When people climb on the bandwagon they do something because it is popular andeveryone else is doing it.On The wagon/Fall off the wagonOn the wagon is to stop drinkingalcohol. If someone falls off thewagon, they start drinking after having given up completely for atime.Fifth wheel (USA) A fifth wheel is somethingunnecessary or useless.Full throttle If you do something full throttle,you do it with as much speed andenergy as you can.Hit the road When people hit the road, theyleave a place to go somewhereelse.I'll cross that road when I come to it I'll think about something justwhen it happens, not in advance.In the driver's seat If you are in the driver's seat, youare in charge of something or incontrol of a situation.Put the pedal to the metal If you put the pedal to the metal,you go faster.Right up my alley If something is right up your alley, it suits you perfectly.Smooth sailing If something is smooth sailing,then you can progress withoutdifficulty. ('Plain sailing' is analso used.)Squeaky wheel gets the grease (USA) When people say that thesqueaky wheel gets the grease,they mean that the person whocomplains or protests the loudestattracts attention and service.Sunday driver  A Sunday driver drives veryslowly and makes unexpectedmaneuvers.That ship has sailed A particular opportunity has passed you by when that ship hassailed.Whatever floats your boatWhen people say this, they meanthat you should do whatever makes you happy.

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